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Some Records of QUINTON in Olveston, GLS & Evesham (1631-1854)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Amos to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1QUIMBY, AmosC17 Mar 1813Amos/Sarah QUIMBY; Cheltenham PublicanCheltenham,PCBT
2QUINTON, Ann (X:o.t.p.)M24 Jun 1771William ADDIS; sg: o.t.p.OlvestonPR
3QUINTON, Ann (X:o.t.p.)M24 Aug 1775Daniel ADDIS; sg: o.t.p.OlvestonPR
4QUINTON, AnnC?09 May 1784d. Thomas/Hannah QUINTON; 2 years old poorOlvestonPR
5QUIMBY, AnnC03 Apr 1816Amos/Sarah QUIMBY; Cheltenham PuplicanCheltenham,PCBT
6QUINTON, AnnC19 Feb 1826William QUINTON/FrancesAston CantilowIG
7QUINTON, CeliaC08 Apr 1790d. Thomas/Hannah QUINTON; poorOlvestonPR
8QUINTON, CharlesC11 Jun 1815William QUINTON/FrancesAston CantilowIG
9QUAINTANCE, BettyM09 Apr 1759Benjamin LEE; BannsAlvestonPR
10QUINTON, BettyC16 Dec 1764d. Thos./Ann QUINTONOlvestonPR
11QUINTON, ElizabethS05 Feb 1770OlvestonPR
12QUINTON, BettyC17 Sep 1775d. Thomas/Hannah QUINTONOlvestonPR
13QUINTON, FannyC29 Apr 1792d. Thomas/Hannah QUINTON; poorOlvestonPR
14QUINTON, GeorgeC24 May 1797s. Thomas/Hannah QUINTONOlvestonPR
15QUINTON, GeorgeC15 Dec 1816William QUINTON/FrancesAston CantilowIG
16QUINTON, HannahC03 Aug 1776d. Thomas/Hannah QUINTONOlvestonPR
17QUINTON, Hannah (née Neal)S31 Mar 1816of Olveston; aged 64OlvestonPR
18QUINTON, Hannah (d.1842)C14 Mar 1830d. William/Mary QUINTON; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
19QUINTON, Hannah (b.1830)S20 Apr 1842from the Union; aged 12OlvestonPR
20QUINTON, JamesM01 Aug 1803Ann EDKINSAston CantilowIG
21QUINTON, John (X:o.t.p.)M23 Dec 1812Susannah SMITH; sg: o.t.s.Evesham,All SsPR
22QUIMBY, JohnC09 Feb 1814Amos/Sarah QUIMBY; Cheltenham PublicanCheltenham,PCBT
23QUINEY, JohnS13 Jul 1816of All Sts.; aged 29Evesham,All SsPR
24QUINTON, JohnC16 Oct 1816John/Susan QUINTON; All Sts BrazierEvesham,All SsPR
25QUIN, John (co. Wicklow, IRL)M13 Apr 1830Fanny NEYLER; Lic.Cheltenham,PCIN
26QUINTON, John (wi.)M30 May 1837Sarah BERRIMANCh.KingsIN
27QUINTON, Josiah (d.1824)C03 Aug 1823s. Thomas/Mary QUINTON; Olveston lab: twinOlvestonPR
28QUINTON, Josiah (b.1823)S03 Mar 1824of Olveston; aged 5moOlvestonPR
29QUINEY, JosephC31 Dec 1784s. John/Eleanor QUINEYCleeve PriorPR
30QUINTON, MargaretC16 Jun 1814John/Susan QUINTON; All Sts BrazierEvesham,All SsPR
31QUINTON, MaryD06 Jun 1631d. William QUINTON/; BIHillBI
32QUINTON, Mary (X:o.t.p.)M30 Apr 1776John SMITH; X: o.t.p.OlvestonPR
33QUINTON, Mary (d.1789)C01 Jan 1786d. Thomas/Hannah QUINTON; poorOlvestonPR
34QUINTON, Mary (b.1786)S05 May 1789d. Thomas QUINTON/; poorOlvestonPR
35QUINEY, MaryC26 Dec 1790s. John/Eleanor QUINEYCleeve PriorPR
36QUINTON, MaryC03 Aug 1823d. Thomas/Mary QUINTON; Olveston lab: twinOlvestonPR
37QUINTON, Mary (w.Thos)S19 Mar 1854of Thornbury; aged 76ThornburyPR
38QUINEY, MichaelM       1827Mary TANDYPebworthIN
39QUINTON, SarahC09 May 1784d. Thomas/Hannah QUINTON; 1 year old poorOlvestonPR
40QUINTON, SarahC06 May 1821William QUINTON/FrancesAston CantilowIG
41QUINTON, Susanna (sg: o.t.p.)M17 Jun 1819Thomas ?CALE; X: o.t.p.Evesham,All SsPR
42QUINTON, ThomasM26 Mar 1750Anne CLARE; b.servants to Vicar ShuteOlvestonPR
43QUINTON, ThomasS13 May 1759lab: of the Church HouseOlvestonPR
44QUINTON, Thomas (X:)M31 Dec 1772Hannah NEAL; X: b.o.t.p.OlvestonPR
45QUINTON, Thomas (d.1779)C08 Aug 1773s. Thomas/Hannah QUINTONOlvestonPR
46QUINTON, Thomas (b.1773)S27 Aug 1779s. Thomas QUINTON/OlvestonPR
47QUINEY, ThomasC05 Jan 1786s. John/Eleanor QUINEYCleeve PriorPR
48QUINTON, ThomasC05 Feb 1788s. Thomas/Hannah QUINTON; poorOlvestonPR
49QUINTON, Thomas (d.1844)C14 Oct 1821s. Thomas/Mary QUINTON; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
50QUINTON, Thos.S29 Oct 1821of Olveston; aged 72OlvestonPR
51QUINTON, ThomasC13 Jul 1823s. William/Mary QUINTON; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
52QUINTON, ThomasC27 Nov 1823William QUINTON/FrancesAston CantilowIG
53QUINTER, Thomas (b.1821)S01 Aug 1844of Thornbury; aged 22ThornburyPR
54QUINTON, William (m.Mary)C27 Aug 1779s. Thomas/Hannah QUINTONOlvestonPR
55QUINTON, William (sg: o.t.p.)M14 Oct 1801Hannah KETTLE; X: sp.o.t.s.Cleeve PriorPR
56QUINTON, Willm.C08 Aug 1802Willm. QUINTON/HannahAston CantilowIG
57QUINTON, Willm.M09 Jun 1814Frances TRIMNELAlcesterIG
58QUINTON, William (d.1817)C16 Jun 1814John/Susan QUINTON; All Sts BrazierEvesham,All SsPR
59QUINEY, William (b.1814)S20 Sep 1817of All Sts.; aged 2Evesham,All SsPR
60QUINTON, WilliamS15 Jan 1826of Olveston; aged 9OlvestonPR
61QUINTON, WilliamM10 Jul 1826Sarah HARVEYAston CantilowIG
62QUINTON, WilliamC05 May 1827s. William/Mary QUINTON; Olveston lab:OlvestonPR
63QUINTON, William (b.1779)S16 Jul 1830of Olveston; aged 53OlvestonPR
64QUINTON, WilliamS14 Oct 1848of All Sts.; aged 77Evesham,All SsPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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