Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of WITHERS in Thornbury & Olveston (1637-1877)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Anne to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1WITHERS (baps at Olveston)C        Robert WITHERS/CharlotteOlvestonIG
2WITHER, AnneC19 Jan 1678/9d. John WITHER/:& Ann h/wHillPR
3WITHER, AnnS23 Jan 1683/4N.O.D.HillPR
4WITHERS, AnnS31 Jan 1766Inft.AlmondsburyPR
5WITHERS, AnnC17 Jan 1768d. Mary WITHERS/; baseStonePR
6WITHERS, NancyC08 Apr 1772d. John WITHERS, the younger./:& Anne h/w; 3rd child: b.13.2ThornburyPR
7WITHERS, Ann (w.Richd)S07 Mar 1775N.O.D.AlmondsburyPR
8WITHERS, Anne (Died)C22 Aug 1779d. Richard WITHERS/:& Sarah h/w; at 3ThornburyPR
9WITHERS, AnnaC02 Apr 1780d. William/Hester WITHERSOlvestonPR
10WITHERS, AnnC15 Mar 1807d. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.10.11.06ThornburyPR
11WITHER, AnnC30 Sep 1810John WITHER/MaryThornburyIG
12WITHERS, Anne (née Williams)S28 May 1857of Woodhouse Down; aged 86OlvestonPR
13WITHERS, Anne (?wi.Willm)S31 May 1863of Winterbourne; aged 85ThornburyPR
14WITHER, BenjaminM03 Apr 1826Ann COUSINSWotton u-EdgeIG
15WITHEN, KatharineS15 Jun 1739N.O.D.ThornburyPR
16WITHERS, Celia (w.Richd)S10 Jul 1849of Hazle; aged 73OlvestonPR
17WITHERS, CeliaS10 Sep 1858of Olveston; aged 39OlvestonPR
18WITHERS, CharlotteS17 Mar 1859of Awkley; aged 5? 50? (smudged)OlvestonPR
19WITHERS, Charles (m.1839)C19 Aug 1810s. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.13.6.10ThornburyBW
20WITHERS, Charles (b.1810)M28 Dec 1839Elizabeth HOLDERBristol,St PetBW
21?WITHERS, CharlesS29 Jun 1845of Whitfield; aged 1ThornburyPR
22WITHERS, CharlesS14 Aug 1875of Thornbury; aged 27ThornburyPR
23WITHER, Christian (m.1782)C       1741William WITHER/ChristianThornburyIG
24WITHERS, Christian (née French)S11 Apr 1762ThornburyThornburyPR
25WITHER, Christian (b.1741)M   May 1782John FOWLERThornburyIG
26WITHERS, Daniel (m.1840)C21 May 1809s. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.6.4.09ThornburyBW
27WITHERS, Daniel (b.1809)M29 Nov 1840Mary Ann TAYLORHempstedBW
28WITHERS, DorothyS09 Dec 1753of town of Thornbury Aged 65 yrsThornburyPR
29WITHERS, EdwinC21 Apr 1822Isaac WITHERS/SusanTortworthIG
30WITHERS, ElizabethS03 Feb 1678/9w. Thomas WITHERS/North NibleyPR
31WITHER, Elizabeth (m.1717)C07 Sep 1693d. Thomas/Hester WITHERThornburyPR
32WEATHEN, ElizabethS16 Jun 1716wid of ffafieldRockhamptonPR
33WYTHER, Elisabeth (b.1693)M28 Apr 1717Arthur COXThornburyIG
34WITHERS, Elizabeth (?m.1752)C10 Aug 1718d. John/Mary WITHERSStonePR
35WITHERS, Elizabeth (?b.1718)M12 Jan 1752/3Robert ALLEN; both of FalfieldThornburyBW
36WITHERS, ElizabethS22 Mar 1761d. Richard WITHERS/; of BerkeleyBerkeleyTR
37WITHER, Betty (née Hoan)S09 Jan 1768Relict of Will WITHER/; d.5.1 Aged 73ThornburyPR
