Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of WATKINS in Olveston, Thornbury et al (1570-1935)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Absolam to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1WATKENSC       1725s. William/Marey WATKENSOlvestonPR
2WATKINS (Anne aged 14:1773)C26 Apr 1761d. Thomas/Anne WATKINS; (no name)ThornburyPR
3WATKINS, AbsolamC27 Jan 1822of Luke/Dianah WATKINSAlmondsburyLW
4WATKINS, Agnes (m.1913)C14 Sep 1890Luke/Jane WATKINS; Olveston FarmerOlvestonPR
5WATKINS, Agnes (sg: a.23)M21 Oct 1913Henry SKINNER; sg: full details not recordedOlvestonPR
6WATKINS, Alice MaudC05 Apr 1908Henry/Emma WATKINS; Old Down LabourerOlvestonPR
7WATKINS, Alice Maud (sg:a.22: of Old Down)M22 Oct 1930Thomas Stanley STURGESS; sg:a.24:Keeper at O.Down:W(Emma)OlvestonPR
8WATKINS, AmeliaC25 Feb 1762Thomas/Catherine WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
9WATKINS, Amelia (m.1827)C10 Apr 1796d. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
10WATKINS, Amelia (m.1819)C27 Jul 1800d. Joseph/Jane WATKINSOlvestonPR
11WATKINS, Amelia (X: o.t.p.)M03 Apr 1819George COLLINS; X: o.t.p. BannsOlvestonPR
12WATKINS, AmeliaM18 Jun 1827John GANE; b.o.t.p. BannsBristol,St JasIN
13WATKINS, AnnD15 Feb 1660/1w. John WATKINS/; Mercer aged 50DursleyBI
14WATKINS, AnneC15 Sep 1678d. John/Joane WATKINSCamPR
15WATKINS, AnnC30 Jul 1693Thomas/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
16WATKINS, AnnC06 Feb 1706/7William/(Blank) WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
17WATKINS, AnneM29 Mar 1730Richard WILLIAMSHenburyPR/BW
18WATKINS, AnnC16 Mar 1735/6William/Mary WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
19WATKINS, AnnC21 Mar 1735/6d. William/Mary WATKINSHenburyPR
20WATKINS, AnnC05 Nov 1749d. John/Elizabeth WATKINSHenburyPR
21WATKINS, Anne (sg: sp.o.t.s.)M13 May 1759Joseph WILLIAMS; sg: o.t.p. yeom.OlvestonPR
22WATKINS, AnnC14 Jun 1761(baseborn) dau. of Cely WATKINS/HenburyPR
23WATKINS, Anne (née Booth)S13 Jan 1771relict of George WATKINS/; at c62ThornburyPR
24WATKINS, AnneM11 Jun 1771James SEERSThornburyIG
25WATKINS, Ann (b.1761)S04 Jan 1773d. Thomas WATKINS, deceasd./:& Sarah; at 14ThornburyPR
26WATKINS, Anne (d.1779)C11 Feb 1776c. Sarah WATKINS/; base: Th'yThornburyPR
27WATKINS, Anne (b.1776)S11 Jul 1779d. Sarah WATKINS/; at c4ThornburyPR
28WATKINS, AnnS13 May 1781N.O.D.; w. John Watkins/:assumedOlvestonPR
29WATKINS, Ann (o.t.p. Almondsbury)M28 Oct 1788Job PULLEN; X: o.t.p.OlvestonPR
30WATKINS, AnnC13 May 1789d. Mark/Betty WATKINSHortonPR/MN
31WATKINS, NancyC28 Nov 1791d. Luke/Mary WATKINSOlvestonPR
32WATKINS, Anne (or Jane)S18 Nov 1796at 67: brought from ElbertonThornburyPR
33WATKINS, AnnC28 Jul 1799d. Ann WATKINS/; base: Th'yThornburyPR
34WATKINS, Anne (d.1806)C07 Mar 1802d. James/Elizabeth WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
35WATKINS, AnnaC20 Jun 1802John/Anna WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
36WATKINS, Anne (b.1802)S08 Aug 1806d. Jas/Elizabeth WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
37WATKINS, Ann (?wi.Mark)M13 Oct 1807Samuel BALLThornburyIG
38WATKINS, AnnM       1809Jacob STAGGAlvestonIN
39WATKINS, AnnC08 Mar 1820Joseph/Sapphira WATKINS; Moreton FmrThornburyPR
40WATKINS, AnnS04 Aug 1859of Old Down; aged 4moOlvestonPR
41WATKINS, AnnS31 Oct 1864of p.St Paul: Bristol; aged 49OlvestonPR
42WATKINS, AnnieC06 Aug 1911Henry/Emma WATKINS; Old Down LabourerOlvestonPR
43WATKINS, Ann EllotC04 Nov 1764Thomas/Catherine WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
44WATKINS, AnthonyM28 Apr 1699Joan DOWLERHillPR
45WATKINS, AntonyC07 Apr 1738s. William/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR
46WATKINS, AnthonyC07 Apr 1738William/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
47WATKINS, BetsyC08 Aug 1830d. John/Hannah WATKINS; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
48WATKINS, CarolineC30 Sep 1804d. James/Elizth WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
49WATKINS, CarolineS14 Nov 1858of Woodhouse Down; aged 18moOlvestonPR
50WATKINS, CatherineC14 Feb 1700/1Thomas/Anne WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
51WATKINS, CeliaC19 Jan 1735/6d. Wm./Ann WATKINSHenburyPR
52WATKINS, CeliaC19 Jan 1735/6William/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
53WATKINS, CeliaM26 Mar 1799Willm. JOYNERThornburyIG
54WATKINS, Cicilia (m.1824)C27 Jul 1800d. Joseph/Jane WATKINSOlvestonPR
55WATKINS, Celia (X: o.t.p.)M28 Feb 1824William WATKINS; X: o.t.p. BannsOlvestonPR
56WATKINS, CharlotteC27 Jun 1824of Luke/Dianah WATKINSAlmondsburyLW
