Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of MUNDEY in North Nibley (1545-1836)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Aaron to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1MONDAYESC24 Mar 1603/4Nicholas MONDAYES/North NibleyIG
2MUNDYC20 Feb 1613/4Edward MUNDY/SlimbridgeIG
3MUNDYC13 Jun 1618Walter MUNDY/BerkeleyIG
4MUNDAYC01 Sep 1654A dau of John MUNDAY/; bap & burNorth NibleyPR
5MUNDAYS27 Mar 1658A sonne of Edward MUNDAY/; bap & burNorth NibleyPR
6MUNDAYS20 Mar 1658/9d. John MUNDAY/; bap & burNorth NibleyPR
7MUNDAY, AaronC02 May 1814of William MUNDAY/:& Ann; Berkeley Heath: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
8MUNDEE, Abigall (d.1638)C06 Aug 1635d. Nicholas MUNDEE/North NibleyPR
9MUNDAY, Abigal (b.1635)S16 Sep 1638d. Nicholas MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
10MUNDAY, Abraham (m.1728)C24 Jun 1704of Daniel MUNDAY and Dinah; b. 23 Jun 1704North NibleyPR/AD
11MUNDAY, Abraham (b.1704)M10 Jun 1728Jane FLETCHERNorth NibleyIG
12MUNDY, AbrahamC17 Feb 1748/9Jonah MUNDY/HannahDursleyIG
13MUNDAIE, AgnesC07 Oct 1571d. Rich MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
14MUNDAIE, Alice (d.1577)C29 Jan 1575/6d. Richarde MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
15MUNDAIE, AliceM12 Oct 1577Robert RICKETTESNorth NibleyPR
16MUNDAIE, Alice (b.1575)S11 Dec 1577d. Richarde MUNDAIE/; weaverNorth NibleyPR
17MUNDAY, AliceC21 May 1598d. Nicholas MUNDAY/; the youngerNorth NibleyPR
18MUNDAY, AnnC20 Nov 1613Thomas MUNDAY/BerkeleyIG
19MUNDAY, AnnaS07 Jan 1701/2w. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
20MUNDAY, AnnaS07 Jan 1704/5wife of Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR/AD
21MUNDAY, AnneC10 Mar 1709/10of Richard MUNDAY/:& MaryNorth NibleyPR/AD
22MUNDAY, AnneC11 Mar 1709/10Richard MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
23MUNDAY, AnnC27 Jan 1716/7Richard MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
24MUNDAY, AnnC29 Jan 1716/7of Richard MUNDAY/:& MaryNorth NibleyPR/AD
25MUNDAY, AnnaS10 May 1729N.O.D.North NibleyPR
26MUNDAY, AnnM11 Mar 1729/30Allin JORDANNewington Ba.IG
27MUNDY, Ann (née Mercor)S24 Oct 1733w. Thomas MUNDY/DursleyPR
28MUNDAY, AnnC08 Apr 1736d. Willm./Ann MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
29MUNDAY, AnneS21 Jan 1749/50StonePR/AD
30MUNDEY, AnnM04 Nov 1753Joseph TILLEYNorth NibleyIG
31MUNDY, AnnM20 Apr 1767Thomas BAKERNorth NibleyIG
32MUNDAY, AnnaS29 Feb 1768RockhamptonPR/AD
33MUNDEY, AnnS28 Nov 1781wid.; North NibleyBerkeleyTR
34MUNDAY, AnnC21 Mar 1813of Jonah MUNDAY/:& Ann; Clapton: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
35MUNDAY, ArthurC19 Oct 1596Walter MUNDAY/BerkeleyIG
36MUNDAY, AvisC26 Dec 1709of James MUNDAY/:& SarahNorth NibleyPR/AD
37MUNDAY, CarolineC10 Mar 1803of William MUNDAY/; of BerkeleyBerkeleyPR/AD
38MUNDAY, CarolineM05 Aug 1821Jesse WILKSBerkeleyTR/AD
39MUNDAIE, CatherineC24 Apr 1574d. Richarde MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