38WITHER, Betty (?m.1795)C30 Sep 1774d. Richard WITHER, of Moreton/:& Sarah h/w; b.20.9.1772ThornburyPR
39WITHERS, BettyC30 May 1779d. Thos./Mary WITHERSAlmondsburyPR
40WITHERS, ElizabethC05 Oct 1783d. William/Frances WITHERSOlvestonPR
41WITHERS, ElizabethC21 Feb 1790d. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.15.2.90ThornburyBW
42WITHERS, ElizabethC15 Sep 1793d. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.6.8.93ThornburyBW
43WITHERS, ElizabethC13 Apr 1794d. Philip/Susanna WITHERSOlvestonPR
44WITHERS, ElizabethM20 Apr 1794Joseph TROTMANThornburyIG
45WITHERS, Elizh.M13 Feb 1795John VIZADEWotton u-EdgeIG
46WITHERS, Betty (?b.1774)M17 Feb 1795John DAVISThornburyIG
47WITHERS, ElizaC19 Jun 1803d. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.4.3.03ThornburyBW
48WITHER, BettyC28 Jul 1805John WITHER/ElizabethThornburyIG
49WITHER, Elizabeth (d.1832)C27 Sep 1812William WITHER/AnnThornburyIG
50WITHERS, Elizath.S24 Dec 1823of Tockington; aged 19OlvestonPR
51WITHERS, Elizabeth (née Jenkins)S27 Jan 1828of Borough; aged 49ThornburyPR
52WITHER, Elizabeth (b.1812)S10 Apr 1832of Sibland; aged 19ThornburyPR
53WITHERS, ElizaC23 Jun 1833d. Robert/Charlotte WITHERS; Old Down lab:OlvestonPR
54WITHERS, ElizabethS06 Jul 1862of Stone; aged 9moStonePR
55WITHERS, Emma (d.1845)C28 May 1817d. James/Ann WITHERS; Tockington lab:OlvestonPR
56WITHERS, Emma (b.1817)S04 Apr 1845of Wood house Down; aged 25 (?28)OlvestonPR
57WITHER, EmmaS25 Dec 1854of Thornbury; aged 18ThornburyPR
58WITHERS, EmmaS12 Dec 1875of Upper Morton; aged 19ThornburyPR
59WITHERS, Hester (née Collins)D05 Apr 1728w. Thomas WITHERS/; Kington: Yeoman a.26yr: BIThornburyBI
60WITHERS, HesterS01 Jul 1741spinsterThornburyPR
61WITHERS, Hester (m.1782)C25 May 1760John WITHERS/HesterThornburyIG
62WITHER, HesterM01 May 1771John SMITHThornburyIG
63WITHER, Esther (d.1808)C30 Sep 1774d. Richard WITHER, of Moreton/:& Sarah h/w; b.1774ThornburyPR
64WITHERS, Esther (b.1760)M30 Sep 1782John BEVANThornburyIG
65WITHERS, HesterC18 May 1786d. William/Fanny WITHERSOlvestonPR
66WITHER, Hester (b.1774)S05 Apr 1808of Th'y at 33: SpinsterThornburyPR
67WITHERS, Ester (w.William)S30 Jun 1814of Tockington; aged 56OlvestonPR
68WITHER, HesterS08 Nov 1846of Thornbury; aged 72ThornburyPR
69WITHER, FrancisS29 Apr 1828of Borough; aged 25ThornburyPR
70WITHERS, Fanny (d.1797)C13 May 1781d. William/Franny WITHERSOlvestonPR
71WITHERS, Fanny (b.1781)S26 Oct 1797d. William WITHERS/OlvestonPR
72WITHERS, Fanny (?d.1863)C05 Feb 1836d. William/Hannah WITHERS; Rudgeway Labr.OlvestonPR
73WITHERS, FannyS20 Dec 1844of Thornbury; aged 13ThornburyPR
74WITHERS, Fanny (b.1836)S09 Oct 1863of Tockington; aged 27OlvestonPR
75WITHERS, Frances ElizabethC21 Feb 1836d. Robert/Charlotte WITHERSOlvestonPR
