Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of Combined REEVES DB over Gloucestershire & Wiltshire (1541-1937)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Abigail to Elizabeth

Other Forenames:
Ellen to Job
Ellen to Job

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1REAUEC07 Jul 1622Roger REAUE/Oldbury on S.PR/SR
2REEVEC       1691Abram REEVE/DinahDursleyIG
3REEVEC16 Apr 1699d. John REEVE/Oldbury on S.PR/SR
4REEVEC02 Mar 1701/2Sone of John REEVE/ThornburyPR
5REEVEB17 Jun 1703Will REEVE/HawkesburyIG
6REEVEC16 Jan 1708/9d. John REEVE/Oldbury on S.PR/SR
7REEVES18 Apr 1709d. John REEVE/Oldbury on S.PR/SR
8REEVESS08 Mar 1710/1widdow Reeve's childStinchcombeTR
9RIEVE (The widow)S26 Jun 1718of the LaneRodmartonPR/SR
10REEVESS18 Nov 1781at c.6ThornburyPR
11REEVE, AbigailC20 Aug 1627Edward REEVE/ForthamptonIG
12REEVE, AbigaleP       1698of Horsley widowHorsleyWC
13REEVES, AbigailS09 Aug 1725wife of James REEVES/DursleyPR
14REEVE, AbrahamM       1690Dianah POWELLDursleyIG
15REEVES, AddaideC22 Sep 1833Charles/Sophia REEVES; -do-: PR date 12.9Ch.AbbottsPR
16REVE, AgnesC       1552Jno REVE/BucklandIG
17REVE, AgnesC       1555BucklandIG
18REVE, AnnesM08 Nov 1575Geffrey FYGYNSCromhallIG
19REEVE, AgnetaC05 Mar 1586/7Johis REEVE/MarshfieldIG
20REEVSE, AnnesC23 Dec 1612d. Henry REEVSE/Westbury on T.PR/SR
21REEVES, AlbertC09 Nov 1845George/Harriet REEVES; Cam Green LabourerCamPR
22REEVES, AlbertC10 May 1868Richard REEVES/MaryColesbourneIG
23REEVES, Bertie (sg:a.28:ba.HFS: Gardener)M20 Sep 1913Alice POWELL; sg:a.30: sp.of CamCamPR
24REEVES, Albert CharlesC03 Oct 1880Charles/Jane REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
25REEVES, Albert JamesC19 Mar 1871Edwin REEVES/Ann MariaWithingtonIG
26REEVE, AlfredC29 Aug 1827John/Ruth REEVE; Lea FarmerLea & Clevert.PR
27REEVE, AlfredC26 Feb 1832George/Hannah REEVE; Lea CarpenterLea & Clevert.PR
28REEVES, Alfred (sg:a.21:ba.of Malmesbury)M06 Nov 1853Fanny CLARKE; sg:a.20:sp.of MalmesburyMalmesburyPR
29REVER, AlesM15 May 1589WYLLYAMDymockIG
30REEVE, AliciaC24 Feb 1591/2Johis. REEVE/MarshfieldIG
31REEVE, AliceS22 Oct 1624w. Thomas REEVE/WinchcombeTR
32REEVE, AliceC02 Feb 1629/30Thomas REEVE/Clifford Ch.IG
33REEVE, AliceS30 Sep 1631widow of CoatesWinchcombeTR
34REEVE, AliceM22 Jul 1632Walter BATTSONNECheltenham,PCIG
35RYVE, AlesM00 Jan 1633/4WILLAM.DidbrookIG
36REEVE, AliceS23 Mar 1635/6widow of WinchcombeWinchcombeTR
37REEVE, AliceM15 Feb 1656/7William BAILYAveningIG
38REIFES, AlceM03 Mar 1678/9Richard LEWISBristol,St AugIG
39REEVE, AliceM12 Sep 1683John WHATCOTBlockleyIG
40REEVE, AliceP       1694of GloucesterGlosterWC
41REEVE, AliceP       1697of DidbrookeDidbrookWC
42REEVE, AlceC24 Jun 1704John REEVE/AnneDidbrookIG
43REEVE, AliceS15 Aug 1712widow of WinchcombeWinchcombeTR
44REEVE, AlceM30 Jan 1733/4Robert REEVEDidbrookIG
45REEVE, AliceM29 May 1742Michael TYLERWinchcombeTR
46REEVE, AliceM29 May 1749Anthony FREEBURYDidbrookIG
47REEVES, AllisC05 Jan 1776Campden,Ch.IG
48REEVES, AliceM05 Jun 1815Richard SMITHCampden,Ch.IG
49REEVES, AliceC13 Oct 1852Charles/Bathya REEVES; Th'bury LabourerThornburyPR
50REEVES, Alice RebeccaC01 Apr 1860/Mary Ann REEVESWithingtonIG
51REEVES, AmeliaP22 Sep 1937of Downside Ashmead GreenCamWC
52REEVES, AmyC01 Feb 1824Charles/Sophia REEVES; C.Abbots LabourerCh.AbbottsPR
53REEVES, AmeyC20 Jan 1828Charles/Sophia REEVES; C.Abbots LabourerCh.AbbottsPR
54REVE, AnnC       1550Jno REVE/BucklandIG
55REVE, AnnaM03 May 1560John ROBINSAveningIG
56RIVE, AnnaC23 May 1607Caroli RIVE/RuardeanIG
57REEVE, AnneC15 Jul 1610James REEVE/RodmartonIG
58REEVE, AnneM25 Feb 1621/2Valentine LYTLETewkesburyIG
59REEVE, AnneM29 Aug 1632Richard Gardins or MASFEILDHasfieldIG
60REEVE, AnnC       1652Wm. REEVEBucklandIG
61REEVE, AnnM       1664Wm. FREEMANBucklandIG
62REEVE, AnneC27 Dec 1664d. Richd REEVE/; GrettonWinchcombeTR
63REEVE, AnnC       1666Timy. REEVE/BucklandIG
64REEVE, AnneC25 Feb 1674/5Charls REEVE/RodmartonIG
65REEVE, AnneC15 Jan 1677/8s. Richard REEVE/; GrettonWinchcombeTR
66REEVE, AnnaM19 Nov 1682Johes. BELLWinchcombeIG
67REEVE, AnneC04 Dec 1682James REEVE/AmyCleeve,Bish.IG
68REEVE, AnneC12 Feb 1687/8d. Richard/Eleanor REEVE; GrettonWinchcombeTR
69REEVES, AnneM04 Dec 1689James CALVERTBristol,St AugIG
70REEVE, AnneC25 Mar 1696George REEVE/MaryDidbrookIG
71REEVE, AnnaC20 Nov 1698Roberti REEVE/WinchcombeIG
72REEVE, AnneS01 Mar 1698/9d. Robert REEVE/; Gretton: carpenterWinchcombeTR