40MUNDAY, KatharinS30 Jun 1661widdowNorth NibleyPR
41MUNDAY, CatrenM08 Apr 1697Richard FRIERMinchinhamptonIG
42MUNDAY, CharlesC29 Oct 1692Nathll MUNDAY/MargarettNorth NibleyIG
43MUNDAY, CharlesS28 Oct 1713N.O.D.North NibleyPR
44MUNDAY, CharlesC14 Feb 1819of Thomas MUNDAY/:& Mary; Ham: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
45MUNDAIE, Christene (m.1620)C01 May 1591Willm MUNDAIE/North NibleyIG
46MUNDYE, Christian (b.1591)M06 Nov 1620Thomas RUSSELLNorth NibleyPR
47MUNDAY, ChristianC03 Jun 1804of John MUNDAY/; of Greenstreet: LabBerkeleyPR/AD
48MUNDAY, Daniel (d.1639)C28 Jul 1639s. Wm. MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
49MUNDEE, Daniell (b.1639)S28 Sep 1639s. Wm. MUNDEE/North NibleyPR
50MUNDEE, Daniel (d.1640)C21 Jun 1640s. Nicholas MUNDEE/North NibleyPR
51MUNDEE, Daniell (b.1640)S24 Jul 1640s. Nicholas MUNDEE/North NibleyPR
52MUNDAY, ?Daniel (d.1647)C   Nov 1646s. William MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
53MUNDAY, Dan. (b.1646)S06 Mar 1647/8s. Wmij MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
54MUNDAY, Daniell (d.1672)C11 Nov 1655s. John MUNDAY/; b.30.10North NibleyPR
55MUNDAY, Daniel (b.1655)S04 Feb 1672/3s. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
56MUNDAY, Daniel (m.1699)C10 Aug 1679Thomas MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
57MUNDAY, DanielC04 May 1693William MUNDAY/JoyceNorth NibleyIG
58MUNDAY, Daniel (b.1679)M20 May 1699Dinah BINDALENorth NibleyIG
59MUNDAY, Daniel (d.1758)C07 Sep 1744s. Jonah/Hannah MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
60MONDAY, Daniel (b.1679)S03 Aug 1746N.O.D.North NibleyPR
61MUNDAY, Daniel (b.1744)S28 Jul 1758s. Jonah/Hannah MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
62MUNDY, DanielC24 Jun 1762Jonah MUNDY/MarthaDursleyIG
63MUNDY, DanielS12 Jan 1790a PauperNorth NibleyPR
64MUNDAY, DavidC31 Jul 1796of John/:& Hester; of SwanleyBerkeleyPR/AD
65MUNDAY, DinahC24 May 1691Nath MUNDAY/MargaretNorth NibleyIG
66MUNDAY, Diana (m.1759)C27 May 1733d. Jonah/Hannah MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
67MUNDAY, Dinah (née Bendall)S06 Jul 1742w. Daniel MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
68MONDAY, Dinah (b.1733)M05 Jun 1759John MAYNorth NibleyIG
69MUNDAIE, EdithM05 May 1569Thomas SMITHENorth NibleyIG
70MUNDI, EdithC08 Jan 1574/5SlimbridgeIG
71MUNDY, Edith ("infant" in IGI)C14 Mar 1629/30d. William MUNDY/North NibleyPR
72MUNDAY, Edith (née Parsons)S26 Apr 1660w. William MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
73MUNDAY, EdithP       1664of North NibleyNorth NibleyWC
74MUNDAY, Edith (née James)S07 Sep 1671w. John MUNDAY/; Jun & her childNorth NibleyPR
75MONDIE, EdwardP       1567of Slimbridge; GRO Ref: 1567/14SlimbridgeWC
76MUNDAIE, EdwardeC31 Jul 1569s. John MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
77MUNDIE, EdwardC09 Feb 1576/7SlimbridgeIG
78MUNDAY, EdwardX       1608laborer: 1m.SlimbridgeMA
