Springer Spaniels: Springers on Holiday

Springer Spaniels: Emma, Fishing in Cornwall

Springer Spaniels do not like to be left alone for long periods, and many of them accompany their owners on their holiday, or whenever they are away from home. Here are just a few holiday moments we've captured.

Firstly, here's Emma again, who happily accompanied her owners on fishing trips, and... well, I expect some of you will think she just came along for the ride... but this picture shows her poised on the bank ready to pounce for a bite, and sometimes she caught the biggest fish!

[Cornwall February 2003 - Image reproduced with Hazel's kind permission - there is another of Emma below]

Above we have a photo of Emma fishing. Here she is waiting anxiously for supper - fish being barbecued on the shores of Loch Lochy in the Western Isles of Scotland.

(If she doesn't guard it, some other dog might come along and take it!)

[Loch Lochy June 2002 - Image reproduced with Hazel's kind permission - there is one more, of Wishful Thinking below]

Springer Spaniels: Emma, Supper by Loch Lochy

Springer Spaniels: Wishful Thinking, Afloat on the Avon

“Messing About on the River” - Rosemary onboard with Mish on the bank recovering from the trauma of her first trip on board a canal boat on the River Avon.

[River Avon at Fladbury, 1981 - Image contributed by Mel Lockie]

“Oh, I don't have to get onboard that pitiful excuse for a moving dog kennel again, do I? Well, I suppose if I don't, you'll go home without me. :-(”

Mish never learned to enjoy riding on the boat, but she would have hated the idea of being left behind even more!

[Oxford Canal, May 1982 - Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie]

Springer Spaniels: Wishful Thingking

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