73REEVE, AnnaM10 Feb 1699/700Willus. ?JAMESWinchcombeIG
74REEVE, AnneC19 Apr 1700d. Robert REEVE/; GrettonWinchcombeTR
75REEVE, AnnaM28 Apr 1701Robertus RAYERWinchcombeIG
76REEVE, AnneC12 Jun 1701Rich REEVE/ElizChs.WickhamIG
77REEVS, AnnC19 Jan 1701/2/Jane REEVSTetburyIG
78REEVE, AnneM10 Oct 1702Henrieus HARRISONWinchcombeIG
79REEVE, AnnC17 Jun 1703d. Will REEVE/HawkesburyPR/SR
80REEVE, AnneM       1705William POTTERGloster,St MyLIG
81REEVES, AnneM02 May 1705Samuel BLACKWELLRendcombIG
82REEVE, Ann (of Ashley)M14 Oct 1707Thomas GOOBY; p.Avening: co Glos.AshleyPH
83REEVE, AnnC30 May 1708Gyles REEVE/ElizabethAldertonIG
84REEVE, AnneM29 Oct 1711William TAYLORGloster,St NicIG
85REEVE, AnneC23 Nov 1711d. Robert REEVE/; of GrettonWinchcombeTR
86REEVE, Anne (m.1744)C15 Mar 1718/9Richard REEVE/Gloster,St NicIG
87REEVE, Anne (m.1745)C13 Jul 1719Wm REEVE/BisleyIG
88REEVE, AnneM       1720Stephen FFIELDERGloster,St MyLIG
89REEVE, Anne (m.1745)C25 Dec 1720Robert REEVE/MaryUpton St Leon.IG
90REEVE, Anne (m.1744)C03 Dec 1721Joseph REEVE/ElizabethGloster,St JnoIG
91REEVE, AnnM25 Aug 1724William WILLIAMSHawkesburyIG
92REEVE, AnneM02 Oct 1728Francis LOCKChs.WickhamIG
93REEVE, AnneC03 Mar 1729/30John REEVE/DidbrookIG
94REEVE, Ann (m.1761)C23 Aug 1730Anthony REEVE/AnnRandwickIG
95REEVE, AnnM20 Sep 1731John STEPHENSThornburyIG
96REEVE, AnnM27 Dec 1731John HALLChr.MalfordIG
97REEVE, AnnM08 Jul 1732Walter WATTS; both of Long N.Newnton,LongPH
98REEVES, AnnM28 Dec 1733William WHITEChippenhamIG
99REEVE, AnneM22 Jun 1734John HOPKINSWinchcombeIG
100REEVS, AnneC18 Jul 1736Jno REEVS/HannahBourton on W.IG
101REEVE, AnnC       1739Wm REEVE/JoanBucklandIG
102REEVES, AnneC21 Mar 1738/9John REEVES/HannahBourton on W.IG
103REEVE, AnneC15 Apr 1740George REEVE/JoanChurchdownIG
104REEVE, AnneP       1743of DidbrookeDidbrookWC
105REEVE, Ann (b.1718)M27 Dec 1744King_King Edward URSELLGloster,St NicIG
106REEVE, Anne (b.1719)M04 Jun 1745John WOODFEILDBisleyIG
107REEVE, Anne (b.1720)M26 Oct 1745Jusstillian WITCOMBUpton St Leon.IG
108REEVE, AnnD21 May 1747w. John REEVE/; aged 72: BIDidbrookBI
109REEVE, AnnC26 Jun 1748Richmd REEVE/Cheltenham,PCIG
110REEVE, Anne (née Boulls)S07 Apr 1749w. John REEVE/WinchcombeTR
111REEVE, AnnM07 Nov 1752John BARRETT; both o.t.p.Lea & Clevert.PR
112REEVES, AnneC11 Feb 1753Joseph REEVES/AnneGloster,St MyLIG
113REEVES, AnneC05 Aug 1753John REEVES/DidbrookIG
114REEVE, AnneM26 Aug 1753John BEACHDidbrookIG
115REEVE, AnnM17 Sep 1753Richard HILLTetburyIG
116REEVE, Anne (m.1773)C27 Jan 1755Edward REEVE/BisleyIG
117REEVE, AnneC02 May 1755d. Richard REEVE/:& Ann h/wLea & Clevert.PR
118REEVE, AnnC16 Oct 1755John REEVE/; have checked original: NOT ReeveK.StanleyIG
119REEVE, AnnC14 Mar 1756William REEVE/Witcombe,Gt.IG
120REEVE, AnneC18 May 1760William REEVE/CatherinePreston on St.IG
121REEVE, Ann (b.1730)M12 Apr 1761William LEWISStroudIG
122REEVE, AnnC27 Dec 1761d. William/Margery REEVE; GrettonWinchcombeTR
123REEVES, AnnC03 Aug 1764d. Mary REEVES/; base bornChippenhamPR
124REEVES, Ann (d.1764)C12 Aug 1764d. John REEVES/CoaleyPR
125REEVES, Ann (b.1764)S14 Oct 1764d. John/Esther REEVESCoaleyPR
126REEVE, Ann (d.1767)C03 Nov 1765d. John/Hester REEVECoaleyPR
127REEVES, Ann (b.1765)S18 Mar 1767d. John/Esther REEVESCoaleyPR
128REEVES, AnnC15 Jun 1768Jn REEVES/JaneWotton u-EdgeIG
129REEVES, Ann (?d.1820)C29 Jul 1768d. William REEVES, of Standish/:& Hannah h/w; d. John/Mary DriverFrampton on S.IG
130REEVES, AnnC28 May 1769d. Richard/Ann REEVESChippenhamPR
131REEVES, AnnC02 Sep 1770Thos REEVES/RebeccaStow on the W.IG
132REEVE, Ann (b.1755)M30 Aug 1773John RODWAYBisleyIG
133REEVES, Ann (d.1799)C27 Mar 1774d. Jno. REEVES/CoaleyPR
134REEVE, AnnC30 Nov 1783d. Edward/Hannah REEVENewnton,LongPR
135REEVES, AnnM03 Oct 1784John MAYERCorseIG
136REEVES, AnnM08 Jul 1785Thomas KIRBYBatsfordIG
137RIEVE, AnnS08 Apr 1787GrettonWinchcombeTR
138REAVE, Ann (née Machin)S15 Feb 1788N.O.D.RockhamptonPR
139REEVES, AnnC16 Jul 1788Thomas REEVES/Campden,Ch.IG
140REEVE, AnnC06 Apr 1790John REEVE/AnnCleeve,Bish.IG
141REEVES, AnnM22 Jun 1790Edward BRIDGEMANChr.MalfordIG
142REEVE, AnnC30 Sep 1792s. William/Ann REEVE; of GreetWinchcombeTR
143REEVE, AnnS18 Oct 1792w. Richard REEVE/Lea & Clevert.PR
144REEVES, AnnC04 Nov 1792d. John/Ann REEVESGarsdenPR
145REEVE, AnnC17 Mar 1793Edmund REEVE/MaryCleeve,Bish.IG
146REEVE, AnnS29 Nov 1794w. William REEVE/Lea & Clevert.PR
147REEVE, AnnM04 Dec 1794Joseph WILKESWinchcombeIG