79MUNDAY, EdwardX       1608weaver: 1ca.North NibleyMA
80MUNDAY, EdwardC26 May 1615s. Edward MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
81MUNDIE, EdwardC04 May 1619Nycler MUNDIE/SlimbridgeIG
82MUNDAY, EdwardS29 Apr 1631N.O.D.North NibleyPR
83MUNDY, EdwardP       1632of North Nibley; GRO Ref: 1632/31North NibleyWC
84MONDAY, Edward ("infant" in IGI)C03 Dec 1642s. Edward MONDAY/North NibleyPR
85MUNDAY, EdwardC08 Jul 1655s. Edward MUNDAY/; b.14.6North NibleyPR
86MUNDAY, EdwardS26 Aug 1670N.O.D.North NibleyPR
87MUNDAY, Edward (m.1731)C09 Dec 1702of Richard MUNDAY/:& Mary; b. 24 Nov 1702North NibleyPR/AD
88MUNDAY, EdwardC05 Oct 1727s. Jonah MUNDAY/:& HesterRockhamptonPR/AD
89MUNDAY, EdwardS   Nov 1727s. Jonah MUNDAY/:& HesterRockhamptonPR/AD
90MUNDAY, EdwardC   Oct 1730s. Jonah MUNDAY/RockhamptonPR/AD
91MUNDY, Edward (b.1702)M22 May 1731Ann HILL; fforreignersDursleyPR
92MUNDEE, EdwardC26 Jul 1732Ed MUNDEE/Ann; TortworthBerkeleyIG
93MUNDAY, EdwardP       1734of Berkeley; GRO Ref: 1734/218BerkeleyWC
94MUNDAY, EdwardS23 Jul 1734StonePR/AD
95MUNDAY, Edward (d.1737)C01 Dec 1737s. James/Hannah MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
96MUNDY, Edwd_ (d.1737)S14 Dec 1737of James/Hannah MUNDYNorth NibleyPR
97MUNDEY, EdwardC16 Jun 1750of Edward/:& Mary MUNDEYStonePR/AD
98MUNDAY, EdwardS01 Oct 1751StonePR/AD
99MUNDY, Edward (X:ba.o.t.p.)M16 Sep 1759Betty GOODING; X:sp.o.t.p.BerkeleyPR
100MUNDEY, Edward (d.1761)C22 Feb 1761s. Edward MUNDEY/; BevingtonBerkeleyTR
101MUNDEY, Edward (b.1761)S14 Aug 1761s. Edward MUNDEY/; BevingtonBerkeleyTR
102MUNDEY, Edwd.C25 Mar 1764s. Edwd MUNDEY/; BevingtonBerkeleyTR
103MUNDAY, EdwardM       1794Esther TAYLOR; Thornbury: Lic.BerkeleyTR/AD
104MUNDAY, EdwardC10 Aug 1800of Jonah MUNDAY/; of GreenstreetBerkeleyPR/AD
105MUNDEY, EdwardS21 Sep 1806lab.; BevingtonBerkeleyTR
106MONDYE, ElizP       1545of 'Natton in Ashcurch'AshchurchWC
107MUNDAIE, ElizabethC27 Oct 1583d. Richarde MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
108MUNDAYE, ElizabetheC26 Feb 1621/2Walter MUNDAYE/BerkeleyIG
109MUNDAY, ElizabethC02 Apr 1646d. Nich MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
110MUNDAY, ElizabethC06 Jan 1659/60d. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
111MUNDAY, ElizabethS01 Jun 1660N.O.D.North NibleyPR
112MUNDAY, ElizabethC10 Apr 1721of William/Elizabeth MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
113MUNDAY, Elizabeth (d.1733)C22 Jun 1722of Richard/Mary MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
114MUNDAY, Eliz (née Boyce)S25 May 1727w. Thomas MUNDAY/StinchcombeTR
115MUNDAY, Elizabeth (b.1722)S25 Feb 1733/4d. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
116MUNDAY, BettyM       1744Richard TROTMAN; CharfieldBerkeleyTR/AD
117MONDAY, BettyM26 May 1760Robert STOCKWELLNorth NibleyIG
118MUNDAY, ElisabethS15 Apr 1769widowNorth NibleyPR
119MUNDAY, ElisabethS16 May 1773N.O.D.North NibleyPR