57WATKINS, CharlotteC23 Feb 1845d. Robert/Emma WATKINS; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
58WATKINS, Charles (Lydiatt)S22 Nov 1827of Borough; aged 15moThornburyPR
59WATKINS, Charles (d.1898)C16 May 1830William/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
60WATKINS, CharlesMDc 1/4 1853Lucretia WHITCHURCH; 6a 83Bristol RegSC
61WATKINS, Charles (b.1830)S14 Mar 1898of Old Down; aged 68OlvestonPR
62WATKINS, Charles LydiattC25 Mar 1827William/Elizabeth WATKINS; Borough LabourerThornburyPR
63WATKINS, Charles WilliamC17 Apr 1859Charles/Lucretia WATKINS; Old DownOlvestonPR
64WATKINS, ChristianD29 Aug 1760w. Philip WATKINS/; aged 63ThornburyBI
65WATKINS, ChristopherC04 Jun 1772s. John/Ann WATKINSOlvestonPR
66WATKINS, Clara (d.1835)C20 Aug 1815/Ann WATKINS; OlvestonOlvestonPR
67WATKINS, Clara (b.1815)S31 May 1835of Oldown; aged 20OlvestonPR
68WATKINS, Clara (d.1841)C15 Apr 1838Robert/Emma WATKINS; Hawlane LabourerOlvestonPR
69WATKINS, Clara (b.1838)S01 Jun 1841of Olveston; aged 2AlmondsburyLW
70WATKINS, EdwardC13 May 1761s. John/Ann WATKINSOlvestonPR
71WATKINS, EdwardC21 Apr 1774John/Sarah WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
72WATKINS, EdwardC09 Jan 1803s. Joseph/Jane WATKINSOlvestonPR
73WATKINS, EdwardC05 Feb 1804John/Anna WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
74WATKINS, ElithaS30 May 1570ex. Joan WinnserThornburyPR/JW
75WATKINS, ElizabethC22 Mar 1694/5John/Jane WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
76WATHERN, ElizabethC16 Oct 1702Thomas WATHERN/PainswickIG
77WATKINS, ElizabethS05 Dec 1704d. John WATKINS/; w. Samuel King/DursleyBI
78WATKINS, ElisabethC11 Aug 1728base d. Ann WATKINS/HenburyPR
79WATKINS, ElizabethD26 Jan 1736/7N.K. WATKINS/; aged 58HenburyBI
80WATKINS, ElizabethC16 Sep 1739d. William/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR
81WATKINS, ElizabethC16 Sep 1739William/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
82WATKINS, Betty (?d.1820)C30 Apr 1745d. Thos/Anne WATKINSOlvestonPR
83WATKINS, Elizabeth (d.1767)C15 Apr 1761d. John/Esther WATKINSOlvestonPR
84WATKINS, ElizthC29 Sep 1765/Maria WATKINS; Base ChildAlmondsburyPR/BW
85WATKINS, Betty (b.1761)S31 Dec 1767d. John/Hester WATKINSOlvestonPR
86WATKINS, ElizabethS15 May 1772w. William WATKINS/OlvestonPR
87WATKINS, ElizabethC27 May 1777Thomas/Mary WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
88WATKINS, BettyC28 Nov 1791d. Luke/Mary WATKINSOlvestonPR
89WATKINS, Elizabeth (X:)M29 Jul 1793James JONES; X: both o.t.p.OlvestonPR
90WATKEN, ElizabethC05 Jul 1795d. Joel/Flower WATKEN; Th'y: b.20.4ThornburyPR
91WATKINS, ElizaC14 May 1797d. James/Elizabeth WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
92WATKINS, Elizabeth (née Isaac)S22 Mar 1810widdowOlvestonPR
93WATKIN, Betty (?b.1745)S23 Sep 1820of Olveston; aged 73OlvestonPR
94WATKINS, Eliza (?d.1825)C31 Mar 1822Isaac/Fanny WATKINS; Compton LabourerAlmondsburyLW
95WATKINS, Eliza (?b.1822)S04 Dec 1825of Compton; aged 15moAlmondsburyLW
96WATHENS, ElizabethC18 Oct 1826d. Sarah WATHENS/; Olveston(P.B.)OlvestonPR
97WATKINS, Eliza (d.1839)C20 Feb 1839/Sarah WATKINS; of Poor HouseThornburyPR
98WATKINS, Eliza (b.1839)S09 Jul 1839of Poor House; aged 5moThornburyPR
99WATKINS, ElizabethC14 Nov 1847Mark/Ann WATKINS; Olveston TailorOlvestonPR
100WATKINS, ElizabethS24 Jul 1853of Old Down; aged 2wkOlvestonPR
101WATKINS, Elizabeth (née Cossham)S17 Jul 1864of Old Down; aged 76OlvestonPR
102WATKINS, Elizabeth (m.1889)C25 Mar 1866Luke/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
103WATKINS, ElizabethD17 May 1883aged 15; another version gives '45'OlvestonMI
104WATKINS, Elizabeth (b.1866)M28 Sep 1889George Edward CURTISOlvestonPR
105WATKINS, EmmalineC06 Aug 1837of Luke/Dianah WATKINSNorthwickLW
106WATKINS, EmilyS17 Oct 1858of Woodhouse Down; aged 5OlvestonPR
107WATKINS, Emily (m.1888)C31 Jul 1870Luke/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
108WATKINS, Emily (b.1870)M10 Nov 1888Frederick HULBERTOlvestonPR
109WATKINS, EmmaC20 Oct 1799d. James/Elizabeth WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
110WATKINS, Emma (d.1834)C16 Nov 1827William/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
111WATKINS, EmmaC08 Feb 1829of Luke/Dianah WATKINSAlmondsburyLW
112WATKINS, Emma (b.1827)S16 Feb 1834of Oldown; aged 7OlvestonPR
113WATKINS, Emma (m.1853)C25 Jan 1835d. William/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
114WATKINS, Emma (d.1844)C07 Aug 1844/Jane WATKINS; Poor Ho AlvestonThornburyPR
115WATKINS, Emma (b.1844)S19 Sep 1844of Stroud Common; aged 8moOlvestonPR
116WATKINS, EmmaC10 Aug 1845Mark/Ann WATKINS; Olveston TailorOlvestonPR