76WITHERS, FrederickS02 Apr 1830of Borough; aged 7wkThornburyPR
77WITHERS, GeorgeC11 Jul 1790s. William/Hester WITHERSOlvestonPR
78WITHERS, GeorgeC15 May 1803Thomas WITHERS/MaryThornburyIG
79WITHERS, GeorgeC17 Mar 1805s. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.15.12.04ThornburyBW
80WITHERS, George (d.1877)C23 Jul 1809John WITHERS/MaryThornburyIG
81WITHER, George (o.t.p.)M09 Dec 1830Hanna TRY; sg:'Fry' o.t.p. BannsThornburyIN
82WITHERS, George (d.1843)C17 Nov 1833s. William/Hannah WITHERS; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
83WITHERS, GeoW09 May 1839Robert WITHERS/Mary WATKINSOlvestonPR
84WITHERS, George (b.1833)S01 Jan 1843of Rudgway; aged 9OlvestonPR
85WITHERS, GeorgeS13 Mar 1845of Thornbury; aged 2yr 9moThornburyPR
86WITHERS, GeorgeS27 May 1852of Woodhouse Down; aged 45OlvestonPR
87WITHERS, GeorgeS20 Dec 1853of Old Down; aged 30OlvestonPR
88WITHERS, George (b.1809)S15 Apr 1877of Grovesend; aged 67ThornburyPR
89WITHERS, George WilliamS19 May 1875of Crossways; aged 3½ThornburyPR
90WITHER, GuyS24 Apr 1700N.O.D.ThornburyPR
91WITHER, HannahM25 Feb 1754George LAMBERTThornburyIG
92WITHERS, HannahS30 Dec 1755of Falfield Aged 2 yrsThornburyPR
93WITHERS, Hannah (m.1815)C17 Nov 1793d. Thomas/Mary WITHERSTortworthBW
94WITHERS, HannahC05 Jan 1800d. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.30.10.99ThornburyBW
95WITHERS, Hannah (sp.o.t.p.)M28 Jul 1815John BISHOP; ba.o.t.p. BannsThornburyIN
96WITHERS, Hannah (w.Willm)S07 Dec 1842of Rudgway; aged 47OlvestonPR
97WITHERS, Hannah (née Fry)S23 Mar 1854of Thornbury; aged 46ThornburyPR
98WITHERS, Hannah (wi.Thos)S20 May 1860of Stone; aged 64StonePR
99WYTHER, Henryp       1672of ThornburyThornburyPR
100WITHER, HenryC25 Feb 1807William WITHER/AnnThornburyIG
101WITHERS, Henry (m.1836)C12 Jan 1812s. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.6.12.11ThornburyBW
102WITHERS, HenryC09 Oct 1813s. James/Ann WITHERS; Olveston lab: (P.B.)OlvestonPR
103WITHERS, Henry (b.1811/2)M01 Oct 1836Mary Ann JOHNBristol,St PauBW
104WITHERS, Isaac (1m:1822)C16 Oct 1796s. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b 13.10.96ThornburyBW
105WITHERS, Isaac (b.1796)M28 Jan 1822Susanna FORDBristol,St JasBW
106WITHERS, Isaac (re-mar)M29 Sep 1823Mary LANEStavertonBW
107WITHERS, Isaac (re-mar)M06 Jul 1829Ann COOKGloster,St MyLBW
108THORN, Isabella WithersS25 Mar 1827of Crossways; aged 5moThornburyPR
109WITHERS, Jacob WhiteC14 Dec 1800Willm WITHERS/Elizh.ThornburyIG
110WITHER, JamesC19 Sep 1667s. John WITHER/; WickeBerkeleyTR
111WITHER, James (m.1774)C27 Sep 1747John WITHER/SarahThornburyIG
112WITHER, James (b.1747)M29 Sep 1774Mary NICHOLAS; Lic.OlvestonPR
113WITHERS, JamesM       1797Ann WILLIAMSOlvestonIN
