Springer Spaniels: Emma

Springer Spaniels: Emma, 'Knowing Dog'

Introducing “Emma” - cherished family pet who loved to accompany her family walking and fishing.

[Image reproduced with Hazel's kind permission - there are two more of Emma below]

Emma clearly loved a swim, or paddle! Get out of her way if you don't want to get wet, as any minute now she'll be giving herself a good shake!

[Image reproduced with Hazel's kind permission - there is one more of Emma below]

Springer Spaniels: Emma, 'Water Dog'

Springer Spaniels: Emma, 'Sleepy Dog'

Here is Emma dreaming of her long and happy life, but ready to take her place in that Great Kennel in the Sky. Sadly Emma departed this life on Good Friday 2003, the day after this photo was taken. She would have been aged 15 in June, and she is greatly missed.

[Image reproduced with Hazel's kind permission]

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