120MUNDAY, BettyC08 Jun 1777of Edward MUNDAY/; of BevingtonBerkeleyPR/AD
121MUNDAY, ElizabethC08 Nov 1795of Edward/:& Hester MUNDAY; of BerkeleyBerkeleyPR/AD
122MUNDAY, ElizabethS01 Jan 1796of Edward/:& Hester; of BerkeleyBerkeleyPR/AD
123MUNDAY, ElizabethM31 Jul 1810James MARTINBerkeleyTR/AD
124MUNDAY, Elizabeth TaylorC26 Nov 1796of Edward/:& Hester MUNDAY; of BerkeleyBerkeleyPR/AD
125MONDAIE, Helen (d.1693)C23 Aug 1601d. Nicholas MONDAIE/; weavNorth NibleyPR
126MONDAY, helene (b.1601)S29 Mar 1603d. Nicholas MONDAY/; of the weastffield: weaverNorth NibleyPR
127MUNDAY, EleanorC14 Nov 1708of Thomas MUNDAY/StonePR/AD
128MUNDY, EllinarS   Aug 1733StonePR/AD
129MUNDAY, EleanorM       1740John MOUSELL; StoneBerkeleyTR/AD
130MUNDAY, EleanorM04 Oct 1740John MOUSELLStonePR/AD
131MUNDAY, HesterS21 Jan 1736/7RockhamptonPR/AD
132MUNDAY, HesterC30 Aug 1807of Edward MUNDAY/; of Ham (Mason)BerkeleyPR/AD
133MUNDAY, GeorgeC07 Oct 1810of Edward MUNDAY/; of Ham (Mason)BerkeleyPR/AD
134MUNDAY, GeorgeC14 Oct 1810of Edward MUNDAY/; of Ham (Mason)BerkeleyPR/AD
135MUNDEY, George LongC05 Oct 1750Richard MUNDEY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
136MUNDAY, Hannah (née Parker)S01 Sep 1695w. Thomas MUNDAY/StinchcombeTR
137MUNDAY, HannahC22 Jan 1700/1James MUNDAY/SarahNorth NibleyIG
138MUNDAY, HannahC12 Jan 1701/2of James MUNDAY/:& SarahNorth NibleyPR/AD
139MUNDAY, HannahC29 Jul 1728Richard/Mary MUNDAYStinchcombeTR
140MUNDAY, Hannah (née Purnell)S04 Jan 1749/50w. James MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
141MUNDAY, HannahS23 Jan 1753w. James MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
142MUNDAY, HannahC08 Jul 1753Richard MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
143MUNDAY, HannahC06 Oct 1760Jonah MUNDAY/MarthaNorth NibleyIG
144MUNDEY, HannahC13 Jun 1762d. Edward MUNDEY/; BevingtonBerkeleyTR
145MUNDAY, Hannah (X)M07 Apr 1789Wm ROBERTS; X: of this parish: BannsStoneTR/AD
146MUNDAY, HannahC05 Mar 1799of Edward MUNDAY/; of HamBerkeleyPR/AD
147MUNDAY, HarrietC09 Mar 1806of Edward MUNDAY/; of Ham (Mason)BerkeleyPR/AD
148MUNDAY, HarriettM10 May 1829Daniel POOL; Lic.BerkeleyTR/AD
149MUNDAY, IsaacC09 Mar 1817of Jonah MUNDAY/:& Ann; Clapton: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
150MUNDAY, James (m.1693)C08 Jan 1669/70s. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
151MUNDAY, JamesC26 Nov 1687John MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
152MUNDAY, JamesC26 Nov 1687Thomas MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
153MUNDAY, James (1669-1726)M24 Dec 1693Sarah LONGNorth NibleyPR
154MUNDAY, James (m.1736)C26 Sep 1714of James MUNDAY/:& SarahNorth NibleyPR/AD
155MUNDAY, James (m.1693)S30 Oct 1726N.O.D.North NibleyPR
156MUNDAY, James (1714-1755)M23 Nov 1736Hannah PURNELLNorth NibleyIG
157MUNDY, James (d.1738)C05 Dec 1738s. James/Hannah MUNDYNorth NibleyPR
158MUNDY, James (b.1738)S22 Mar 1738/9of James/Hannah MUNDYNorth NibleyPR
159MONDAY, James (b.1714)S09 Dec 1755a Broad weaverNorth NibleyPR
