Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of WILKINS in Coaley & Cam (1569-1855)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Alice to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1WYLKINSC03 Jan 1590/1s. Richarde WYLKINS/North NibleyPR
2WILKINS (no name)C26 Aug 1629s. John WILKINS/CamPR
3WILKINSS04 May 1647s. John WILKINS/CoaleyPR
4WILKINS, AliceM       1681Matthew COSHAMThornburyIN
5WILKINS, AnnaC05 May 1608d. William WILKINS/CoaleyPR
6WILLKINS, AnnaC07 May 1652d. Nicholaus WILLKINS/CamPR
7WILKINGS, AnneC05 Sep 1655d. Nicholas WILKINGS/; b.11.8North NibleyPR
8WILKINGS, AnneS24 Jan 1655/6d. Nicholas WILKINGS/North NibleyPR
9WILKINS, Ann (w.Willm)S30 Sep 1742widow; or 30.12.42CamPR
10WILKINS, AnnS29 Aug 1770d. William/Susannah WILKINSCoaleyPR
11WILKINS, BenjannC24 Dec 1654s. Nicholas WILKINS/CamPR
12WILKINS, KatharineS19 Sep 1639w. Tho WILKINS/CoaleyPR
13WILKINS, CatherineC17 Oct 1665d. John WILKINS/North NibleyPR
14WILKINS, ChristeneC02 Jul 1584d. Tho WILKINS/North NibleyPR
15WILLKINS, DorcasS23 Aug 1682w. John WILLKINS/CoaleyPR
16WILKINS, Edith (d.1712)C24 Jan 1710/1d. William WILKINS/CamPR
17WILKINS, Edith (b.1710)S09 Nov 1712d. William/Ann WILKINSCamPR
18WILLINS, EdwardeC14 Oct 1571s. James WILLINS/; of StinchcombeNorth NibleyPR
19WILKINS, EdwardM28 May 1593Edith PACKERCamPR
20WILKINS, EdwardC06 Sep 1807s. William/Jane WILKINSCamPR
21WILKINS, Edwin (fm IGI)C06 Sep 1807William WILKINS/JaneCamIG
22WILKINS, ElizabetheC04 Sep 1588d. John WILKINS/; yeomanNorth NibleyPR
23WILKINS, ElizabethC       1634d. John WILKINS/CoaleyPR
24?WILKIG, ElizabethS22 Jun 1651widCoaleyPR
25WILKINS, ElizabethC04 Apr 1653d. John/Elizabeth WILKINS; b.26.3CoaleyPR
26WILKINS, ElizabethM25 Jul 1729Samuel HILL; p. Dursley: Lic.Sodbury,Lt.IN
27WILKINS, ElizabethM20 Dec 1789William HILLUleyIG
28WILKINS, Elizth.W30 Mar 1834George COSSHAM/Mary SPERRINThornburyBT
29WILKINS, Eleanor (sg: sp.o.t.p.)M11 May 1837Henry REEVES; sg: ba.o.t.p.MalmesburyPR
30WILKINGS, HesterS05 Jan 1690/1WidowNorth NibleyPR
31WILKINS, EstherM13 Jul 1699John HARRIS; Broad-weaverCamPR
32WILKINS, ffrancusC21 Jun 1570s. John WILKINS/North NibleyPR
33WILKINS, Hannah (blank)M16 Nov 1794William HILL; X: o.t.p.CamPR
34WILKINS, HenryC25 May 1628s. Daniel WILKINS/CoaleyPR
35WILKIS, HenryC13 Sep 1638s. William WILKIS/CoaleyPR
36WILKINS, IsaacS03 Dec 1727N.O.D.CamPR
37WILKINS, J. C.W30 Mar 1834George COSSHAM/Mary SPERRINThornburyBT
38WYLKINS, JoneM       1580Harry HILLStroudIG
39WILKINS, ChaneC10 May 1584d. Thomas WILKINS/; husbandmanNorth NibleyPR
40WILKINS, JohaneC04 Jun 1587d. Richarde WILKINS/North NibleyPR
41WILKINGS, JoaneC24 Oct 1653d. Nicholas WILKINGS/; b.2.10North NibleyPR
42WILKINGS, JaneS28 Jan 1655/6d. same Nicholas WILKINGS/North NibleyPR