117WATKINS, EmmaM21 Nov 1853George STAGG; info from Larraine 5 Apr 1989Bristol,U/KXT/LR
118WATKINS, EmmaS20 Oct 1857of Almondsbury; aged 9wkAlmondsburyLW
119WATKINS, EmmaD07 Jan 1892w. Robert WATKINS/; aged 80OlvestonMI
120WATKINS, EmmaW22 Oct 1930Thomas Stanley STURGESS/Alice Maud WATKINSOlvestonPR
121WATKINS, Emma LucretiaC01 Oct 1905Henry/Emma WATKINS; Old Down LabourerOlvestonPR
122WATKEN, EnochC18 Sep 1814Joel/Flower WATKEN; Thornbury LabourerThornburyPR
123WATKINS, EstherC17 Mar 1760d. John/Grace WATKINSHenburyPR
124WATKINS, EstherC17 Mar 1760John/Grace WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
125WATKINS, Hester (née Sindry)S19 Nov 1767w. John WATKINS/OlvestonPR
126WATKINS, EstherC15 Oct 1769John/Sarah WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
127WATKINS, EstherD24 Oct 1776w. John WATKINS/; this Town: a.70DursleyBI
128WATKINS, HesterC16 Oct 1791d. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
129WATKINS, HesterC28 Apr 1793d. Mark/Betty WATKINSOlvestonPR
130WATKINS, HesterW11 Aug 1814James WATKINS/Susanna SCRIVENAlmondsburyPR
131WATKINS, HesterC17 Apr 1836Isaac/Fanny WATKINS; Oldown Lab:OlvestonPR
132WATKINS, Hester (aged 3yr)C28 Aug 1842d. John/Hannah WATKINS; Stroud Common lab:OlvestonPR
133WATKINS, Hester (a:19: sp.)M16 Oct 1854Samuel SMITH; a.20: ba.OlvestonPR
134WATKINS, Hester (b.c1839)S02 Feb 1862of Stroud Common; in Olveston aged 22OlvestonPR
135WATKEN, Flora (wi.Job)S18 Dec 1853of Thornbury; aged 86ThornburyPR
136WATKINS, FannyC27 Jul 1800Joseph WATKINS/JaneOlvestonIG
137WATKINS, FannyC28 Sep 1834d. John/Hannah WATKINS; Stroud Co. labr.OlvestonPR
138WATKINS, FannyC25 Sep 1870Charles/Lucretia WATKINS; Old DownOlvestonPR
139WATKINS, FredS11 Apr 1851of Olveston; aged 7moOlvestonPR
140WATKINS, GeorgeM27 Dec 1685Jane BROWN; also at StandishEastingtonIG
141WATKINS, George (m.1749)C28 Jan 1721/2s. Tho. WATKINS/ThornburyPR
142WATKINS, George (b.1721)M27 Dec 1749Ann BOOTHThornburyPR
143WATKINS, GeorgeC25 Oct 1789s. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
144WATKINS, GeorgeS22 Mar 1811natural son of Ann WATKINS/OlvestonPR
145WATKINS, GeorgeW11 Aug 1814James WATKINS/Susanna SCRIVENAlmondsburyPR
146WATKINS, GeorgeS19 Dec 1817of Marsh; aged 28AlmondsburyPR/BW
147WATKINS, George (m.Sarah)C19 May 1822William/Elizabeth WATKINS; Olv LabourerOlvestonPR
148WATKINS, George (alive:1851C)C10 Sep 1826of Luke/Dianah WATKINSAlmondsburyLW
149WATKINS, Geo (?b.1826)S23 Nov 1826of Almondsbury; aged 2moAlmondsburyLW
150WATKINS, George (m.Jane)C22 Sep 1839Robert/Emma WATKINS; Oldown LabourerOlvestonPR
151WATKINS, GeorgeC26 Jan 1868Luke/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
152WATKINS, GraceC01 Jan 1771John/Sarah WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
153WATKINS, GraceC23 Mar 1800d. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
154WATKINS, GraceC20 Jun 1802d. Mark/Betty WATKINSOlvestonPR
155WATKINS, GraceC02 Aug 1807John/Anna WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
156WATKINS, HannahC23 Apr 1790d. Luke/Mary WATKINSOlvestonPR
157WATKINS, HannahC03 Jul 1796d. Mark/Betty WATKINSOlvestonPR
158WATKINS, HannahC16 Aug 1801/Sarah WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
159WATKINS, HannahM06 Sep 1819George SIMMONSBristol,St JasPR/MN
160WATKINS, HannahC13 May 1862Luke/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
161WATKINS, HarriottS19 Jul 1803N.O.D.AlmondsburyPR
162WATKINS, Harriott (d.1822)C31 Mar 1821/Harriott WATKINS; of OlvestonOlvestonPR
163WATKINS, Harriet (b.1821)S26 Apr 1822of Olveston; aged 13moOlvestonPR
164WATKINS, HarriettC30 Sep 1832of Luke/Dianah WATKINSNorthwickLW
165WATKINS, HarriettC10 Sep 1843d. Mark/Anne WATKINS; Olveston TailorOlvestonPR
166WATKINS, HarriettS07 Oct 1858of Woodhouse Down; aged 7OlvestonPR
167WATKINS, HeneryC16 Jul 1750s. Thos./Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
168WATKINS, HenryC03 Nov 1805s. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
169WATKINS, Henry (m.Sarah)C16 Jan 1824Henry/Elizabeth WATKINS; Tockington LabourerOlvestonPR
170WATKINS, HenryW17 Dec 1842Thomas REEVES/Mary Ann WATKINSOlvestonPR
171WATKINS, HenryC02 Jul 1843s. Robert/Emma WATKINS; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
172WATKINS, HenryC08 Oct 1849s. Jane WATKINS/; Woodhouse Down Sgl wo.OlvestonPR
173WATKINS, HenryMJn 1/4 1850Sarah BALL; 11 183Bristol RegSC
174WATKINS, Henry (m.1904)C30 Jun 1867Charles/Lucretia WATKINS; Old DownOlvestonPR
175WATKINS, Henry (sg:a.35:of Old Down:Lab.)M22 Oct 1904Emma POPE; sg:a.35: sp. of Old Down: Serv.OlvestonPR