148REEVE, AnneM28 Nov 1795Joseph WILKSWinstoneIG
149REEVE/WILKS, AnnC27 Feb 1799George REEVE/Elizabeth WILKSCleeve,Bish.IG
150REEVES, Ann (b.1774)S13 Mar 1799N.O.D.CamPR
151REEVE, AnnC20 Nov 1799d. Richard/Margeret REEVELea & Clevert.PR
152REEVE, Ann (sg:o.t.p. Lea)M14 Jan 1801Daniel BIDMEAD; sg:wi.o.t.p. Walest: Lic.Lea & Clevert.PR
153REEVES, AnnC31 Jan 1802William REEVES/GracePebworthIG
154REEVES, AnnC27 Mar 1803d. William/Elizabeth REEVESSudeley M.PR
155REEVES, AnneC18 Sep 1808John REEVES/ElizabethFairfordIG
156REEVES, AnnS24 Mar 1811no other detailLea & Clevert.PR
157REEVES, AnnC14 Apr 1811John REEVES/SarahWitcombe,Gt.IG
158REEVES, AnnM08 Mar 1812Thomas MANSELLTewkesburyIG
159REEVE, AnnX       1814p46 ov 5/1Cleeve,Bish.OV/RO
160REEVES, AnneM06 Aug 1816Robert WEAVINS; wi.of E.GreyNewnton,LongIN
161REEVE, AnnM25 Aug 1817John Freeman TAYLOR; B.Cleeve: Lic.Gloster,St MyCIN
162REEVES, Ann (?b.1768)S16 Jul 1820of Frampton on Severn; aged 65EastingtonPR
163REEVE, AnnM07 Dec 1820John WYMANCleeve,Bish.IG
164REEVES, AnnM       1821David TROWTONHinton on G.IG
165REEVE, AnnX       1821p46 ov 5/1Cleeve,Bish.OV/RO
166REEVE, AnnX       1821p46 ov 3/2; singlewomanCleeve,Bish.OV/RO
167REEVES, AnnM03 Jan 1821Ezra PLESTEDCampden,Ch.IG
168REEVES, AnnC26 Aug 1821William REEVES/MaryWithingtonIG
169REEVES, AnnM31 May 1823William GREGORYHorsleyIG
170REEVE, AnnS01 Jul 1823of Prescott; aged 83WinchcombeBT
171REEVES, AnnS22 Apr 1825of Coaley; aged 2moCamPR
172REEVES, Ann (née White)S04 Aug 1826of Coaley; aged 24CoaleyPR
173REEVE, AnnC20 Jul 1828John/Anna REEVE; Lea BakerLea & Clevert.PR
174REEVES, AnnM03 Aug 1828John LAWRENCECheltenham,PCIN
175REEVES, AnnM19 Feb 1833William SLADEWithingtonIN
176REEVE, Anne (X: sp.o.t.p.)M18 Aug 1833William WHITE; X: ba.o.t.p.Lea & Clevert.PR
177REEVES, AnneM24 Sep 1833John THEYER; Lic.BadgeworthIN
178REEVES, AnnX       1836p198a ov 3LeckhamptonOV/RO
179REEVES, Anne (d.1840)C03 Jan 1836George/Harriett REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
180REEVES, AnnM19 Sep 1836Thomas PIFF; of GrettonWinchcombeIN
181REEVES, Ann (X: a.35:sp. of Winchcomb)M31 Dec 1838John JONES; X:a.35: wi. of Winchcomb: Lab.WinchcombeBT
182REEVES, Ann (b.1836)S08 Apr 1840of Cam; aged 4 (burnt)CamPR
183REEVES, AnneC15 Oct 1854Edward REEVES/MaryBerkeleyIG
184REEVES, AnnC03 Aug 1856Thomas REEVES/AnnGloster,St NicIG
185REEVES, AnneC10 Jun 1860George REEVES/ElizaBerkeleyIG
186REEVES, AnnieC18 Nov 1866Thomas REEVES/AnneBicknor,Eng.IG
187REEVES, AnnieC06 May 1883Charles/Jane REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
188REEVE, Ann ElizabethC06 Jul 1862George REEVE/BettyRendcombIG
189REEVES, Annie ElizabethC10 Mar 1869William REEVES/SarahBarnwoodIG
190REEVES, Ann MargarettC23 Feb 1837Daniel REEVES/Jane; Abbey Row BaptMalmesbury,IndIG
191REEVE, Anna MariaC01 Jun 1837John/Anna REEVE; Lea BakerLea & Clevert.PR
192REEVES, Ann MaryC21 Feb 1864William/Eliza REEVES; Sevenhampton LabrSevenhamptonPR
193REEVES, Ann MaryW06 Dec 1880Thomas PITTS/Elizabeth REEVESSevenhamptonPR
194REEVES, Ann SelinaC25 Mar 1874Daniel/Selina REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
195REEVE, Ann StaiteC31 Mar 1811/Elizabeth REEVECleeve,Bish.IG
196REEVES, AnthonyM22 Jan 1667/8Mary HARRISChr.MalfordIG
197REEVE, AnthonyC02 Feb 1680/1s. Richard REEVE/WinchcombeTR
198REEVES, AnthonyM19 Dec 1700Alice COMPTONChr.MalfordIG
199REEVE, AnthonyM00 Dec 1704Eliz. CURTICEOxentonIG
200REEVE, AnthonyS10 Jun 1705of Gretton, carpenterWinchcombeTR
201REEVE, AnthonyM03 Aug 1712Elizabeth HALEBeckfordIG
202REEVE, AntoneyM19 Nov 1712Marey CASTELLPainswickIG
203REEVE, AnthonyC02 Jun 1715Washbourne,Gt.IG
204REEVE, AntonyM25 Jan 1718/9Anne KINNERBisleyIG
205REEIVE, AnthonyC08 Apr 1722Anthony REEIVE/RandwickIG
206REEVE, AnthonyM10 Oct 1725Sarah GARNEKemertonIG
207REEVE, AnthonyM03 Apr 1731Sarah BRIGHTChr.MalfordIG
208REEVE, AnthonyC26 Apr 1743John REEVE/SarahDidbrookIG
209REEVES, AnthonyP       1761of StroudStroudWC
210REEVES, Anthony (of Shipton-u-Wychwood)M09 Jun 1813Ann CROSSWestcoteIN
211REEVE, AquilaM15 Oct 1685Mary ?FOUSTDu.RouseIG
212REEVES, Arthur CharlesS18 Apr 1874aged 2FoyPR
213REEVE, AtheliaC24 Sep 1626d. William REEVE/WinchcombeTR
214REEVES, BartholemewC03 Mar 1771Bartholemew REEVES/StroudIG
215REEVES, BenjaminC19 Jul 1785s. John/Ann REEVESGarsdenPR
216REEVES, BenjaminM10 Oct 1790Mary WOOLFORDChr.MalfordIG
217REEVES, BenjaminM05 Jan 1797Elizabeth MAYChiseldonIG