114WITHERS, JamesC19 Aug 1798s. Richard/Mary WITHERSTortworthBW
115WITHERS, JamesS04 Sep 1798of - at 54ThornburyPR
116WITHER, James (b.1747)S20 Mar 1828of Borough; aged 80: d.15.3:MIThornburyPR
117WITHERS, JamesS24 Feb 1850of Woodhouse Down; aged 87OlvestonPR
118WITHER, Jane (or Anne)S17 Sep 1807of Th'y at 71ThornburyPR
119WITHERS, JeremiahC26 Jul 1747base child (N.O.D.)StonePR
120WITHERS, JohnM27 Jan 1636/7Elizabeth CHETTONBristol,St MyPIG
121WITHER, JohnM30 Nov 1670Anne BUGBEEHillPR
122WITHERS, JohnS21 Jan 1704/5N.O.D.HillPR
123WYTHER, John (m.1739)C14 Mar 1710/1William WYTHER/ThornburyIG
124WITHERS, JohnM29 Mar 1714Elizabeth TROTMANStoneIG
125WYTHER, JohnM27 Aug 1722Mary HINESThornburyIG
126WITHERS, JohnC19 Nov 1722s. John WITHERS/:& Mary h/w; of ffafieldRockhamptonPR
127WITHARS, JohnC08 Jun 1729s. John/Mary WITHARSStonePR
128WITHERS, John (b.1710)M30 Jun 1739Sarah BERKELEYThornburyIG
129WITHER, John (?m.1764)C       1741William WITHER/ChristianThornburyIG
130WITHER, John (m.1769:d.1805)C03 May 1745John WITHER/SarahThornburyIG
131WITHERS, John (of Thornbury)M10 Dec 1751Sarah WALKER; o.t.p. Lic.OlvestonPR
132WITHERS, John (?b.1741)M29 Apr 1764Martha ALLOWAYThornburyIG
133WITHER, John (Jnr/b.1745)M07 Apr 1769Anne TURNERThornburyIG
134WITHERS, John (d.1834)C20 Jul 1784John WITHERS/SarahThornburyIG
135WITHERS, JohnC22 May 1791s. Philip/Susanna WITHERSOlvestonPR
136WITHERS, JohnM       1798Ann SUMMERSBristol,St AugIG
137WITHER, John (b.1745:m.1769)S15 Dec 1805of Th'y at 60ThornburyPR
138WITHERS, JohnC16 Apr 1815Richard/Mary WITHERS; Falfield LabourerFalfieldBT
139WITHERS, JohnS27 Nov 1829of Slimbridge; aged 35SlimbridgeBT
140WITHER, John (b.1784)S12 Jan 1834of Borough; aged 49ThornburyPR
141WITHERS, JohnS26 Jan 1840of ?Fern Hill (faded); aged 84OlvestonPR
142WITHERS, John GunterC14 Mar 1784s. Thos./Mary WITHERS; poorAlmondsburyPR
143BEVAN, John Withers (o.t.p.)M17 Jan 1826Sophia POOLE; o.t.p. Lic.ThornburyIN
144WITHERS, JosephM22 Feb 1773Isabel Crofts or CROSSWotton u-EdgeIG
145WITHERS, JosephS20 Dec 1793s. William WITHERS/; poorOlvestonPR
146WITHERS, Luke (b.1777)S01 Apr 1868of Thornbury; aged 90: d.25.3:MIThornburyPR
147WITHERS, Luke NicholasC05 Nov 1777s. James WITHERS, Carpenter/:& Mary h/w; b.12.5: q.v.'41CThornburyPR
148WITHER, MargaretS09 Jul 1706widowThornburyPR
149WYTHER, MargaretM02 Jul 1722Solomon PRITCHARDThornburyIG
150WITHERS, MarkC31 May 1789s. Thomas/Mary WITHERS; poorAlmondsburyPR
151WITHERS, MarthaC01 Nov 1752?ThornburyIG
152WITHER, MarthaS20 Dec 1854of Thornbury; aged 15ThornburyPR
153WITHER, MaryC07 Feb 1653/4d. John WITHER/; Berkeley?BerkeleyTR
154WITHER, MaryC   Apr 1663d. John WITHER/; WickeBerkeleyTR
155WITHER, MaryC19 Apr 1702d. Thomas/Hester WITHERThornburyPR
156WYTHER, MaryC06 Aug 1714John WYTHER/ThornburyIG