176WATKINS, Henry (ba.a:35 of Oldown, Olveston: Lab)M22 Oct 1904Emma POPE; sp.a:35 of Oldown,Olveston:ServtOlvestonPR/BW
177WATKINS, Hary ColstonC09 Aug 1840Mark/Ann WATKINS; Olveston TailorOlvestonPR
178WATKINS, Harry DawkinsS11 Feb 1859of Olveston; aged 2OlvestonPR
179WATKINS, Isaac (m.1820)C27 Jul 1800s. Joseph/Jane WATKINSOlvestonPR
180WATKINS, Isaac (sg: o.t.p. St George)M18 Oct 1818Fanny DARK; sg: o.t.p. BittonBittonBT
181WATKINS, Isaac (Labourer)M16 Apr 1820Fanny EDMONDSHenburyLW
182WATKINS, SebleyC10 Nov 1765d. John/Esther WATKINSOlvestonPR
183WATKINS, IsraelC13 May 1759s. Thomas/Catherine WATKINSHenburyPR
184WATKINS, IsraelC13 May 1759Thomas/Catherine WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
185WATKINS, JacobS12 Jul 1835of Poor House; aged 70ThornburyPR
186WATKINS, JamesC03 Jul 1767James WATKINS/SarahSodbury,Ch.IG
187WATKINS, JamesC01 Oct 1775s. John/Ann WATKINSOlvestonPR
188WATKINS, James (X: o.t.p.)M28 May 1786Elizabeth SPARKS; X: o.t.p.OlvestonPR
189WATKINS, James (m.1814)C06 Jan 1788s. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
190WATKINS, JamesC14 Apr 1799s. Mark/Betty WATKINS; '51C: aged 53/WinterbornOlvestonPR
191WATKINS, James (d.1836)M08 Feb 1802Mary HUGHESHenburyIN
192WATKINS, James (X: o.f.a.)M11 Aug 1814Susanna SCRIVEN; sg: o.t.p. o.f.a. W(Geo/Hest)AlmondsburyPR
193WATKINS, JamesC29 Mar 1818/Amelia WATKINS; of OlvestonOlvestonPR
194WATKINS, James (o.t.p.)M31 Oct 1819Margaret WATKINS; o.t.p.TidenhamPR
195WATKINS, James (?m.1786)S20 Aug 1826of Olveston; aged 85OlvestonPR
196WATKINS, JamesS20 Aug 1826of Olveston; aged 85OlvestonPR/BW
197WATKINS, JamesC02 Feb 1834s. Robert/Eliza WATKINS; Old Down lab:OlvestonPR
198WATKINS, JamesW02 Apr 1836John HENDRY/Sarah WATKINSOlvestonPR
199WATKINS, James (m.1802)S04 Dec 1836of Olveston; aged 57OlvestonPR
200WATKINS, JamesC01 May 1864Charles/Lucretia WATKINS; Old DownOlvestonPR
201WATKINS, James (b.1788)S22 Jul 1870of Marsh Common; aged 82AlmondsburyLW
202WATKINS, JaneC11 Jul 1685George WATKINS/JaneEastingtonIG
203WATKINS, JoanS18 Oct 1688widowCamPR
204WATKINS, Jane (?d.1796)C23 Jun 1731d. Philip/Christian WATKINS; CrosswaysThornburyPR
205WATKINS, Jane (née Cook)S22 Mar 1789wife of Mark WATKINS/RockhamptonPR
206WATKINS, Jane (or Anne)S18 Nov 1796at 67: brought from ElbertonThornburyPR
207WATKINS, JaneC03 Dec 1831Wm./Margaret WATKINS; Olveston LabourerOlvestonPR
208WATKINS, JaneC13 May 1832Wm./Margaret WATKINS; Olveston LabourerOlvestonPR
209WATKINS, JaneC12 Oct 1834of Luke/Dianah WATKINSNorthwickLW
210WATKINS, Jane (née Prichard)S14 Jul 1846of Stroud Common; aged 79OlvestonPR
211WATKINS, JaneD27 Apr 1927w. Luke WATKINS/; aged 75OlvestonMI
212WATKINS, JaneS03 May 1927of Olveston; aged 79 years, p.29 ref no:225OlvestonBR
213WATKYNGS, GeoffreyC04 Sep 1603s. Wm. WATKYNGS/; CarpenterNorth NibleyPR
214WATKINS, Job (m.1785:d.1822)C04 Aug 1751s. John/Hester WATKINSAlvestonPR
215WATKINS, Job (X: o.t.p.)M17 May 1785Mary HITCHENS; o.t.s. Lic.AlmondsburyPR
216WATKINS, Job (b.1751:m.1785)S06 Aug 1822of Marsh; aged 69AlmondsburyLW
217WATKINS, JobS06 Aug 1822of Marsh; aged 69AlmondsburyPR/BW
218WATKEN, Joel (b.1767)S30 Apr 1845of Thornbury; aged 80ThornburyPR
219WATKINS, JohnS23 Nov 1643N.O.D.CoaleyPR
220WATKINS, JohnM15 Jan 1655/6Joan DAVIS; both of dursleyCamPR
221WATKINS, John (of Dursly)M04 Apr 1670Susanna CLIFT; of CamCamPR
222WATKINS, JohnC24 Jan 1673/4s. John/Joane WATKINSCamPR
223WATKINS, JohnS13 Oct 1681HusbandmanCamPR
224WATKINS, JohnP       1687TiddenhamTidenhamWC
225WATKINS, JohnC16 Feb 1689/90William WATKINS/ElizabethEastingtonIG
226WATKINS, JohnD06 Oct 1691h. Ann WATKINS/; of Dursley: MercerDursleyBI
227WATKINS, JohnC04 Dec 1698Thomas/Anne WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
228WATHEN or WATKEN, John (checked)C03 Jun 1701s. William WATHEN or WATKEN/ThornburyPR
229WATKINS, JohnC06 Feb 1706/7William/(Blank) WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
230WATKINS, JohnC16 May 1709William/Sarah WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
231WATKINS, John (m.1744/5)C04 Aug 1717s. Thomas WATKINS/ThornburyPR
232WATKINS, JohnM29 Sep 1725Elizabeth RUDGEEastingtonIG
233WATKINS, John (m.1760)C00 Jul 1728John WATKINS/HenburyIG
234WATKINS, JohnC31 Oct 1736/?John WATKINS/MaryEastingtonIG
235WATKINS, JohnM02 Oct 1744Esther WHEELERDursleyIG
236WATKINS, John (b.1717)M25 Feb 1744/5Hester SINDRYThornburyPR
237WATKINS, JohnC06 Jul 1746John WATKINS/HesterDursleyIG
238WATKINS, JohnC10 Apr 1747s. Thomas/Sarah WATKINSThornburyPR
239WATKINS, JohnM19 Jun 1750Mary NICHOLLSHenburyPR/BW
240WATKINS, JohnM08 Jun 1760Ann WEBBHenburyIG