218REEVES, BenjaminC12 Aug 1821Benjamin REEVES/SarahArlinghamIG
219REEVES, Benjamin (d.1846)C06 Nov 1827Benjamin REEVES/SarahBerkeleyIG
220REEVES, Benjamin (b.1827)S16 Oct 1846of Berkeley; aged 19BerkeleyPR
221REEVES, BenjaminC18 Oct 1853William REEVES/Mary AnnNewentIG
222REEVES, Benjamin (b.1785)S29 Jan 1859of Berkeley; aged 72BerkeleyPR
223REEVES, BerthaC16 Jun 1861Charles REEVES/ElizabethBagendonIG
224REEVES, BlanchC03 Apr 1870Charles REEVES/ElizabethBagendonIG
225REEVE, BrigittaC13 Aug 1579Johis. REEVE/MarshfieldIG
226REVER, Caroline SelinaC23 Jul 1837Francis REVER/ElizaGloster,St NicIG
227RYVE, KatherynC25 Mar 1579Robt RYVE/Westbury on S.IG
228REEVE, KatharineM26 Nov 1610John COOKEWinchcombeIG
229REVE, KatherineC30 Sep 1622Wm REVE/MiserdenIG
230REEVE, CathC09 Feb 1667/8Wm REEVE/EdithFairfordIG
231REEVES, KatherineC12 Aug 1677Charls REEVES/ElizabethRodmartonIG
232REEVE, KatherineD15 Apr 1698w. Will REEVE/; aged 73StandishBI
233REEVE, CatherineD18 Aug 1718w. John REEVE/; Gent aged 28PauntleyBI
234REEVE, CatherineM31 May 1720Peter HULBERT; (both) o.t.p.RodmartonPR/SR
235REEVES, CatherineC14 Apr 1793William REEVES/CharlloteCheltenham,PCIG
236REEVES, CatherineM06 Mar 1825James CHILD; Lic.Cheltenham,PCIN
237REEVES, KateC10 Feb 1875Charles/Jane REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
238REEVES, CharlotteC04 Jun 1848Edward REEVES/MaryBerkeleyIG
239REEVES, Charlotte SophiaC14 Oct 1849William REEVES/JaneWithingtonIG
240REEVE, CharlesS13 Sep 1622of WinchcombeWinchcombeTR
241REEVE, CarolusC20 Jan 1622/3Johes REEVE/MarshfieldIG
242REEVES, CarolusM29 Mar 1646Margarett ASHLEYMarshfieldIG
243REEVE, CharlesM23 Feb 1668/9Elizabeth WAKERodmartonIG
244REEVES, CharlesC05 Nov 1726William REEVES/MaryFairfordIG
245REVE, CarolasM29 Jan 1726/7Elizabetha HUNTGuiting Pow.IG
246REEVES, CharlesC27 Feb 1778John REEVES/MarthaLiddingtonIG
247REEVES, CharlesC06 Aug 1797James REEVES/SarahBremhillIG
248REEVE, CharlesC19 Jan 1800s. Wm./Elizth REEVESudeley M.PR
249REVE, ChasM       1805Phoebe JAMESGuiting Pow.IG
250REEVE, CharlesC17 Nov 1810John REEVE/HesterRockhamptonIG
251REEVES, Charles (m.1838)C28 Feb 1813John/Hester REEVES; Alveston FarmerAlvestonPR
252REEVES, CharlesC20 Nov 1814Henry/Lydia REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
253REEVES, CharlesC03 Sep 1815Benjamin/Sarah REEVES; Malmsbury WatchMakerMalmesburyPR
254REEVES, CharlesC05 Apr 1816Thomas/Hester REEVES; Cheltenham Cattle DealerCheltenham,PCBT
255REEVE, CharlesM10 May 1824Sophia WILTSHIREClyffe PypardIG
256REEVES, CharlesC18 Dec 1825James REEVES/SarahHasfieldIG
257REEVE, CharlesC12 Feb 1832John/Hannah REEVE; Lea BakerLea & Clevert.PR
258REEVES, CharlesC11 Mar 1832John REEVES/HarrietCerney,NorthIG
259REEVES, CharlesC20 Jun 1832George/Harriatt REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
260REEVES, Charles (Dupe)C07 Oct 1832George/Harriott REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
261REEVES, Charles (1813-1893)MJn 1/4 1838Sarah ROACHThornbury RegIG
262REEVES, CharlesS17 Jun 1838of Charlton Abbots; aged 38Ch.AbbottsPR
263REEVES, Charles (twin)C05 Aug 1838Charles/Sophia REEVES; C.Abbots LabourerCh.AbbottsPR
264REEVE, CharlesBSp 1/4 1838s. Charles/Sophia REEVEWinchcombe RegSC
265REEVES, CharlesS02 Sep 1838of Charlton Abbots; aged 4wk 1dyCh.AbbottsPR
266REEVES, Charles (o.f.a. of Frampton)M03 May 1840Harriet Maria CLARK; (not recorded)BerkeleyPR
267REEVES, CharlesM29 Aug 1841Sarah NICHOLLSFoyPR/SN
268REEVES, CharlesC23 Jun 1844William/Eliza REEVES; Brockhamton LabourerSevenhamptonPR
269REEVES, Charles (o.f.a.of Marshfield:Lab.)M21 Jul 1846Mary COOK; sp. o.f.a. of Tormarton: W(Jas)TormartonBT
270REEVES, Charles (m.1869)BMr 1/4 1850s. Daniel Henry/Mary REEVES; assumedThornbury RegPR
271REEVES, CharlesC05 May 1850Thomas/Ann REEVES; Arle LabourerCheltenham,PCBT
272REEVES, Charles (X:ba.o.f.a. of Thornbury)M26 Aug 1850Bethia WILLIAMS; X:wi.o.f.a. of ThornburyThornburyPR
273REEVES, Charles (m.1885)C05 Aug 1854Charles/Sarah REEVES; Carpenter & WheelwrightRangeworthyPR/SR
274REEVES, CharlesM30 Nov 1858Elizabeth BELCHERBagendonIG
275REEVES, Charles ('81C:18yr)N   Apr 1862/3s. William/Martha REEVESThornburyPR
276REEVES, CharlesM04 Jun 1863Ann PATTERSONFoyPR
277REEVES, Charles (X:a.19:ba. of Cam: ?)M27 Jul 1869Jane LARGE; sg:a.20: sp.of CamCamPR
278REEVES, CharlesC17 Mar 1873George REEVES/ElizaBerkeleyIG
279REEVES, Charles (b.1854)M06 Oct 1885Mary Ann RYDERCinderfordSR