157WITHERS, MaryC25 Jul 1725bap: no other detailRockhamptonPR
158WITHERS, Mary (d.1756)C24 Apr 1754d. Richard WITHERS/; of BerkeleyBerkeleyTR
159WITHERS, Mary (née Green)S22 Feb 1756w. Richard WITHERS/; of BerkeleyBerkeleyTR
160WITHERS, Mary (b.1754)S10 May 1756of Thornbury Aged 3 yrsThornburyPR
161WITHERS, MaryC07 Jan 1759d. Rich:d./:& Ann WITHERSAlmondsburyPR
162WITHERS, Mary (?w.John)S14 Nov 1762N.O.D.RockhamptonPR
163WITHERS, MaryC18 Mar 1781d. Thos./Mary WITHERSAlmondsburyPR
164WITHERS, Mary (d.1793)C14 Sep 1788d. William/Hester WITHERSOlvestonPR
165WITHERS, MaryS13 May 1790of T'y at 52ThornburyPR
166WITHERS, Mary (b.1788)S21 Jul 1793d. William WITHERS/OlvestonPR
167WITHERS, MaryC17 Oct 1797d. William/Hester WITHERSOlvestonPR
168WITHERS, MariaM       1823Thomas PROSSERAlmondsburyIN
169WITHER, Mary (née Nicholas)S03 Apr 1823of Borough; aged 77: d.29.3:MIThornburyPR
170WITHERS, Mary (o.t.p.)M11 Nov 1827John LIDIATT; o.t.p. BannsThornburyIN
171WITHERS, Mary (née Lane)S27 Jan 1829aged 33StavertonBW
172WITHERS, MaryS23 Apr 1839of Olveston; aged 67OlvestonPR
173WITHERS, MaryS10 Mar 1846of Thornbury; aged 70ThornburyPR
174WITHERS, Mary AnnS07 Jun 1846of Wood house Down; aged 9moOlvestonPR
175WITHERS, Mary Ann (née Watkins)S09 Jun 1858of Olveston; aged 43OlvestonPR
176WITHER, PhillipC23 Jan 1674/5sonne of John WITHER/:& Anne h/wHillPR
177WITHER, PhillpC28 Dec 1677s. John WITHER/:& Anne h/wHillPR
178WITHERS, PhilipS13 Jul 1762s. Richard/Ann WITHERSAlmondsburyPR
179WITTHERS, Philip (m.1786)C17 Apr 1767s. Richd./Ann WITTHERSAlmondsburyPR
180WITHERS, Philip (X:)M15 Dec 1786Susanna LANGFORD; X: both o.t.p.OlvestonPR
181WITHERS, Phillip (b.1767)S06 Feb 1832of Old Down; aged 68 (?65)OlvestonPR
182WYTHERS, Richard (1m:1746)C01 Feb 1718/9Tho WYTHERS/; in B.T. name is Jno/ThornburyIG
183WYTHER, RichardC22 Oct 1726Wm WYTHER/ThornburyIG
184WITHER, Richard (b.1718)M22 Feb 1746/7Mary GREENThornburyIG
185WITTHERS, Richard (wi.dr)M24 May 1772Sarah CADHAY; sp.ThornburyPR
186WITHERS, RichardS17 Jan 1775N.O.D.AlmondsburyPR
187WITHERS, RichardC29 Dec 1782s. William/Hester WITHERSOlvestonPR
188WITHERS, RichardM09 Apr 1787Mary ASHBYThornburyBW
189WITHERS, Richard (m.Celia)C28 Dec 1788s. Philip/Susanna WITHERSOlvestonPR
190WITHER, Richard (b.1718)S09 Jul 1800of Th'y at 88ThornburyPR
191WITHERS, RichardS06 Apr 1837aged 74AlmondsburyPR
192WITHERS, RobertM17 Apr 1833Charlotte CURTISBristol,St PauIG
193WITHERS, Robert (X:ba.o.f.a.Olveston:Lab.)M09 May 1839Mary WATKINS; X: sp.o.f.a. of OlvestonOlvestonPR
194WITHERS, ReubenC19 Feb 1804Thomas WITHERS/MaryThornburyIG
195WITHERS, Samuell (?d.1760)C13 Oct 1742John WITHERS/ElisabethThornburyIG
196WITHERS, Samuel (?b.1742)S21 Jul 1760ThornburyThornburyPR
197WITHER, Sarah (m.1762)C03 Apr 1740d. John WITHER/ThornburyPR