241WATKINS, JohnC03 May 1767Thomas/Betty WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
242WATKINS, JohnS04 Jan 1768AlmondsburyPR/BW
243WATKINS, JohnS24 Jan 1768N.O.D.AlmondsburyPR
244WATKINS, JohnC09 Jun 1772John/Sarah WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
245WATKINS, JohnS17 Nov 1777N.O.D.OlvestonPR
246WATKINS, JohnD24 Mar 1781h. Esther WATKINS/; Aged 61DursleyBI
247WATKINS, John (b.1717)S26 Apr 1781N.O.D.OlvestonPR
248WATKINS, JohnW09 Aug 1783Luke WATKINS/Mary MORGANLittlton on S.PR
249WATKINS, JohnD10 May 1784N.K. WATKINS/; aged 48HenburyBI
250WATKINS, JohnS22 Dec 1788of AustOlvestonPR
251WATKINS, John (m.1814)C09 Sep 1792s. Joseph/Jane WATKINS; poor:Littlton on S.PR
252WATKINS, JohnC21 Sep 1800John/Anna WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
253WATKINS, John (b.1792)M11 Aug 1814Hannah AVNELElbertonIN
254WATKINS, JohnM00 Dec 1820Sarah JONESNewlandIG
255WATKINS, JohnS13 Nov 1825of Marsh; aged 2wkAlmondsburyLW
256WATKINS, JohnC07 May 1837John/Hannah WATKINS; Stroud Common LabrOlvestonPR
257WATKINS, JohnS27 Jun 1843of Stroud Common; aged 2OlvestonPR
258WATKINS, John (b.1792)S29 Oct 1848of Stroud Common; aged 56OlvestonPR
259WATKINS, JosephC08 Apr 1753s. Thomas/Sarah WATKINS; town of ThornburyThornburyPR
260WATKINS, Joseph (m.1792)C15 Apr 1761s. John/Esther WATKINSOlvestonPR
261WATKINS, Joseph (X: o.t.p.)M01 Apr 1792Jane PRITCHARD; X: o.t.p. BannsLittlton on S.PR
262WATKINS, JosephS15 Jul 1799of Lungarron MonmouthshireRockhamptonPR
263WATKINS, JosephS06 Jan 1811s. Joseph/Jane WATKINSOlvestonPR
264WATKINS, Joseph (b.1761)S01 Apr 1821of Olveston; aged 61OlvestonPR
265WATKINS, JosephC28 Mar 1824s. Isaac/Frances WATKINS; Olveston cordwainerOlvestonPR
266WATKINS, JosephC24 Oct 1824/Elizabeth WATKINS; single womanNewlandPR
267WATKINS, JosephS10 Jun 1846or Morton Thornbury; aged 53ThornburyPR
268WATKINS, JoshuaM02 May 1775Sarah HILLUleyIG
269WATKINS, LeviC19 Jun 1726s. Lewis WATKINS/CoaleyPR
270WATKINS, Levi (d.1773)C23 May 1773s. Meriah WATKINS/AlvestonPR
271WATKINS, Levi (b.1773)S17 Oct 1773s. Meriah WATKINS/AlvestonPR
272WATKINS, Lewis (d.1772)C04 Nov 1761s. George/Anne WATKINSThornburyPR
273WATKINS, Lewis (b.1761)S27 Jun 1772at c 15: from WorkhouseThornburyPR
274WATKINS, Lily MariaD21 Nov 1917d. Luke/Jane WATKINS; aged 41OlvestonMI
275WATKINS, Lily MariaS24 Nov 1917d. Luke WATKINS/; of Haw Lane, Olveston; aged 41, ref no:64OlvestonBR
276WATKINS, Lucretia MaryC27 Apr 1862Charles/Lucretia WATKINS; Old DownOlvestonPR
277WATKINS, Luke (m.1783)C01 Apr 1753s. John/Hester WATKINSAlvestonPR
278WATKINS, Luke (X: o.t.p.)M09 Aug 1783Mary MORGAN; X: o.t.p. W(Jno:X)Littlton on S.PR
279WATKINS, Luke (b.1753)S23 Feb 1793poorOlvestonPR
280WATKINS, Luke (m.1821)C14 Jul 1793s. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
281WATKINS, Luke (o.t.p.)M28 May 1821Dianah SCRIVEN; o.t.p. BannsBristol,St P&JIN
282WATKINS, Luke (d.1904)C18 Jun 1832William/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
283WATKINS, Luke (m.1865)C11 Oct 1840of Luke/Dianah WATKINSNorthwickLW
284WATKINS, LukeMJn 1/4 1857Elizabeth NEAL; 6a 21Bristol RegSC
285WATKINS, Luke (b.1793)S23 Nov 1864of Marsh Common; aged 71AlmondsburyLW
286WATKINS, Luke (o.f.a. p. Almondsbury)M04 May 1865Elizabeth ALVIS; o.f.a. o.t.p. HenburyHenburyPR
287WATKINS, LukeC20 Jul 1873Luke/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
288WATKINS, LukeM22 May 1875Jane STOCKDENOlvestonBR
289WATKINS, Luke (aged 72)D24 Nov 1904OlvestonMI
290WATKINS, Luke (b.1832)S29 Nov 1904of Old Down; aged 72OlvestonPR
291WATKINS, LukeD13 Aug 1935h. Jane WATKINS/; aged 87OlvestonMI
292WATKINS, LukeS16 Aug 1935of Olveston; aged ??, p.48 ref no: 380OlvestonBR
293WATKINS, MargaretM26 Aug 1716Charles MORGANBristol,St MyPIN
294WATKINS, Margaret (o.t.p.)M31 Oct 1819James WATKINS; o.t.p.TidenhamPR
295WATKINS, MarkC15 Mar 1698/9Francis WATKINS/BadgeworthIG
296WATKINS, MarkM03 Feb 1723/4Mary WILLIAMSBulleyIG
297WATKINS, MarkC17 Dec 1727Mark WATKINS/MaryBulleyIG
298WATKINS, MarkC15 Sep 1751Mark WATKINS/MaryGloster,St NicIG
299WATKINS, Mark (d.1809)C01 Apr 1753s. John/Hester WATKINSAlvestonPR
300WATKINS, MarkM04 Mar 1755Elizabeth BOUENStroudIG
301WATKINS, Mark (m.1788:d.1797)C12 Mar 1755s. Thomas/Sarah WATKINS; of ThornburyThornburyPR
302WATKINS, Mark (1753-1809)M12 Nov 1781Elizabeth ISAACYateIN
303WATKINS, Mark (X: o.t.p.)M23 Sep 1788Jane COOK; X: o.t.p. BannsRockhamptonPR
304WATKINS, Mark (re-mar)M02 Nov 1789Anne PARMETERThornburyIN
305WATKEN, Mark (b.1755:1m.1788)S26 Apr 1797of Th'y at 43ThornburyPR
306WATKINS, Mark (b.1753)S06 Jun 1809N.O.D.OlvestonPR