280REEVES, Charles (m.1838)S13 Oct 1893WILL: 20.11.1890RangeworthyPR/SR
281REEVES, Charles EdwinC14 Jan 1810Wm. REEVES/AnneHewelsfieldIG
282REEVES, Charles GeorgeC04 May 1853Edward REEVES/MaryBerkeleyIG
283REEVES, Charles GeorgeS02 Jun 1853of Sanigar; aged 14moBerkeleyPR
284REEVES, Charles HenryC01 Feb 1859William REEVES/Mary AnnNewentIG
285RYVE, ChristopherC07 Jan 1622/3George RYVE/JaneSaint BriavelsIG
286REEVES, ChristopherC27 May 1853Thomas REEVES/AnnGloster,St NicIG
287REEVES, ChristopherS25 Apr 1866of Chedworth; aged 65ChedworthPR
288REEVES, Christopher JamesC25 Jun 1855Thomas REEVES/AnneGloster,St NicIG
289REEVES, ClaraC18 Jan 1813George/Ann REEVES; Cheltenham WhitesmithCheltenham,PCBT
290REEIVE, ComefortC11 Jan 1696/7Stephen REEIVE/AnnGloster,St JnoIG
291REEVES, CorneliusBDc 1/4 1845N.K. REEVES/Malmesbury RegSC
292REEVE, DanielC04 Jun 1666s. Richard REEVE/; GrettonWinchcombeTR
293REEVE, DanielS09 Jan 1728/9N.O.D.CamPR
294REEVE, DannielM24 Oct 1734Elizabeth GOODSHIPChippenhamIG
295REEVE, DanielP       1738of GrettonWinchcombeWC
296REEVE, DanielC27 Aug 1738Daniel REEVE/ElizabethChippenhamIG
297REEVES, DanielM01 Oct 1760Catherine BENFIELDSwindonIG
298REEVES, DanielM10 Nov 1762Hannah ILESChiseldonIG
299REEVE, DanielC11 Jul 1766s. William/Margery REEVE; of GrettonWinchcombeTR
300REEVES, DanielM17 Feb 1768Mary BRIGGSTrowbridgeIG
301REEVES, DanielC10 May 1768s. Ann REEVES/; base bornChippenhamPR
302REEVES, DanielC21 May 1769s. John/Mary REEVESChippenhamPR
303REEVES, DanielM18 Nov 1770Ann PRIORChiseldonIG
304REEVES, DanielM20 Nov 1775Phebe BLACKMANCollingb.DucisIG
305REEVES, DanielM25 Aug 1783Anne HERBERTChiseldonIG
306REEVE, DanielC25 Dec 1792s. William/Elizabeth REEVE; Sudely ManorWinchcombeTR
307REEVES, DanielM25 Apr 1796Ann SATCHEVELLCheltenham,PCIG
308REEVE, DanielM19 Jun 1799Mary BARKERCleeve,Bish.IG
309REEVE, DanielC18 Jul 1801s. Richard/Margeret REEVELea & Clevert.PR
310REEVES, DanielC04 Jun 1809Charles REEVES/SophiaBremhillIG
311REEVES, DanielM29 May 1819Ann WHITEHARTBromhamIG
312REEVE, DanielM24 Dec 1821Elizabeth COMPTONElmstone H.IG
313REEVES, DanielC30 May 1830Charles/Sophia REEVES; C.Abbots LabrCh.AbbottsPR
314REEVE, Daniel (X:o.t.p.)M18 Jun 1834Jane GODWIN; sg:o.t.p. Lic.MalmesburyPR
315REEVES, DanielM20 Dec 1835Elizabeth KINNETLiddingtonIG
316REEVES, DanielMJn 1/4 1842Mary COLEBristol RegSC
317REEVES, DanielC14 Jul 1850William/Emma REEVES; Brockhampton LabourerSevenhamptonPR
318REEVES, DanielMSp 1/4 1856Selina COLLIER; 6a 376Gloster RegSC
319REEVES, DanielC19 Mar 1861Daniel/Henry REEVES; Cam Labourer (sic)CamPR
320REEVES, DanielDDc 1/4 1898age 48; 6a 202Stroud RegSC
321REEVES, DanielDSp 1/4 1900age 78; 6a 154Dursley RegSC
322REEVES, Daniel HenryC24 Mar 1822Henry/Lydia REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
323REEVES, Daniel HenryW08 Sep 1915Arthur CROSS/Elsie REEVESCamPR
324REEVES, Daniel HenryP11 Mar 1937of Downside Ashmead GreenCamWC
325REEVES, Dan WilliamC21 Aug 1859Richard REEVES/MaryColesbourneIG
326REEVES, David (twin)C28 Aug 1825Charles/Sophia REEVES; C.Abbots LabourerCh.AbbottsPR
327REEVES, DavidS25 Feb 1827of Charlton Abbots; aged 18moCh.AbbottsPR
328REEVES, DavidC01 Jan 1860William/Emma REEVES; Brockhampton Quarry LabrSevenhamptonPR
329REEVE, DavidM11 Apr 1867Elizabeth Allen HARDINGSomerford,Lt.IG
330REEVE, DeborahM21 Dec 1725Christopher WEBBCranhamIG
331REES, DeereC19 Jul 1760Edward REES/BisleyIG
332REEVE, DennisC22 Nov 1735William REEVE/ElizabethFairfordIG
333REEVES, DinahC22 Jul 1704Charles REEVES/ChippenhamIG
334REEVE, DinahM21 Oct 1707Tho. RUDGEBerkeleyIG
335REEVE, DianaC07 Feb 1720/1Richard REEVE/Gloster,St NicIG
336REEVE, DianaC28 Jan 1727/8Robert REEVE/MaryUpton St Leon.IG
337REEVE, DinahC25 May 1797/Mary REEVE; illegitimateWinchcombeTR
338REEVE, DinahC16 Aug 1829Ebenezer/Elizabeth REEVE; Lea LaborerLea & Clevert.PR
339REEVE, DorcasC14 Jul 1687John REEVE/Gloster,St JnoIG
340REEVES, DorcasC17 Jan 1869Edwin REEVES/Anna MariaWithingtonIG
341RIEVE, DorothyS03 Feb 1610/1d. Charles RIEVE/WinchcombeTR
342REEVE, DorithyC18 Jul 1641Richard REEVE/DorotieSevenhamptonIG
343REEVE, EbenezerC24 Jun 1795s. Richard/Margeret REEVELea & Clevert.PR
344REEVE, Ebenezer (X: ba.o.t.p.)M28 Mar 1816Elizabeth LANE; X: sp.o.t.p. W(Richd)Lea & Clevert.PR
345REEVE, EdithaC29 Jan 1595/6Johis. REEVE/MarshfieldIG
346REIVE, EdithaM20 Nov 1617Johes. HOSYMarshfieldIG
347REEVE, EdithM30 Jul 1665William BRIDGEDursleyIG