160MUNDAY, JamesC27 Jul 1800of Edward MUNDAY/; of HamBerkeleyPR/AD
161MUNDAY, JamesM04 Sep 1830Hannah KING; Lic.BerkeleyTR/AD
162MUNDAIE, JohaeC25 Jan 1572/3d. Richarde MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
163MUNDY, Joan (d.1614)C24 Feb 1612/3Edward MUNDY/North NibleyIG
164MUNDAYE, Joane (b.1612)S27 May 1614d. Edward MUNDAYE/North NibleyPR
165MUNDY, JoaneC22 Jan 1614/5d. John MUNDY/North NibleyPR
166MUNDAYE, JaneC14 Dec 1617d. Edward MUNDAYE/North NibleyPR
167MUNDAY, JaneS26 Jan 1668/9w. William MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
168MUNDY, JoanS27 Oct 1730widow of Edward MUNDY/StonePR/AD
169MUNDAY, JobC05 Mar 1809of Jonas MUNDAY/; of Bevington: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
170MUNDEY, JohnP       1557of CirencesterCirencesterWC
171MUNDAY, JohnC04 Nov 1571s. Nicholas MUNDAY/; yeomanNorth NibleyPR
172MUNDIE, JohnP       1578of SlimbridgeSlimbridgeWC
173MUNDAIE, JohnC13 Jun 1579s. Richard MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
174MUNDAIE, JohnS26 Dec 1597senior: weaverNorth NibleyPR
175MUNDAY, JohnX       1608weaver: 2ca.North NibleyMA
176MUNDAY, JohnC11 Mar 1610/1s. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
177MUNDAY, JohnC10 May 1612s. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
178MUNDAY, JohnC05 Oct 1617s. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
179MUNDEY, JohnC02 Apr 1637Edward MUNDEY/SlimbridgeIG
180MUNDAY, JohnS26 Jan 1645/6N.O.D.North NibleyPR
181MUNDAY, John (m.1668)C01 Mar 1645/6s. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
182MUNDAY, John (1645-?)M23 Nov 1668Edith JAMESNorth NibleyIG
183MUNDAY, John (?d.1690)C31 Mar 1677John MUNDAY/North NibleyIG
184MUNDEY, JohnP       1686of North NibleyNorth NibleyWC
185MUNDAY, John (?b.1677)S02 Jul 1690s. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
186MUNDAY, JohnS23 May 1691c. Joseph/Mary MUNDAY; 'no affidavit brought'StinchcombeTR
187MUNDAY, John (d.1693)C03 Sep 1693Joseph/Mary MUNDAYStinchcombeTR
188MUNDAY, John (b.1693)S03 Dec 1693s. Joseph MUNDAY/StinchcombeTR
189MUNDAY, John (d.1698)C13 Sep 1695s. William MUNDAY/:& Joyce h/wNorth NibleyPR
190MUNDAY, JohnM16 Apr 1696Elizabeth EDWARDSStonePR/AD
191MUNDAY, John (b.1695)S18 Apr 1698s. William MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
192MUNDAY, John (d.1702)C26 Apr 1702Joseph/Mary MUNDAYStinchcombeTR
193MUNDAY, John (b.1702)S24 May 1702s. Joseph MUNDAY/StinchcombeTR
194MUNDAY, JohnC27 Jul 1712of Richard MUNDAY/:& Mary; b. 23 Jul 1712North NibleyPR/AD
195MUNDAY, JohnC27 Mar 1720Thomas/Eliz. MUNDAYStinchcombeTR
196MUNDAY, JohnC20 Feb 1745/6William MUNDAY/AnnNorth NibleyIG
197MUNDAY, JohnC26 Jun 1748Richd MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
198MUNDAY, JohnC14 Dec 1755William/Sarah MUNDAYStinchcombeTR
199MUNDY, JohnC29 Oct 1759of Edward MUNDY/; of BevingtonBerkeleyTR/AD
200MUNDAY, JohnC   Jan 1765Jonah MUNDAY/MarthaNorth NibleyIG