307WATKINS, MarkS25 Mar 1818of Marsh; aged 9moAlmondsburyPR/BW
308WATKINS, MarkC       1827Isaac/Frances WATKINS; Cribb Causway CordwainerAlmondsburyLW
309WATKINS, Mark (aged 10)C16 Nov 1827James/Mary WATKINS; Olveston TailorOlvestonPR
310WATKINS, MarkW02 Apr 1836John HENDRY/Sarah WATKINSOlvestonPR
311WATKINS, MarkC15 Nov 1846Robert/Emma WATKINS; Woodhouse Down LabrOlvestonPR
312WATKINS, MarkS28 Feb 1863of Marsh Common; aged 1moAlmondsburyLW
313WATKEN, MarkS05 Jul 1864of Thornbury; aged 21ThornburyPR
314WATKINS, MaryM       1686Matthew COSHAMBristol,Mar B.IN
315WATKINS, MaryC19 Dec 1686William WATKINS/ElizabethEastingtonIG
316WATKINS, Mary (Castle precincts)M08 Jan 1686/7Matthew Cosham (COSSON); Wickwar, Glos., yeomanBristol,St AugIN/AC
317WATKINS, MaryC27 Jan 1706/7William/Sarah WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
318WATKINS, MaryC11 Aug 1715d. Thomas WATKINS/ThornburyPR
319WATKINS, MaryM25 May 1735William BROWNHenburyPR/BW
320WATKINS, MariaC09 Feb 1745/6d. John/Hester WATKINSThornburyPR
321WATKINS, MaryC27 Jan 1750/1d. Thomas/Sarah WATKINS; town of ThornburyThornburyPR
322WATKINS, Mary (?d.1755)C08 Oct 1752d. Thos./Mary WATKINS; NorthwickAlmondsburyPR
323WATKINS, MaryD08 May 1753late Widow of William WATKINS/; Aged 80AlvestonBI
324WATKINS, MaryS08 May 1753N.O.D.AlvestonPR
325WATKENS, Mary (?b.1752)S18 Nov 1755N.O.D.AlmondsburyPR
326WATKINS, MaryS18 Nov 1755AlmondsburyPR/BW
327WATKINGS, Mary (d.1765)C15 Sep 1765d. Thos WATKINGS, Lab./:& Ann; of Th'y: b.1.1ThornburyPR
328WATKINGS, Mary (b.1765)S03 Nov 1765d. Thos/Ann WATKINGS; aged 10moThornburyPR
329WATKINS, Mary (d.1766)C01 Jan 1766d. John/Anne WATKINSOlvestonPR
330WATKINS, Mary (b.1766)S05 Jan 1766d. John/Anne WATKINSOlvestonPR
331WATKINS, MaryC12 Jul 1767Thos/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR/BW
332WATKENS, MaryC12 Jul 1767d. Thos/Mary WATKENSAlmondsburyPR
333WATKINS, MaryC03 Apr 1768d. Thos WATKINS, Lab./:& Ann; née Hayward: b.5.3ThornburyPR
334WATKINS, MaryS23 Jun 1783AlmondsburyPR/BW
335WATKINS, Mary (w.Thos)S23 Jun 1783N.O.D.AlmondsburyPR
336WATKINS, MariaC14 Oct 1798(base born) dau. of Sarah WATKINS/; AlmondsburyLittlton on S.PR
337WATKINS, MariaC18 Apr 1813d. Joseph/Jane WATKINSElbertonLW
338WATKINS, MaryC01 Mar 1818Joseph/Sapphira WATKINS; Moreton FmrThornburyPR
339WATKINS, Mary (née Morgan)S06 Sep 1818of Olveston; aged 66OlvestonPR
340WATKINS, Mary (aged 2)C19 May 1822William/Elizabeth WATKINS; Olv LabourerOlvestonPR
341WATKINS, MariaC06 Sep 1829d. Isaac/Frances WATKINS; Olveston cordwainerOlvestonPR
342WATKINS, Mary (née Hughes)S26 Mar 1834of Olveston; aged 55OlvestonPR
343WATKINS, Mary (X: sp. o.f.a.of Olveston)M09 May 1839Robert WITHERS; X: ba. o.f.a. of Olveston: Labr.OlvestonPR
344WATKINS, MaryS10 Mar 1845of Olveston; aged 82AlmondsburyPR/BW
345WATKINS, Mary (née Hitchens)S10 Mar 1845of Alveston; aged 83AlmondsburyLW
346WATKINS, Mary Ann (o.f.a.)M17 Dec 1842Thomas REEVES; o.f.a.OlvestonPR
347WATKINS, Mary Ann (d.1877)C08 Jul 1860Luke/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
348WATKINS, Mary Ann (b.1860)S13 Dec 1877of Old Down; aged 17OlvestonPR
349WATKINS, Marion GladysC05 Oct 1902d. Lily Maria WATKINS/; Alveston sgl wo.AlvestonPR
350WATKINS, Marion Gladys (a.25)M26 Jun 1926George Edward PARKEROlvestonPR
351WATKINS, Mary Dawkins (d1853)C23 Jan 1842Mark/Ann WATKINS; Olveston TailorOlvestonPR
352WATKINS, Mary Dawkins (b1842)S04 Feb 1853of Olveston; aged 11OlvestonPR
353WATKINS, Mary DawkinsS16 Sep 1855of Olveston; aged 2moOlvestonPR
354WATKINS, MatthiasC09 Jun 1723Thomas WATKINS/TidenhamIG
355WATKINS, Maurice (d.1724)C23 Aug 1724s. Thomas WATKINS/ThornburyPR
356WATKINS, Maurice (b.1724)S26 Aug 1724s. (D.erased) of Thomas WATKINS/ThornburyPR
357WATKINS, PatienceC06 Jun 1909Henry/Emma WATKINS; Old Down LabourerOlvestonPR
358WATKINS, PhilipC11 Feb 1678/9Richard WATKINS/PainswickIG
359WATKINS, PhillipM09 Feb 1692/3Sarah WEBBEPainswickIG
360WATKINS, PhilipM13 Apr 1704Jane RUSSELLStoneIG
361WATKINS, Phillip (?d.1732)C13 Mar 1704/5Phillip WATKINS/PainswickIG
362WATKINS, PhilipC17 Oct 1727s. Philip WATKINS/ThornburyPR
363WATKINS, Philip (?b.1704)D04 Mar 1732/3h. Christian WATKINS/; aged 28ThornburyBI
364WATKINS, PhilipS15 Mar 1732/3N.O.D.ThornburyPR
365WATKINS, PhilipM21 Jul 1751Mary WILLIAMSWoolastonIG
366WATKEN, PrudenceC26 Feb 1809Joel WATKEN/FlowerThornburyIG
367WATKINS, RebeccaC28 Aug 1842d. John/Hannah WATKINS; Stroud Common lab:OlvestonPR
368WATKINS, RichardC04 Jun 1772s. John/Ann WATKINS; b.10.10.69OlvestonPR
369WATKINS, RobertC29 Apr 1748s. John/Hester WATKINSThornburyPR