348REEVES, EdithM01 May 1759Charles FREEGARDChr.MalfordIG
349REEVES, Edith ElizabethW08 Sep 1915Arthur CROSS/Elsie REEVESCamPR
350REEVES, Edith EmilyC27 Sep 1863Richard REEVES/MaryColesbourneIG
351REEVE, EdmundC08 Sep 1688James REEVE/AmyCleeve,Bish.IG
352REEVES, EdmundM18 Mar 1716/7Sarah CLISSOLDHarescombeIG
353REEVE, EdmundC19 Jul 1726Edmund REEVE/SarahRendcombIG
354REEVE, EdmundP       1763of RendcombeRendcombWC
355REEVE, EdmundD21 Apr 1763h. Sarah REEVE/; aged 76: BIRendcombBI
356REEVES, EdmdC17 Aug 1766Daniel REEVES/Cheltenham,PCIG
357REEVE, EdwardC06 Sep 1629George REEVE/DowdeswellIG
358REEVES, EdwardC18 Aug 1672Charls REEVES/ElizabRodmartonIG
359REEVE, EdwardC01 Sep 1675Thomas REEVE/ElienorTewkesburyIG
360REEVE, Edward (p.Ashlye)M28 May 1699Anne PRICE; of Long NewntonNewnton,LongPH
361REEVES, EdwardC16 Oct 1723John REEVES/CirencesterIG
362REEVE, Edwd (m.1754)C11 Jul 1731Wm REEVE/BisleyIG
363REEVE, EdwardM08 Dec 1736Elizabeth HARDING; both of Newnton, WiltsSherstonIN
364REEVE, Edward (b.1731)M12 Jan 1754Anne VERINDERBisleyIG
365REEVES, EdwardM07 Apr 1756Elizabeth EVEREDChiseldonIG
366REEVE, EdwdC03 Feb 1765s. Edwd REEVE/BisleyPR
367REEVES, EdwardC11 Sep 1774s. John/Ann REEVESGarsdenPR
368REEVES, EdwardM12 Oct 1777Hannah GOWRINGNewnton,LongPH
369REEVE, Edward (or Edmund)M21 Dec 1790Mary TOWNLYCleeve,Bish.IG
370REEVE, EdwardC05 Jan 1792s. James/Mary REEVE; of FramptonWinchcombeTR
371REEVES, EdwardS06 Mar 1803aged 28GarsdenPR
372REEVES, EdwardC01 Sep 1805s. Mary REEVES/; baseEaston GreyPR
373REEVES, EdwardM28 Jul 1812Mary WOODDidbrookIG
374REEVES, Edward (b.1805)M09 Oct 1827Mary DENNINGBerkeleyIG
375REEVES, EdwardC02 Jun 1867George REEVES/Eliza.BerkeleyIG
376REEVES, EdwinC07 Dec 1823James REEVES/SarahHasfieldIG
377REEVES, EdwinC18 Sep 1842Edward REEVES/MaryBerkeleyIG
378REEVES, EdwinC14 Oct 1849William REEVES/JaneWithingtonIG
379REEVE, Elisha (m.1766)C29 Sep 1738William REEVE/ElizabethFairfordIG
380REEVES, Elisha (b.1738)M20 Feb 1766Sarah TRINDERFairfordIG
381REEVS, ElijahM03 Aug 1735Martha LACEYWotton u-EdgeIG
382REEVE, ElizabethC22 Nov 1576d. William REEVE/WinchcombeTR
383REVE, Elizth.M       1583Edmond GILKSBucklandIG
384REEVE, ElizabethM31 Jan 1591/2Thomas HOLFORDEUpleadonIG
385RIEVE, ElizabethS29 May 1597d. Charles RIEVE/WinchcombeTR
386REEVE, ElizabethC21 Aug 1603d. Thomas REEVE/; GreeteWinchcombeTR
387RIVE, Elizabeta (m.1627)C06 Jul 1606Jacobi RIVE/DursleyIG
388REEVE, ElizabetheC20 Dec 1612Wyllm REEVE/AldertonIG
389REVE, ElizabethM16 Feb 1612/3Richard WITELLTewkesburyIG
390REEVE, ElizabethM10 Jun 1614Henry LATHUMMinchinhamptonIG
391REEVE, ElizabethaC22 Jan 1614/5Johis. REEVE/MarshfieldIG
392REEVE, ElizabethC22 Nov 1616d. John REEVE/WinchcombeTR
393REEVE, ElsabethM15 Jan 1624/5John FREEMANChs.WickhamIG
394REEVE, Elizabeth (b.1606)M29 Nov 1627Richard BENDALL; also in IGI at Deerhurst (why?)CamPR
395REEVE, ElsabethM15 May 1628Alexander LIMBRICKArlinghamIG
396REEVE, ElizabethC14 Feb 1632/3d. Thomas REEVE/WinchcombeTR
397REEVE, ElizabethC25 Nov 1638George REEVE/AliceDowdeswellIG
398REEVE, ElizabethC08 Mar 1639/40Willa REEVE/Gloster,H Tr.IG
399REEVE, ElizabethC08 Jul 1658John REEVE/ElizabethShipton Oliff.IG
400REEVES, ElyzabethM24 Feb 1660/1Willyam EDWARDSBristol,St AugIG
401REEVE, ElizabethD04 Jun 1669w. Will REEVE/; aged 73StandishBI
402REEVE, ElizabethS24 Jan 1670/1d. Oliver REEVE/WinchcombeTR
403REEVE, ElizabethC07 Feb 1670/1Samuell REEVE/Gloster,St MyCIG
404REEVE, Eliz. (m.1689)C22 Apr 1671d. William REEVE/StinchcombeTR
405REEVE, ElizabethS21 Feb 1671/2widow, GrettonWinchcombeTR
406REEVE, ElizaS21 Jun 1674d. Oliver REEVE/WinchcombeTR
407REVE, ElizabethS15 May 1682d. John REVE/:& Margrett h/wCoaleyPR
408RIVE, ElizabC01 Feb 1682/3Edvardi RIVE/AnnaeNewlandIG
409REEVE, ElizabethC06 May 1683d. Richard REEVE/; GrettonWinchcombeTR
410REVE, ElizabethC29 Dec 1684John REVE/TetburyIG
411REEVE, Elizabeth (b.1671)M01 Apr 1689Don DAVIESDursleyIG
412RIFES, ElizabethM29 Aug 1689John BROWNEBristol,St AugIG
413REEVE, ElizabethC08 Dec 1692d. Ralph/Eliz REEVECoaleyPR
414REEVE, Eliz.C28 Feb 1695/6d. Nathaniel/Eliz. REEVEStinchcombeTR
415REEVS, ElizabethC04 Jan 1700/1Giles REEVS/TetburyIG
416REEVE, ElizabethC17 Oct 1703John REEVE/WillerseyIG
417REEVES, ElizabethC11 Aug 1705Wm REEVES/TetburyIG
418REEVE, ElizabethC21 Mar 1706/7d. Robert REEVE/; GrettonWinchcombeTR
419REEVE, ElizabethC30 Sep 1707d. Will REEVE/HawkesburyPR/SR
420REEVE, ElizabethC19 May 1708Richard REEVE/Chs.WickhamIG