201MUNDAY, JohnM       1792Hester PURNELLBerkeleyTR/AD
202MUNDAY, JohnM22 Dec 1792Hester PURNELLBerkeleyPR/AD
203MUNDAY, Jonah (1m.1727)C12 Feb 1707/8Daniel MUNDAY/DinahNorth NibleyIG
204MUNDAY, JonahC12 Feb 1708/9of Daniel MUNDAY/:& DinahNorth NibleyPR/AD
205MUNDAY, JonahM   May 1727Hester SHEPPARDRockhamptonPR/AD
206MUNDY, Jonah (1707-1775)M23 Aug 1731Hannah MAYNorth NibleyIG
207MUNDAY/GIBBINS, JonahS18 Apr 1739s. Jonah MUNDAY/:of Eliz: GIBBINS; BastardNorth NibleyPR
208MUNDAY, Jonah (R)M09 Sep 1759Martha AVERYAveningIG
209MUNDY, JonasC26 May 1771s. Edwd. MUNDY/; BevingtonBerkeleyTR
210MUNDAY, Jonah (b.1707)S02 Apr 1775N.O.D.North NibleyPR
211MUNDAY, Jonas (X)M04 Jun 1792Ann PIKE; sg: Banns, StoneStoneTR/AD
212MUNDAY, JonahM03 Apr 1821Sarah TILLBerkeleyTR/AD
213MUNDAY, JonathanC06 Jan 1662/3s. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
214MUNDAY, Joseph (m.1689)C15 Jun 1667s. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
215MUNDY, JosephP       1676of EastingtonEastingtonWC
216MUNDAY, JosephS03 Mar 1684/5s. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
217MUNDAY, JosephC11 Aug 1687Nathaniel MUNDAY/MargarettNorth NibleyIG
218MUNDAY, Joseph (1667-?)M02 May 1689Mary HALEStinchcombeIG
219MUNDAY/HALE, JosephC01 Feb 1690/1Joseph MUNDAY/Mary HALEStinchcombeIG
220MUNDAY, JosephC13 Mar 1796of Jonas/:& Anne; of GreenstreetBerkeleyPR/AD
221MUNDAY, Joyer (?Joyce)S06 Dec 1722N.O.D.North NibleyPR
222MUNDAIE, Judith (m.1612)C08 May 1575d. John MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
223MUNDAY, Judith (b.1575)M14 Jun 1612John SYNEGERNorth NibleyIG
224MUNDY, JudithS06 Oct 1627d. Edward MUNDY/North NibleyPR
225MUNDAY, KesiahM26 Jun 1825Samuel BROWNINGBerkeleyTR/AD
226MUNDAY, ?LeecyS16 Jan 1644/5wife of John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
227MUNDY, MargaretP       1582of GloucesterGlosterWC
228MUNDAIE, Margaret (m.1609)C17 May 1589d. Willm: MUNDAIE/; s. Nicholas Mundaie/, yeomanNorth NibleyPR
229MUNDAY, Margaret (b.1589)M09 Oct 1609Christopher WEECKESNorth NibleyIG
230MUNDAYE, Margerite (née Sandford)S28 Oct 1621w. Nicholas MUNDAYE/North NibleyPR
231MUNDAY, MargaretS22 May 1706w. Thomas MUNDAY/StonePR/AD
232MUNDAIE, Margerie (m.1589)C26 Mar 1569d. Nicholas MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
233MUNDAY, Margerie (b.1569)M16 May 1589Nicholas ROGERSNorth NibleyIG
234MUNDAY, MargeryS20 Sep 1613w. Nycholas MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
235MUNDY, MarthaC22 May 1632d. William MUNDY/North NibleyPR
236MUNDAY, Martha (fm.IGI)C18 Oct 1651d. John MUNDAY/; N.B. my transciption 'Mariea'North NibleyPR
237MUNDAY, Martha (b.1651)M04 Oct 1681John LORDNorth NibleyIG
238MUNDAY, MarthaS05 Dec 1683d. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
239MUNDAY, Martha (d.1695)C27 Dec 1691Tho MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
240MUNDAY, Martha (b.1691)S12 Jul 1695d. Tho: MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
