Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of SUMMERS in Cam, Dursley & surrounds (1570-1861)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Alice to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1SUMMERSM19 Aug 1750MORGANBristol,St P&JIN
2SOMERS, AliceS24 Apr 1610w. Lawrence SOMERS/CamPR
3SUMMERS, AnneS12 Nov 1679w. Thomas SUMMERS/; of Cam BroadweavrCamPR
4SUMMERS, AnnM       1798John WITHERSBristol,St AugIN
5SUMMERS, AnneS28 Nov 1816of Cam; aged 79CamPR
6SUMMERS, CharlesM02 Jan 1760Martha VIZARDDursleyIG
7SOMES, CorneliusC08 Nov 1731s. William SOMES/; of CamCam,NCPR
8SUMMERS, CorneliusS       1804/?"Bachelor"; aged 73: date u.k.CamNO
9SOMERS, DaniellC23 Sep 1716s. William SOMERS/:& Edith; should this be Lydia?CamPR
10SUMMERS, DanielS12 Feb 1830of Cam; aged 77CamPR
11SOMERS, Dinah (m.1761)C31 Jul 1737d. William SOMERS/; of CamCam,NCPR
12SUMMERS, Dinah (X: sp.o.t.p.)M26 Jul 1761John HILL; X: ba.o.t.p.CamPR
13SOMMERS, Eli (m.1763)C09 May 1739William SOMMERS/MaryCamIG
14SUMMERS, Eli (b.1739)M05 Jun 1763Elizabeth ADEYDursleyIG
15SOMERS, ElizabethS25 Nov 1601w. Lawrence SOMERS/CamPR
16SOMERS, ElizabethC   Jan 1721/2d. William/Lydia SOMERSCamPR
17SUMMERS, ElizabethS09 Oct 1817spinster of Cam; aged 30CamPR
18SUMMERS, ElizabethS08 May 1832of Cam; aged 77CamPR
19SUMMERS, ElizaW17 Aug 1835John SUMMERS/Eliza HILLEastingtonPR
20SUMMERS, EleanorC18 Jan 1807d. Enoch/Lydia SUMMERSStinchcombeTR
21SOMERS, Enoch (m.1769)C18 Sep 1735s. William SOMERS/; of CamCam,NCPR
22SUMMERS, EnochW26 Jul 1761John HILL/Dinah SUMMERSCamPR
23SUMMERS, EnochL25 Mar 1764Christian Hill; last Banns readCamPR
24SUMMERS, Enoch (b.1735)M18 Oct 1769Betty WALLHawkesburyIG
25SUMMERS, Enock (m.1805)C16 Aug 1772Enock SUMMERS/BettyHawkesburyIG
26SUMMERS, EnochM12 Nov 1781Martha HALEHawkesburyIG
27SUMMERS, EnockC24 Apr 1796Edmund SUMMERS/HannahDursleyIG
28SUMMERS, Enoch (X: o.t.p.)M11 Aug 1805Lydia HILL; X: o.t.p.CamPR
29SUMMERS, EnochC20 Aug 1815Enoch/Lydia SUMMERS; Berkeley LabourerBerkeleyPR
30SUMMERS, EnockM24 Jun 1826Lavinia REDD; where ?GlosterIG
31SUMMERS, EstherC19 May 1679c. Sarah SUMMERS/; base by John SelwynCamPR
32SUMMERS, HesterC14 Jun 1761John SUMMERS/HesterCamIG
33SUMMERS, HesterC31 Mar 1773John SUMMERS/BerkeleyIG
34SUMMERS, HesterC03 May 1776Danil SUMMERS/BerkeleyIG
35SUMMERS, HesterM19 Jun 1790Daniel KINGCamIG
36SOMMERS, HesterM20 Jan 1794John REEVESCoaleyPR
37SOMERS, GeorgeC30 Mar 1719s. William/Lydia SOMERSCamPR
38SUMMERS, HannahC08 Mar 1772d. William SUMMERS/:& Anne; (Cam)Wotton,NCPR
39SUMMERS, HannahS01 Dec 1818of Cam; aged 48CamPR
40SUMMERS, HenryD09 Apr 1773N.K. SUMMERS/; Mercer aged 83: BIBerkeleyBI
41SUMMERS, HenryC17 Jan 1813Enoch/Lydia SUMMERS; Berkeley WeaverBerkeleyPR
42SUMMERS, HenryC15 May 1831Samuel SUMMERS/ElizabethBerkeleyIG
43SUMMERS, HenryM07 Jul 1839Sarah POWELLCh.KingsIG
44SUMMERS, HenryS12 Mar 1844of Berkeley Heath; aged 82BerkeleyPR
45SUMMERS, Henry (of Newport)M07 Dec 1852Celia Ann PRESTONBerkeleyPR
46SOMMERS, JamesC31 Aug 1675s. John/Mary SOMMERSCamPR
47SOMMERS, JaneS13 Jan 1668/9widowCamPR
48SOMMERS, Joane (of Cam)M18 Jan 1668/9John KINGSCOTE; of DurslyCamPR
49SOMMERS, Johannah (w.Lawrence)S24 Dec 1732of Lower CamCamPR
50SUMMERS, JaneS10 Nov 1835of Cam; aged 70CamPR
51SOMMERS, JohnC23 May 1572s. Lawrence SOMMERS/CamPR
52SOMMERS, JohnC06 Feb 1678/9s. ?Samuel/?Anne SOMMERSCamPR
53SOMERS, JohnC22 Feb 1727/8s. Wm. SOMERS/Cam,NCPR
54SOMERS, JohnW19 Apr 1756Isaac HILL/Sarah ORPINCamPR