198WITHERS, Sarah (?née Walker)S23 Dec 1761ThornburyThornburyPR
199WITHERS, Sarah (b.1740)M12 Dec 1762Thomas GRIFFITHStoneIG
200WITHER, SarahM01 Apr 1765Henry PRICEThornburyIG
201WITHERS, SarahC16 Sep 1770d. Thomas/Mary WITHERSAlmondsburyPR
202WITHERS, SarahC27 Nov 1785d. William/Hester WITHERSOlvestonPR
203WITHERS, Sarah (?wi.John)S23 Dec 1787of Th'y at 72: WidowThornburyPR
204WITHERS, SarahC21 Feb 1790d. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.15.2.90ThornburyBW
205WITHERS, SarahM       1794William ISLESStoke GiffordIN
206WITHER, Sarah (?née Cadhay)S26 Mar 1834of Borough; aged 89ThornburyPR
207WITHER, SusannahC19 Feb 1715/6d. John WITHER/; of FalfeildStonePR
208WYTHER, SusannahC30 Sep 1716Jn WYTHER/ThornburyIG
209WITHERS, Susannah (d.1771)C03 Feb 1771d. John WITHERS, ye younger/:& Anne h/w; 1st child: b.2.2ThornburyPR
210WITHERS, Susannah (b.1771)S12 Jun 1771Inft d. John/Anne WITHERS; Thorn'yThornburyPR
211WITHERS, Susan (née Ford)S01 May 1822aged 36TortworthBW
212WITHERS, Susanna (née Longford)S17 Nov 1822of Olveston; aged 62OlvestonPR
213WITHERS, Susan (wi.Willm)S21 Jul 1875of Thornbury; aged 68ThornburyPR
214WYTHER, ThoC08 Feb 1720/1Wm WYTHER/ThornburyIG
215WYTHERS, ThomasM31 Jan 1724/5Hester COLLINSThornburyIG
216WITHERS, ThomasM       1739Martha PIERCETytheringtonIG
217WITHERS, ThomasS05 Jun 1743N.O.D.ThornburyPR
218WITHERS, ThomasS30 Feb 1743/4N.O.D.; date as my transcript!ThornburyPR
219WITHER, ThomasC03 May 1745William WITHER/ChristianThornburyIG
220WITHERS, ThomasS06 Jul 1749of AlmansburyBerkeleyTR
221WITHER, Thomas (X: of Thornbury: lab.)M16 Jul 1759Elizabeth NELMES; X: sp.o.t.p.OlvestonPR
222WITHERS, ThomasC14 Apr 1765s. John WITHERS/:& Martha h/wTortworthPR
223WITHERS, Thos.C23 Jan 1774s. Thos./Mary WITHERSAlmondsburyPR
224WITHERS, Thomas (wi.)M17 Apr 1775Mary SAUNDERS; wi.ThornburyBW
225WITHERS, Thomas (b.1765)M18 Oct 1789Lucy ROBERTSTortworthIG
226WITHERS, Thomas (d.1855)C15 Jul 1792s. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.12.6.92ThornburyBW
227WITHERS, ThomasC02 Nov 1794Thomas WITHERS/MaryTortworthIG
228WITHERS, Thomas (d.1796)C25 Jul 1795s. William/Hester WITHERSOlvestonPR
229WITHERS, Thomas (b.1795)S21 Feb 1796s. William WITHERS/OlvestonPR
230WITHERS, ThomasC20 Jan 1801Thomas WITHERS/MaryTortworthIG
231WITHERS, ThomasC15 May 1803Thomas WITHERS/MaryThornburyIG
232WITHERS, ThomasC31 Jan 1805s. Wm./Hester WITHERS; b.20.5.1799OlvestonPR
233WITHERS, ThomasM06 May 1805Sarah WHEELERThornburyIG
234WITHERS, Thomas (b.1792)M23 Jul 1816Hannah MILLETTBristol,St JasBW
235WITHERS, ThomasS23 Jan 1821of Olveston; aged 20OlvestonPR
236WITHERS, ThomasM       1824Mary STONEAlmondsburyIN
237WITHERS, ThomasC17 Feb 1839s. Robert/Charlotte WITHERS; Oldown lab:OlvestonPR