241MUNDAY, MarthaC27 Jan 1697/8Joseph/Mary MUNDAYStinchcombeTR
242MUNDAY, MarthaC04 May 1699d. Willm./Joyce MUNDAY; born &North NibleyPR
243MUNDAY, MarthaC03 Jun 1716Daniel MUNDAY/DinahNorth NibleyIG
244MUNDAY, MarthaC02 Jan 1716/7of Daniel MUNDAY/:& DinahNorth NibleyPR/AD
245MUNDAY, MarthaM14 May 1726Noah WEBBMinchinhamptonIG
246MUNDY, MarthaC25 Dec 1736d. Jonah/Hannah MUNDYNorth NibleyPR
247MUNDAY, MarthaC08 Oct 1739d. William/Ann MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
248MUNDAY, MarthaM25 Jan 1778Christopher BALDWINBerkeleyPR/AD
249MUNDAY, MarthaM25 Jan 1780Christopher BALDWIN; Lic.BerkeleyTR/AD
250MUNDY, MarthaS11 Jul 1790a PauperNorth NibleyPR
251MUNDAY, MarthaC20 Apr 1794of William MUNDAY/; of Newport: LabBerkeleyPR/AD
252MUNDY, Martha (?née Avery)S25 Dec 1796widowNorth NibleyPR
253MUNDAY, MarthaS10 Feb 1797of William/:& Anne; of Berkeley HeathBerkeleyPR/AD
254MUNDAIE, Marie (d.1599)C25 Apr 1596d. Willm: MUNDAIE/; s. Nicholas Mundaie/, yeomanNorth NibleyPR
255MUNDAEE, Maria (b.1596)S20 Sep 1599d. Willm MUNDAEE/North NibleyPR
256MONDAY, MarieC05 Oct 1605d. Nicholas MONDAY/; s. Richard Monday/, deceasedNorth NibleyPR
257MONDAY, MaryP       1608of SlimbridgeSlimbridgeWC
258MUNDY, MaryC       1613Nicholas MUNDY/SlimbridgeIG
259MUNDY, Marye (m.1651)C14 Oct 1626d. Willm MUNDY/North NibleyPR
260MUNDAY, MaryC04 Feb 1643/4d. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
261MUNDAY, MaryC03 Apr 1649d. Edward MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
262MUNDAY, Mary (b.1626)M07 Oct 1651Jeames FLOWERNorth NibleyIG
263MUNDAY, Mary (d.1669)C17 Oct 1669d. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
264MUNDAY, Mary (b.1669)S07 Nov 1669d. John MUNDAY/; Jun.North NibleyPR
265MUNDAY, Mary (U/K)S18 Feb 1669/70w. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
266MUNDAY, MaryS20 Dec 1677vidNorth NibleyPR
267MUNDAY, MaryS16 Jan 1685/6StonePR/AD
268MUNDAY, MaryC16 May 1691Joseph MUNDAY/MaryStinchcombeIG
269MUNDAY, MaryS23 May 1691c. Joseph/Mary MUNDAY; 'no affidavit brought'StinchcombeTR
270MUNDAY, MaryS02 Oct 1692w. Thomas MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
271MUNDY, Mary (m.1717)C28 Dec 1694Joseph/Mary MUNDYStinchcombeTR
272MUNDAY, MaryS21 Nov 1697widdowNorth NibleyPR
273MUNDAY, Mary (m.1724)C13 Apr 1698d. James/Sarah MUNDAY; born &North NibleyPR
274MUNDAY, Mary (d.1700)C07 Apr 1700d. Daniel/Dinah MUNDAY; born &North NibleyPR
275MUNDAY, Mary (b.1700)S02 May 1700d. Daniel MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
276MUNDAY, MaryC15 Aug 1703of William MUNDAY/:& Joyce; b. 14 Aug 1703North NibleyPR/AD
277MUNDAY, MaryC05 Jan 1705/6of Richard MUNDAY/:& Mary; b. 29 Dec 1705North NibleyPR/AD
278MUNDAY, MaryM05 Nov 1707John PHILPOTNorth NibleyIG
279MUNDEY, Mary (b.1694)M11 Aug 1717James BENNET; fforeignersDursleyPR
280MUNDY, MaryP       1718of North NibleyNorth NibleyWC
281MUNDAY, MaryS18 May 1718vidNorth NibleyPR
