Rosemary Lockie's Databases

This collection of files represents a personal assembly of data from the two main areas of my UK research, Derbyshire and Gloucestershire, plus a few from Somerset & Dorset, and Worcestershire, some from Cumberland and the Scottish Borders and a single file from Yorkshire. The files contain extracts from the IGI; of baptisms, marriages and burials from Parish Registers and Bishops' Transcripts; births and deaths from Civil Registration, and records of deaths from MIs and Wills, covering not only my immediate ancestors, but from time to time, other families that I've found interesting too. There are over 44,000 records in total. Most of these were collected in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the IGI was the major source of computerised family history data, and online databases were a rarity.

PLEASE NOTE however that coverage is strictly limited to events I have collected. You are unlikely to find that missing ancestor here unless we are related (or put another way - if you do find that missing ancestor here, there's a good chance we may be. :-)

A separate web page - ‘About Rosemary Lockie's Extracts of Parish Records’ - provides information about Coverage, Sources, Abbreviations used &c.

The same data, augmented by a selection of register extractions of a more general nature is available as a searchable database, for which see Wishful Thinking Parish Records Database.

The presentation of this data on the “Wishful Thinking” web sites -, and - is (c) copyright Rosemary Lockie, 1992-2013, &c. Please use this data freely for your own personal research, and I'd be honoured if you add a link to it from your own web site. However, please DO NOT copy this information as a whole to your own web site, or otherwise distribute it in a way which may be interpreted as if you have collected it, or transcribed it yourself.

Other references to, or “Fair Use” quotations from, this material should also include a note of the web site address (URL) of the data, and an acknowledgement of my Conditions of Use.

Failure to do so will place you in breach of copyright, particularly if someone else copies the data from you. Inclusion on shareware (or similar) collections on CDROM or DVD, or other online databases is expressly forbidden.

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