43WILKINS, JaneS28 Nov 1658w. Thomas WILKINS/CamPR
44WILKINS, JaneS07 Feb 1666/7w. Nicholas WILKINS/North NibleyPR
45WILKINS, JaneS17 Feb 1666/7w. Nicholas WILKINS/North NibleyPR
46WILKINS, Joane (sp. of Cam)M06 Jan 1679/80Benedict BIDDLE; wi. yeomanCamPR
47WILKINS, JaneC01 May 1707d. William/Ann WILKINSCamPR
48WILKINS, JaneS13 Feb 1708/9a Servant of Thomas GabbsCamPR
49WILKINS, Jane (née Cammet)S14 Feb 1855of Cam Green; aged 80CamPR
50WILKINS, JobM13 Sep 1821Ann HILLMinchinhamptonIG
51WILKINS, JohnC22 May 1569s. John WILKINS/North NibleyPR
52WILKINS, JohnC17 Nov 1583s. Richard WILKINS/; theldrNorth NibleyPR
53WILKINS, JohnC11 Sep 1586s. Thomas WILKINS/; husbandmanNorth NibleyPR
54WILKINS, JohnC33 Feb 1588/9s. Richarde WILKINS/; thelder: date sic.North NibleyPR
55WILKINS, JohnC23 Mar 1616/7s. Willm WILKINS/CamPR
56WILKINS, JohnC15 May 1624s. John WILKINS/CamBT
57WILKINS, JohnC15 May 1624s. Joseph or Jasper WILKINS/CamPR
58WILKINS, John (d.1667)M13 Feb 1631/2Bridget WAKLEYCoaleyPR
59WILLNIS, JohnS15 Feb 1633/4N.O.D.CamPR
60WILKINS, JohnC19 Sep 1639s. John WILKINS/:& Briget h/wCoaleyPR
61WILKINS, ?John (?m.Dorcas)C12 Aug 1650s. John/Bridget WILKINS; b.9.8CoaleyPR
62WILKINS, JohnS18 Jan 1656/7N.O.D.CamPR
63WILKENS, JohnS04 Mar 1656/7N.O.D.North NibleyPR
64WILKINS, JohnS04 Oct 1662was killed by a fall out of a Cart; and was buriedNorth NibleyPR
65WILKINS, John (m.1631)S12 Mar 1667/8Senr.CoaleyPR
66WILKINS, JohnC11 Feb 1673/4s. William WILKINS/:& Margaret h/w; ?or 2.3CoaleyPR
67WILKINS, JohnS02 Apr 1681yeomanNorth NibleyPR
68WILLKINS, John (d.1684)C24 Sep 1681s. John WILLKINS/:& Dorcas h/wCoaleyPR
69WILLKINS, John (b.1681)S18 Jan 1684/5s. John WILLKINS/CoaleyPR
70WILKINS, John (b.1650)S23 May 1700N.O.D.CoaleyPR
71WILKINS, JohnM19 Jun 1715Elezebeth WOOD; fforeignersDursleyPR
72WILKINS, JosephC19 Aug 1621s. Willm WILKINS/CamPR
73WILLKINS, Joseph (d.1682)C ? Jun 1682s. William WILLKINS/CoaleyPR
74WILLKINS, Joseph (b.1682)S04 Mar 1682/3sonne of Wm./Margrett WILLKINSCoaleyPR
75WILKINS, JosephC12 Mar 1682/3s. Joseph/Mary WILKINSCamPR
76WILKINS, JudethC19 Apr 1656d. Nicholas WILKINS/; b.17.3North NibleyPR
77WILKINS, MargretC04 Jul 1619d. Willm WILKINS/CamPR
78WILKINS, Margaret (née Smith)S04 Dec 1715N.O.D.CoaleyPR
79WILKINS, MarthaC29 Jan 1647/8d. John/Bridgit WILKINSCoaleyPR
80WILKINS, MarthaC30 Sep 1678d. John/Mary WILKINS; of DracotCamPR
81WILKINS, MarthaC06 Jan 1688/9d. Tho WILKINS/:& Mary h/wNorth NibleyPR
82WILLKINS, MarthaS23 Feb 1763widowCoaleyPR
83WILKINS, MarthaS12 Feb 1778d. Willm./Susanna WILKINSCoaleyPR
84WILKINS, MarieC27 Feb 1585/6d. John WILKINS/; yeomanNorth NibleyPR
85WILKINS, MaryC05 Nov 1609d. William WILKINS/CoaleyPR
86WILKINS, MaryC?02 Feb 1636/7d. John WILKINS/CoaleyPR