370WATKINS, Robert (m.1837)C26 Mar 1809s. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
371WATKINS, Robert (X: ba.o.t.p.)M29 Mar 1837Emma MERRETT; X: sp.o.t.p. BannsOlvestonPR
372WATKINS, RobertD30 Nov 18891809-1889OlvestonMI
373WATKINS, RogerM29 Dec 1674Alice KINGEastingtonIG
374WATKINS, RogerC31 Jan 1708/9Thomas/Anne WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
375WATKINS, RogerM31 Mar 1733Ann ELLOTHenburyIG
376WATKINS, SamuellC       1630s. Jeffery WATKINS/North NibleyPR
377WATKINS, SamuelC25 Aug 1677s. John/Joane WATKINSCamPR
378WATKINS, SarahC05 Nov 1681d. John/Joan WATKINSCamPR
379WATKINS or WATHINS, SaraC04 Nov 1694d. William WATKINS or WATHINS/OlvestonPR
380WATKINS, SarahS31 Dec 1723N.O.D.Oldbury on S.PR
381WATKENS, SarahS27 Apr 1729of LitteltonOlvestonPR
382WATKINS, SarahC19 May 1733John WATKINS/MaryEastingtonIG
383WATKINS, SarahM27 Sep 1739Maurice HILLUleyIG
384WATKINS, SarahC29 Jul 1750d. George, ?youager/:& Ann WATKINS; Town of Th'yThornburyPR
385WATKINS, SarahM02 Oct 1751Joseph PULLINGAlmondsburyPR
386WATKINS, SarahS10 Jan 1771InfantAlmondsburyPR/BW
387WATKINS, SarahS20 Jan 1771InfAlmondsburyPR
388WATKINGS, SarahS09 Nov 1781of Th'y: widow at 59ThornburyPR
389WATKINS, SarahM09 Jun 1793George HILLUleyIG
390WATKINS, SarahS16 Jun 1793d. Luke WATKINS/; poorOlvestonPR
391WATKINS, Sarah (m.1836)C31 May 1812d. James/Mary WATKINSOlvestonPR
392WATKINS, SarahC27 Apr 1817/Sophia WATKINS; MoretonThornburyPR
393WATKINS, Sarah (sg: o.t.p./b.1812)M02 Apr 1836John HENDRY; sg: o.t.p. Elberton:W(Jas/Mark)OlvestonPR
394WATKINS, SophiaC02 Apr 1786Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR/BW
395WATKINS, SophiaC02 Apr 1786d. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
396WATKINS, Sophia (d.1789)C30 Sep 1787(base born) dau. of Mary WATKINS/; poorLittlton on S.PR
397WATKINS, Sophiah (b.1787)S22 Nov 1789(base) dau. of Mary WATKINS/Littlton on S.PR
398WATKINS, SophiaM22 Oct 1804John POPEAlmondsburyPR/BW
399WATKINS, StephenC06 Nov 1711s. Wm./Sarah WATKINSHenburyPR
400WATKINS, ThomasC        no bap at Painswick in IGIPainswickIG
401WATKINS, ThomasC26 Feb 1687/8William WATKINS/ElizabethEastingtonIG
402WATKINS, Tho.C23 Jul 1689Nath. WATKINS/TidenhamIG
403WATKINS, Thomas (of Churcham)M25 Dec 1694Susannah AYLWAYWestbury on S.IN
404WATKINS, ThomasM02 Nov 1701Abigail VIZARD; of DursleyCamPR
405WATKINS, ThosM       1704Hannah BIRDAveningIG
406WATKINS, ThomasC12 Nov 1704Thomas/Anne WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
407WATKINS, ThomasM02 Mar 1711/2Elizabeth or Margery COLLIERDursleyIN
408WATKINS, Tho.M24 Oct 1715Eliz. JAYNETidenhamIG
409WATKINS, Thomas (m.1743)C21 May 1719s. Tho. WATKINS/ThornburyPR
410WATKENS, ThomasS24 Jan 1728/9N.O.D.OlvestonPR
411WATKINS, ThomasC24 Feb 1733/4s. Roger/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR
412WATKINS, ThomasC26 Jan 1734/5s. Thomas WATKINS/; o.t.p. DurslyCam,NCPR
413WATKINS, ThomasM22 Sep 1737Eleanor BAKERHenburyPR/BW
414WATKINS, ThomasM22 Sep 1737Eleanor BAKERHenburyIG
415WATKINS, ThomasM26 Oct 1743Ann JENKINSHenburyPR/BW
416WATKINS, ThomasM26 Oct 1743Ann JENKINSHenburyIG
417WATKINS, Thomas (b.1719)M27 Oct 1743Sarah SNAYLANThornburyPR
418WATKINGS, Thomas (d.1818)C17 Jul 1746s. Thomas/Sarah WATKINGSThornburyPR
419WATKINS, ThomasS15 Aug 1753from the Workhouse Aged 73 yrsThornburyPR
420WATKINS, ThomasD08 Dec 1756N.K. WATKINS/; of Almondsbury aged 39HenburyBI
421WATKINS, ThomasM18 Feb 1758Ann HAYWARDFrampton on S.IN
422WATKINS, ThomasC27 Nov 1766s. Thos WATKINS, Lab./:& Ann; née Hayward: b.19.9ThornburyPR
423WATKINS, ThomasS23 May 1769Labourer; aged 43: d.21.5ThornburyPR
424WATKINS, Thos.C21 Jul 1776s. Wm./Elizabeth WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
425WATKINS, ThomasM08 Jan 1778Mary HILLStonehouseIG
426WATKINS, Thos.S27 Apr 1780N.O.D.AlmondsburyPR
427WATKINS, ThosS27 Apr 1780AlmondsburyPR/BW
428WATKINS, ThomasC03 Feb 1782s. Sarah WATKINS/; base child: Th'yThornburyPR
429WATKINS, ThomasC25 Jun 1784s. Joseph/Martha WATKINSOlvestonPR
430WATKINS, Thomas ('51C:55yr)N       1795/6s. Ann WATKINS/; Pig ButcherThornburyCE
431WATKINS, Thomas (m.Eliz)C29 Apr 1798s. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
432WATKINS, Thomas (b.1746)S06 Sep 1818of Kington; aged 70ThornburyPR
433WATKINS, Thomas (b.1798)S22 Jan 1870of Almondsbury; aged 73AlmondsburyLW
434WATKINS, TirzahC04 May 1828d. John/Hannah WATKINS; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
435WATKINS, ThirzaM23 Apr 1872Thomas KEARBream,St JasIG
436WATKINS, Unity (m.1777)C22 Dec 1749d. John/Hester WATKINS; Avening in HeintonThornburyPR