421REEVE, ElizabethS05 May 1709d. John REEVE/Oldbury on S.PR/SR
422REEVE, ElizabethM03 Jun 1713Charles TRATMANBerkeleyIG
423REAVE, ElizabethM19 Sep 1713Thomas STOKESThornburyIG
424REEVE, ElizabethC03 Oct 1713d. Rich REEVE/; of HazeldenRodmartonPR/SR
425REEVE, ElizabethaM07 Oct 1713Johes. REEVEWinchcombeIG
426REEVE, Elizabeth (née Reeve)S03 Oct 1714w. John REEVE/; of GrettonWinchcombeTR
427REEVE, ElizabethC03 Oct 1714d. John REEVE/; of GrettonWinchcombeTR
428REIVE, ElizabethS27 Dec 1716w. Ralph REIVE/CoaleyPR
429REEVE, ElizabethC24 Feb 1717/8William REEVE/MaryFairfordIG
430REEVE, ElizD08 Oct 1723w. John REEVE/; aged 84HorfieldBI
431REEVE, ElizabethP       1724of WillesseyWillerseyWC
432REEVES, ElizabethM23 Jul 1727Giles DICKMANOzleworthIG
433REEVE, ElizabethC06 Oct 1729Ricd REEVE/ElizHinton on G.IG
434REEVE, ElizabethS03 Jan 1729/30w. Robert REEVE/; of GrettonWinchcombeTR
435REEVES, BettyC04 Mar 1729/30John REEVES/JaneOzleworthIG
436REEVE, ElizabethM26 Jun 1730Drury SMITH; should the name be 'Henry'?Chs.WickhamIG
437REEVE, ElizabethM17 Oct 1731Robert CURTESHinton on G.IG
438REEVE, Elizabeth (m.1755)C19 Oct 1733Joseph REEVE/ElizabethGloster,St NicIG
439REEVE, ElizabethC10 Aug 1735Robert REEVE/RebeccaBrockworthIG
440REEVE, Eliz.M09 Oct 1739William BAFFANHinton on G.IG
441REEVES, ElizabethC08 Nov 1741Thomas REEVES/Eliz.WhitminsterIG
442REEVE, ElizabethC07 Dec 1742Richard REEVE/ElizabethGloster,St NicIG
443REEVS, Elizabeth (wi.Chippenham)M22 Aug 1745Thomas WHITE; p.Whitney: inhab. ChippenhamNewnton,LongPH
444REEVES, ElizabethM14 Aug 1748Cornelius LAWRENCEBisleyIG
445REEVE, Elizth.C19 Mar 1748/9Stephen REEVE/ElizthGloster,St JnoIG
446REEVE, ElizabethM20 May 1750Thomas GREEN; also entered at 20.5.1759HampnettIG
447REEVES, ElizaP       1752of GloucesterGlosterWC
448REEVE, ElizabethC05 Jul 1752Joseph REEVE/AnneGloster,St MyLIG
449REEVE, BettyC08 Sep 1754Robert REEVE/ElizabethUpton St Leon.IG
450REEVE, Elizabeth (b.1733)M10 Mar 1755Thomas LONGGloster,St NicIG
451REEVE, ElizabethM03 Feb 1756Giles FOWLERCleeve,Bish.IG
452REEVES, ElizabethC14 Nov 1759William REEVES/ElizabethFairfordIG
453REEVE, ElizM30 Sep 1760Christopher PREAFIELDBeckfordIG
454REEVES, ElizC05 Jun 1763Thos REEVES/CathStow on the W.IG
455REEVE, ElizC27 Nov 1763Samuel REEVE/ElizCleeve,Bish.IG
456REEVE, ElizabethC29 Jan 1764d. William/Margery REEVE; of GrettonWinchcombeTR
457REEVES, ElizabethM26 Dec 1766Thomas REYNOLDSRissington,Lt.IG
458REEVES, ElizabethC28 Jun 1767William REEVES/AnnFairfordIG
459REEVES, BettyC02 Aug 1767d. John/Hannah REEVESChippenhamPR
460REEVE, ElizabethM20 Nov 1769William CLAYNewnton,LongPH
461REEVES, ElizabethM04 Sep 1770John MANNGloster,St MyLIG
462REEVE, ElizD18 Oct 1770w. Thos REEVE/; aged 47QueningtonBI
463REVES, ElizabethC18 Nov 1770Thomas REVES/IsabellaHawkesburyIG
464REEVES, ElizabethC21 Jul 1771James REEVES/MaryActon TurvilleIG
465REEVES, ElizabethC12 Jan 1772Elisha REEVES/SarahFairfordIG
466REEVES, ElizabethC13 Jan 1773Campden,Ch.IG
467REEVE, Elizth.D25 Apr 1775w. Richd. REEVE/; aged 82RodmartonBI
468REEVE, ElizabethS28 Apr 1775widowRodmartonPR/SR
469REEVES, ElizabC12 Nov 1775John REEVES/MarthaBremhillIG
470REEVES/DRIVER, Elizabeth (twin)C08 Feb 1776d. William REEVES/:& Hannah h/w; d. John/Mary DriverFrampton on S.IG
471REEVE, ElizabethP       1780of GloucesterGlosterWC
472REEVE, BettyX       1783p328a ov 3Tetbury,St MyOV/RO
473REEVES, ElizabethC27 Jul 1783d. John/Ann REEVESGarsdenPR
474REEVES, ElizabethM15 Sep 1783John IVINQueningtonIG
475REEVE, ElizabethM05 Aug 1784Richard REEVECleeve,Bish.IG
476RIEVE, ElizabethM21 Nov 1786William WILLIAMSWinchcombeIG
477REEVE, ElizeaberthC29 Jan 1788d. William/Ann REEVELea & Clevert.PR
478REEVES, ElizabethM23 Dec 1788John GUESTCirencesterIG
479REIVE, ElizabethC05 Jul 1789d. William/Ann REIVE; GreetWinchcombeTR
480REEVES, ElizM22 Sep 1789Thos CARTERArlinghamIG
481REEVE, ElisabethC03 Jul 1791d. John/Mary REEVELea & Clevert.PR
482REEVE, ElizabethM18 Nov 1792John TOMLINSONCleeve,Bish.IG
483REEVE, BettyC29 May 1794George REEVE/ElizCleeve,Bish.IG
484REEVE, ElizabethM28 Sep 1794Jeremiah RUSSELLTormartonIG
485REEVE, ElizabethC09 Aug 1795Richard REEVE/MaryCleeve,Bish.IG
486REEVE, BettyC28 Feb 1796William REEVE/GracePebworthIG
487REEVES, ElizabethM26 Sep 1796Richard FLETCHERFairfordIG
488REEVES, ElizabethM11 Oct 1797John HAINESCirencesterIG
489REEVES, ElizabethC24 Feb 1799John REEVES/Elizth.WithingtonIG