55SUMMERS, JohnW05 Sep 1757Samuel HILL/Edith MORGANCamPR
56SUMMERS, JnoW06 May 1761James HILL/Susannah WOODCamPR
57SUMMERS, JnoW26 Jul 1761John HILL/Dinah SUMMERSCamPR
58SUMMERS, JohnD24 May 1765h. Olive SUMMERS/; o.t.p. Schoolmaster aged 57: BICamBI
59SUMMERS, JohnC17 Oct 1805William SUMMERS/EdithCamIG
60SUMMERS, John (?m.1835)C15 May 1808s. Enoch/Lydia SUMMERSStinchcombeTR
61SUMMERS, John (sg: ba.o.t.p.)M17 Aug 1835Eliza HILL; X: sp.o.t.p.EastingtonPR
62SUMMERS, JohnC10 Oct 1841John SUMMERS/ElizaBerkeleyIG
63SUMMERS, JohnS22 Dec 1861of Halmore; aged 56BerkeleyPR
64SOMERS, LawrenceM07 Feb 1569/70Ann PEGLARCamIG
65SOMERS, LaurenceC30 Sep 1585Thomas SOMERS/CoaleyIG
66SOMERS, LawrenceX       1608brodeweaver: 2ca. subCamMA
67SOMERS, LaurenceM11 Jun 1612Catherine TROTMANCamIG
68SOMERS, LaurenceM13 Sep 1705Joanna BENDALLCamPR
69SOMMERS, Laurence (m.1705)S08 Mar 1712/3N.O.D.CamPR
70SOMERS, LydiaC02 Sep 1711d. William SOMERS/CamPR
71SOMMERS, Lydia (m.1769)C27 Sep 1744William SOMMERS/MaryCamIG
72SOMERS, Lydia (b.1744)M15 Aug 1769John SURMANStinchcombeIG
73SUMMERS, Lydia (m.1799)C30 Jun 1776d. Wm./Ann SUMMERS; of Lower CamCam,NCPR
74SOMMERS, Lydia (b.1776)M28 Oct 1799Robert HARRIS; fm. general registerCamPR
75SOMERS, MarthaC05 Nov 1787Charles SOMERS/MarthaDursleyIG
76SOMMERS, MaryS10 Apr 1670d. John/Mary SOMMERSCamPR
77SOMMERS, MaryC29 Nov 1672d. John/Mary SOMMERSCamPR
78SOMMERS, MaryS21 Mar 1675/6w. John SOMMERS/CamPR
79SUMMERS, MaryC26 Dec 1724d. William SUMMERS/CamPR
80SUMMERS, Mary (?née Gazerd)S19 Feb 1784w. William SUMMERS/; poorCoaleyPR
81SUMMERS, OliveD24 May 1751w. John SUMMERS/; aged 44CamBI
82SUMMERS, Purina (?d.1800)C30 Aug 1782Enoch SUMMERS/MarthaHawkesburyIG
83SUMMERS, Perina (?b.1782)S15 May 1800N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
84SUMMERS, PurinaC20 May 1810d. Enoch/Lydia SUMMERSStinchcombeTR
85SOMMERS, RachelC06 Jul 1746Wm. SOMMERS/MaryCamIG
86SUMMERS, RachaelC06 Jul 1746William SUMMERS/MaryDursleyIG
87SUMMERS, RachaelC04 Oct 1763Ely SUMMERS/Elizh.DursleyIG
88SOMMERS, RachelC28 Dec 1765William SOMMERS/AnnCamIG
89SUMMERS, RachelM05 Oct 1797John TALBOYSCamIG
90SUMMERS, RachelC19 May 1811William SUMMERS/EdithCamIG
91SOMERS, RichardS15 Feb 1603/4a weaver in Lower CamCamPR
92SOMMERS, Richard (d.1719)C05 Mar 1713/4s. William/Lydia SOMMERSCamPR
93SOMERS, Richard (b.1713)S09 Mar 1719/20s. William SOMERS/CamPR
94SOMERS, RobertM23 Jan 1766Mary REEVETetburyIG
95SUMMERS, SarahB       1733/4William/Mary SUMMERS; aged 6: SettlementCamPC
96SOMMERS, WilliamM25 Apr 1708Lydia MALLETTCamIG
97SOMERS, William (m.1730)C15 Feb 1708/9s. William/Lydia SOMERSCamPR
98SUMMARS, Wm.S09 Apr 1729of ye parish of BerkleyHillPR
99SOMMERS, Willm. (b.1708)M15 Aug 1730Mary GUNTER; of ye ParishCamPR
100SUMERS, William (m.1708)S14 Feb 1732/3of Lower CamCamPR
101SUMMERS, WilliamM02 Nov 1742Mary GAZERDCoaleyIG
102SUMMERS, WilliamC20 May 1758William SUMMERS/MaryCoaleyIG
103SUMMERS, WilliamM19 May 1763Ann BUTCHERCamIG
104SUMMERS, WilliamD18 Feb 1765N.K. SUMMERS/; Butcher aged 52: BIBerkeleyBI
105SUMMERS, William (?m.1742)S27 Feb 1791poorCoaleyPR
106SUMMERS, WilliamM14 Apr 1799Mary WATTSCamIG
107SUMMERS, Wm.W28 Oct 1799Robert HARRIS/Lydia SOMMERSCamPR
108SUMMERS, WilliamM05 Jul 1805Edith PARSLOWCamIG
109SUMMERS, WilliamS03 Jun 1827widower of Cam; aged 86CamPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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