437WATKINS, Unity (of Olveston)M14 Apr 1777James CULLIMORE; of OlvestonOlvestonPR/BW
438WATKINS, Unity (?X:o.t.p.)M17 Apr 1777James CULLIMORE; ?X:o.t.p.OlvestonPR
439GUATKINS [WATKIN], WilliamM01 Jul 1585Jone JONESThornburyPR
440GWATKINS, WilliamD21 Dec 1626N.K. GWATKINS/; Gent aged 80ThornburyBI
441WATKINS, WilliamC19 Nov 1688John/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
442WATKINS, WilliamC06 May 1695Tho./Ann WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
443WATKINS, WilliamC02 Feb 1695/6William WATKINS/ElizabethEastingtonIG
444WATKINS, WilliamM10 Dec 1702Sarah ORCHARDHenburyPR/BW
445WATHEN or WATKEN, William (not checked)C17 Dec 1702s. William WATHEN or WATKEN/ThornburyPR
446WATKINS, Wm.M       1703Elisabeth BEVINThornburyIG
447WATKINS, WilliamC29 Aug 1703Thomas/Anne WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
448WATKINS, WilliamC02 Jan 1703/4s. William WATKINS/; (K) [Kington?]ThornburyPR
449WATKINS, WilliamC06 Mar 1703/4Will./Sarah WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
450WATKINS, WilliamM20 Apr 1704Mary WERRELHenburyPR/BW
451WATKINS, WilliamC06 Aug 1704Tho. WATKINS/TidenhamIG
452WATKINS, WilliamM07 Mar 1708/9Mary WARRINGHenburyPR/BW
453WATKINS, WilliamC11 Aug 1715s. Thomas WATKINS/ThornburyPR
454WATKINS, WillmC26 May 1724John WATKINS/MaryEastingtonIG
455WATKINS, WilliamM07 May 1732Ann LEECHHenburyIG
456WATKINS, WilliamM01 Apr 1733Mary CHARLESHenburyPR/BW
457WATKINS, WilliamM01 Apr 1733Mary CHARLESHenburyIG
458WATKINS, WilliamC10 Jun 1734William/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
459WATKINS, WilliamC10 Jun 1734s. William/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR
460WATKINS, WilliamC03 Feb 1739/40Roger/Anne WATKINSHenburyPR/BW
461WATKINS, WilliamC03 Feb 1739/40s. Roger/Ann WATKINSHenburyPR
462WATKINS, WilliamD18 Mar 1739/40N.K. WATKINS/; aged 27HenburyBI
463WATKINS, WilliamC27 Nov 1744s. Thomas/Sarah WATKINSThornburyPR
464WATKINS, WilliamD26 Jun 1749N.K. WATKINS/; aged 74AlvestonBI
465WATKINS, WilliamD29 Sep 1752h. Mary WATKINS/; Aged 60AlvestonBI
466WATKINS, WilliamS13 Oct 1752N.O.D.AlvestonPR
467WATKINS, William (d.1800?)C10 Nov 1765s. John/Esther WATKINS; b.1.3.63OlvestonPR
468WATKINS, WilliamS10 Feb 1771InfantAlmondsburyPR/BW
469WATKINS, WilliamS10 Feb 1771InfAlmondsburyPR
470WATKINS, WilliamC04 Jun 1772s. John/Ann WATKINS; b.4.4.67OlvestonPR
471WATKINS, Wm.C14 Feb 1773s. Wm./Elizab WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
472WATKINS, WilliamD26 Jan 1780N.K. WATKINS/; aged 32OlvestonBI
473WATKINS, WilliamC23 Apr 1790s. Luke/Mary WATKINSOlvestonPR
474WATKINS, WilliamC17 Apr 1791Jas WATKINS/SarahNewlandIG
475WATKEN, William (d.1803)C10 Nov 1799s. Joel/Flower WATKEN; b.20.10ThornburyPR
476WATKINS, William (?b.1763)D29 Jun 1800aged 32OlvestonMI
477WATKINS, William (b.1763?)S30 Jun 1800from KingtonOlvestonPR
478WATKINS, William (m.1824)C05 Sep 1802s. Job/Mary WATKINSAlmondsburyPR
479WATKEN, William (b.1799)S11 Apr 1803of Th'y at 3ThornburyPR
480WATKINS, William (of Monmouth)M19 Nov 1803Mary REEVES; wi.HewelsfieldIN
481WATKINS, WilliamC27 May 1804s. Joel/Flower WATKINS; b.18.4ThornburyPR
482WATKINS, WilliamC21 Apr 1805s. Joseph/Jane WATKINSOlvestonPR
483WOOD/WATKINS, WilliamC18 May 1807Abel WOOD/Jane WATKINSNewlandIG
484WATKINS, William (wi.o.t.p.)M01 Feb 1814Ann JAMES; sp. of TidenhamWoolastonPR
485WATKINS, William (o.t.p.)M20 Oct 1816Elizabeth COSSHAM; o.t.p.Bristol,St JasPR
486WATKINS, William (o.t.p.)M04 May 1818Elizabeth UZZELE; w.c.o.p.HuntleyPR
487WATKINS, William (X:o.t.p.)M20 Jun 1819Maria BALDWIN; X:NewlandPR
488WATKINS, William (sg: o.t.p.)M01 Oct 1820Elizabeth SYMMONDS; sg: o.t.p.NewlandPR
489WATKINS, William (X: o.t.p.)M28 Feb 1824Celia WATKINS; X: o.t.p. BannsOlvestonPR
490WATKINS, William (ba.o.t.p.)M23 Nov 1824Ann BUTLER; sp.o.t.p.TidenhamPR
491WATKINS, WilliamS06 Nov 1825of Marsh; aged 23AlmondsburyPR/BW
492WATKINS, Wm. (b.1802)S06 Nov 1825of Marsh; aged 23AlmondsburyLW
493WATKINS, Wm (o.t.p. servant)M03 Apr 1826Elizabeth LIDDIETT; sp.o.t.p.Bristol,St ThoIN
494WATKINS, WilliamC24 Sep 1827/Celia WATKINS; of OlvestonOlvestonPR
495WATKINS, WilliamC16 Nov 1827William/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
496WATKINS, William (d.1838)C25 Jun 1837William/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR
497WATKINS, William (b.1837)S08 Nov 1838of Old Down; aged 18moOlvestonPR
498WATKINS, William (b.1790)S27 Sep 1859of Old Down; aged 74OlvestonPR
499WATKINS, WilliamC10 Apr 1864Luke/Elizabeth WATKINSOlvestonPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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