87WILKINS, MaryS09 Jan 1665/6widowCamPR
88WILKINS, MaryM24 Mar 1667/8John REVETetburyIG
89WILKINS, Mary (d.1689)C20 May 1672d. William WILKINS/:& Margaret h/wCoaleyPR
90WILKINS, MaryC05 Jul 1687d. Thomas WILKINS/:& Mary h/wNorth NibleyPR
91WILKINS, Mary (b.1672)S01 Dec 1689d. William/Margritt WILKINSCoaleyPR
92WILKINS, MatthewM01 Aug 1729Hannah HALLINGCamIG
93WILKINS, NathanielS05 Jan 1846of Coaley; aged 86CoaleyPR
94WILKINS, NicholasC25 Feb 1626/7s. John WILKINS/CamPR
95WILKINS, NicholasC05 Aug 1650s. Nicholas WILKINS/North NibleyPR
96WILKINS, Nich:C   Sep 1685s. Tho WILKINS/North NibleyPR
97WILKINS, ?PenelopeC       1633d. John WILKINS/CoaleyPR
98WILKINS, RebekahC26 Aug 1680d. Joseph/Mary WILKINSCamPR
99WILKINS, RichardX       1608brodeweaver: 1ca.CoaleyMA
100WILKINS, RichardC04 Mar 1632/3s. William WILKINS/CoaleyPR
101WILKINS, RichardS16 May 1639N.O.D.CoaleyPR
102WILKINS, RichardM07 Feb 1647/8Margaret JOBBINSCoaleyIG
103WILKINS, RichardC06 Jul 1806s. William/Jane WILKINSCamPR
104WILKINS, SaraC   May 1643d. John WILKINS/:& Bridget h/wCoaleyPR
105WILKINS, Sarah (m.1702)C08 Mar 1675/6d. Will. WILKINS/:& Margret h/wCoaleyPR
106WILKINGS, Sarah (o.t.p.)M05 Apr 1702John HILL; of ye pish of CamCoaleyPR
107WILKINS, SarahC31 Aug 1719d. Willm./Sarah WILKINSDursleyPR
108WILKINS, ThomasC05 Apr 1593s. Richard WILKINS/; theldr.North NibleyPR
109WILKINS, ThomasX       1608fuller: 2m.CoaleyMA
110WILKINS, ThomasC20 Mar 1635/6s. John WILKINS/CamPR
111WILKINS, ThomasS13 Feb 1639/40N.O.D.CoaleyPR
112WILKINS, ThomasC02 Feb 1644/5s. John/Bridget WILKINSCoaleyPR
113WILKINS, ThosC28 Dec 1659s. Nicholas WILKINS/; b.4.12North NibleyPR
114WILKINS, ThomasS15 Apr 1688N.O.D.CoaleyPR
115WILKINS, Thomas (m.1730)C30 Dec 1704s. William/Ann WILKINSCamPR
116WILKINS, Thomas (b.1704)M20 Apr 1730Elizabeth GUNTERCoaleyIG
117WILKINS, WillmC22 Sep 1594s. Rich WILKINS/; theelder.North NibleyPR
118WILKINS, WilliamM18 Jan 1629/30Annise JONESCoaleyIG
119WILKINS, William (?m.1670)C27 Oct 1632s. Richard WILKINS/CoaleyPR
120WILKINS, WmC28 Apr 1647s. Nicholas WILKINS/North NibleyPR
121WILKIN, WilliamM20 Apr 1665Ann Wellmore or WETTMOREFrocesterIG
122WILKINS, WilliamB       1670/8+s. Willm WILKINS/; fm father's WILLCoaleyWI
123WILKINS, Wm. (?b.1630)M24 Apr 1670Margret SMITHCoaleyPR
124WILKINS, WilliamP14 Apr 1690of CowleyCoaleyWI
125WILKINS, William (m.1670)S22 Apr 1690N.O.D.CoaleyPR
126WILKINS, Willm.S23 Oct 1727N.O.D.CamPR
127WILKINS, WilliamS11 Mar 1746/7N.O.D.CoaleyPR
128WILKINS, WilliamS21 Jan 1768N.O.D.CoaleyPR
129WILKINS, William (of Cam)M27 Oct 1801Jane CAMMETCoaleyPH
130WILKINS, WilliamC21 Aug 1803William WILKINS/JaneCamIG

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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