238WITHERS, ThomasP26 Jun 1850of GloucesterGlosterWC
239WITHERS, Thomas (b.1792)S05 Dec 1855of Stone; aged 61StonePR
240WYTHER, William (m.1733)C20 Aug 1708William WYTHER/ThornburyIG
241WYTHER, WilliamC25 Mar 1717John WYTHER/ThornburyIG
242WITHER, WilliamM29 Jul 1723Elizabeth HOVES; (d.1768)ThornburyIG
243WITHERS, WilliamM28 May 1733Christian FRENCHThornburyIG
244WITHERS, WilliamS04 Mar 1733/4N.O.D.; date corrected from 1734/5Oldbury on S.PR
245WITHERS, William (d.1811)C23 May 1736William WITHERS/ChristianThornburyIG
246WITHER, William (d.1752)C08 May 1750s. John/Sarah WITHER; town of ThornburyThornburyPR
247WITHERS, William (d.1827)C07 Dec 1750s. Richard WITHERS/; of BerkeleyBerkeleyTR
248WITHER, William (b.1750)S13 Feb 1752/3s. John/:& Sarah WITHER; of Th'y: Aged 3yrThornburyPR
249WITHERS, WilliamM       1756Mary LOWBOOTHWinterbourneIN
250WYTHER, William (m.1733)P02 Mar 1756of ThornburyThornburyWC
251WITHERS, WilliamS23 Feb 1758of Moreton Aged - yrsThornburyPR
252WITHER, WilliamM       1769Mary GUNTERStoke GiffordIN
253WITHER, WilliamM       1777Fanny HOUSE; of TytheringtonTytheringtonIN
254WITHERS, William (X: o.t.p.)M13 Apr 1777Hester WHITE; o.t.p.OlvestonPR
255WITHERS, Wm.C01 Jun 1777s. Thos./Mary WITHERSAlmondsburyPR
256WITHERS, WilliamC12 Apr 1778s. William/Hester WITHERSOlvestonPR
257WITHERS, William (m.1797)C   Nov 1780s. Richard WITHERS/:& Sarrah h/w; b.1779ThornburyPR
258WITHERS, WilliamW28 Mar 1787James BISHOP/Hannah DAVISOlvestonPR
259WITHERS, WilliamC14 Mar 1790Thos WITHERS/LucyTortworthIG
260WITHERS, William (?b.1708)S20 Jan 1792of Th'y At 87ThornburyPR
261WITHERS, William (sg: of Almondsbury)M05 Apr 1792Amy HOPKINS; X: of this p.OlvestonPR
262WITHERS, William (m.1819)C17 Jan 1796s. Richard/Mary WITHERS; b.28.6.95ThornburyBW
263WITHERS, WilliamC17 Jul 1796s. Philip/Susanna WITHERSOlvestonPR
264WITHERS, William (d.1827)M17 Oct 1797Elizabeth JENKINSOlvestonIG
265WITHERS, WilliamC26 Sep 1798Willm. WITHERS/Elizh.ThornburyIG
266WITHER, WilliamC28 Jul 1805John WITHER/ElizabethThornburyIG
267WITHERS, WilliamC24 Dec 1809William WITHERS/AnnThornburyIG
268WITHER, William (b.1736)S06 Aug 1811of Th'y at 75: CordwainerThornburyPR
269WITHERS, WilliamM       1815Rachel BENNETTTortworthIN
270WITHERS, William (ba.of Holy Trinity)M13 Jun 1819Ann MILLNS; sp.Gloster,St MyLBW
271WITHERS, William (b.1779/80)S28 May 1827of Borough; aged 49ThornburyPR
272WITHERS, William (b.1750)S02 Dec 1827of Borough; aged 80ThornburyPR
273WITHERS, WilliamM       1831Hannah NEATOlvestonIN
274WITHER, William (m.Ann)S14 Jul 1838of Sibland; aged 58ThornburyPR
275WITHERS, WilliamS15 Sep 1845of Thornbury; aged 17ThornburyPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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