490REEVE, ElizabethC30 Dec 1802d. Henry/Martha REEVELea & Clevert.PR
491REEVE, ElizabethX       1803p81 ov 5/4; singlewomanCampden,Ch.OV/RO
492REEVE, ElizabethS17 Sep 1805w. William REEVE/; from SudeleyWinchcombePR
493REEVES, Elizabeth (née Symmonds)S24 Jan 1806widow; aged 66CamPR
494REEVE, ElizabethW24 Apr 1810William REEVE/Mary LYNELea & Clevert.PR
495REEVES, ElizabethX       1811p81 ov 3/2Campden,Ch.OV/RO
496REEVES, ElizabethX       1811p52 ov 3/3BlockleyOV/RO
497REEVES, ElizabethC17 Mar 1811Campden,Ch.IG
498REEVES, ElizaC01 Mar 1812James REEVES/FrancesDidbrookIG
499REEVES, ElizabethC06 Nov 1812Edward REEVES/MaryDidbrookIG
500REEVE, Elizabeth (sg:o.t.p.)M12 Oct 1813William LITTLE; sg: o.t.p. Trowbridge: Lic.W(Jn)Lea & Clevert.PR
501REEVES, ElizabethM13 Dec 1814Edward DIDEPebworthIG
502REEVES, ElizabethM07 Dec 1815William PAINTON; wi.Stow on the W.IN
503REEVE, ElizabethM15 Jun 1816William WEALE; Lic.Cheltenham,PCIN
504REEVES, Elizabeth (sg: sp.o.t.p. Winchcombe)M17 Feb 1817James GREENING; sg: ba.o.t.p. WinchcombeWinchcombeBT
505REEVE, Elizth.S08 Jun 1817of Lea; aged 14Lea & Clevert.PR
506REEVES, ElizaC16 Nov 1817d. Sarah REEVES/; L.Guiting ServantGuiting Pow.PR
507REEVES, Elizabeth (d.1820)C10 May 1818James/Susannah REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
508REEVES, Elizabeth (b.1818)S25 Jan 1820of Cam; aged 18moCamPR
509REEVES, ElizabethC23 Apr 1826Thomas REEVES/MaryWithingtonIG
510REEVE, ElizabethM29 Aug 1826John TUSTIN; of Ledbury, Herfs: Lic.Cleeve,Bish.IN
511REEVES, ElizabethM01 Jan 1827John FIELDWithingtonIN
512REEVES, ElizabethC09 Mar 1827James/Susannah REEVES; Cam LabourerCamPR
513REEMES or REEVES, Elizabeth (X: sp.o.t.p.)M12 Apr 1829Eli HILL; X: ba.o.t.p. BannsCamPR
514REEVS, ElizabethC31 Jan 1830/Mary REEVSBromsberrowIG
515REEVES, ElizabethB12 Jul 1830James REEVES/ElizaGlosterIG
516REEVES, ElizabethC29 Aug 1830William REEVES/JaneWithingtonIG
517REEVES, ElizabethM07 Dec 1830George REEVESDidbrookIG
518REEVES, ElizabethM27 Dec 1830Thomas STURMEYDidbrookIG
519REEVE, ElizabethC10 Jul 1831Ebenezer/Elizabeth REEVE; Lea LaborerLea & Clevert.PR
520REEVES, ElizaC25 Sep 1831Charles/Sophia REEVES; C.Abbots LabourerCh.AbbottsPR
521REEVES, ElizabethS25 May 1832of Charlton Abbots; aged 8moCh.AbbottsPR
522REEVE, ElizabethC16 Nov 1834George/Hannah REEVE; Lea Journeyman CarpenterLea & Clevert.PR
523REEVES, ElizabethC25 Jan 1835Edward REEVES/MaryBerkeleyIG
524REEVES, ElizaC15 Mar 1835Charles/Sophia REEVES; C.Abbots LabourerCh.AbbottsPR
525REEVES, ElizabethX       1836p198a ov 3LeckhamptonOV/RO
526REEVES, ElizthC17 Mar 1843Isaac REEVES/SarahFairfordIG
527REVES, ElizabethC06 Oct 1848Cheltenham,PCIG
528REEVES, ElizabethC21 Oct 1849Charles/Sarah REEVESRangeworthyPR/SR
529REEVES, Elizabeth (m.1880)C20 Jun 1852George/Harriet REEVES; Haw Hill LabourerCamPR
530REEVES, ElizaC22 Jan 1854Joseph REEVES/EleanorDeerhurstIG
531REEVES, ElizabethC27 Aug 1854William/Eliza REEVES; Brockhampton Quarry LabrSevenhamptonPR
532REEVES, ElizabethC02 Aug 1855James/Catherine REEVES; Cam Soldier Pens.CamPR
533REEVES, ElisaI21 Feb 1856Berkeley: Inquest - Visitation of God; aged 8moBerkeleyIN
534REEVES, ElizaS24 Feb 1856of Sanigar; aged 8moBerkeleyPR
535REEVES, Elizabeth (sg:sp.o.f.a. Malmesbury)M28 Jun 1856Dan MELLUISH; sg:ba. of Walest, Bath: FloristMalmesburyPR
536REEVES, ElizabethC14 Jun 1863Edwin REEVES/Anna MariaWithingtonIG
537REEVES, Eliza ('81C:10yr)N   Apr 1870/1d. William/Martha REEVESThornburyPR
538REEVES, ElizabethC04 Jun 1871George REEVES/ElizaBerkeleyIG
539REEVES, ElizabethW01 Dec 1879George BIGGS/Emma Jane REEVESSevenhamptonPR
540REEVES, ElizabethS28 Jan 1880of Brockhampton Quarry; aged 36SevenhamptonPR
541REEVES, Elizabeth (sg:a.28: sp. of Cam)M22 May 1880John Charles George BARKER; sg:a.28:ba.of Cam: CarpenterCamPR
542REEVES, Elizabeth (sg:a.26: sp.Brockhampton)M06 Dec 1880Thomas PITTS; sg:a.36: ba.Brockhampton: Shoem.SevenhamptonPR
543REEVES, ElizaS31 May 1897of Brockhampton; aged 73SevenhamptonPR
544REEVES, Elizabeth AnnC17 Dec 1843Thomas/Mary Ann REEVES; Ridgway LabOlvestonPR
545REEVES, Elizabeth Ann (sg:a.20: sp. of Old Down)M28 Dec 1863Charles HARRIS; sg:a.20: ba.of Old Down: Lab.OlvestonPR
546REEVES, Elizabeth ColeBDc 1/4 1845d. Daniel Henry/Mary REEVES; assumedThornbury RegPR
547REEVES, Elizabeth HonourC28 Jan 1855/Elizabeth REEVESCheltenham,PCIG

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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