282MUNDAY, Mary (d.1735)C25 Jan 1718/9Richard MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
283MUNDAY, MaryC25 Jan 1718/9of William MUNDAY/:& ElizabethNorth NibleyPR/AD
284MUNDAY, Mary (m.1751)C25 Feb 1718/9William MUNDAY/ElizabethNorth NibleyIG
285MUNDAY, Mary (b.1698)M01 Nov 1724Daniel PINCOTTDursleyIG
286MUNDAY, MaryS       1727d. Edward MUNDAY/StonePR/AD
287MUNDAY, MaryC   Jan 1727/8of Edward MUNDAY/:& JoanStonePR/AD
288MUNDAY, Mary (née Hale)S27 Mar 1729w. Joseph MUNDAY/StinchcombeTR
289MUNDAY, Mary (b.1718)S13 Jul 1735d. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
290MUNDY, MaryC04 Jan 1738/9d. Jonah/Hannah MUNDYNorth NibleyPR
291MUNDAY, MaryC07 May 1749James MUNDAY/HannahNorth NibleyIG
292MUNDAY, Mary (b.1718)M08 Jul 1751William LEGGNorth NibleyIG
293MUNDAY, MaryS08 Jun 1758d. James/Hannah MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
294MUNDY, MaryS13 Mar 1768widow of Richd. MUNDY/North NibleyPR
295MUNDAY, MaryC07 Mar 1802of Edward MUNDAY/; of HamBerkeleyPR/AD
296MUNDAY, Mary or MarthaC31 Mar 1684Thomas MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
297MUNDAY, MatildaC08 Feb 1807of William MUNDAY/; of the Heath: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
298MUNDAY, MatildaM13 Apr 1828Moses GOWINGBerkeleyTR/AD
299MUNDAY, Miriam (m.1734)C20 Jun 1706of James and Sarah MUNDAY; b. 19 Jun 1706North NibleyPR/AD
300MUNDAY, Miriam (b.1706)M13 Jan 1734/5Isaac BARROWWotton u-EdgeIG
301MUNDAY, NathanielS18 Jan 1712/3N.O.D.North NibleyPR
302MUNDAIE, NicholasC23 Jan 1577/8s. Richarde MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
303MUNDAIE, NicholasC23 Aug 1593s. Willm MUNDAIE/; s. Nich Mundaie/North NibleyPR
304MONDAY, NicholasP       1604of North NibleyNorth NibleyWC
305MONDAY, NicholasS26 Jan 1603/4yeomanNorth NibleyPR
306MONDAY, NicholasC29 Nov 1607s. John MONDAY/; ?svaNorth NibleyPR
307MUNDAY, NicholasX       1608weaver: 1py.North NibleyMA
308MUNDAY, NycholasX       1608laborer: 2ca.SlimbridgeMA
309MUNDAY, NiccolasM08 Nov 1613Margaret SANDFORDNorth NibleyIG
310MUNDIE, NyclesC27 Dec 1619Edward MUNDIE/SlimbridgeIG
311MUNDAY, NicholasP       1627of ThornburyThornburyWC
312MUNDAY, NicholasM13 Oct 1628Elinor HARVEYCamIG
313MUNDEE, NicholasC14 Jan 1637/8s. Nicholas MUNDEE/North NibleyPR
314MUNDAY, NickholasM09 Nov 1651ELEZEBETHNorth NibleyIG
315MUNDEY, Olvier (sic)S07 May 1728N.O.D.North NibleyPR
316MUNDAY, Patience (d.1712)C13 Nov 1703of James MUNDAY/:& SarahNorth NibleyPR/AD
317MUNDAY, Patienes (b.1703)S25 Jun 1712d. James MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
318MUNDAY, PhoebeC15 Feb 1807of Jonas MUNDAY/; of Clapton: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
319MUNDAIE, RichardeM10 Oct 1569Marie ESSAMNorth NibleyIG
320MUNDAIE, RichardeC02 Apr 1574s. Nicholas MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
321MUNDEE, RichardP       1591of North NibleyNorth NibleyWC
322MUNDAY, RichardS22 Apr 1591of the weasterffieldeNorth NibleyPR
323MONDAY, RicardusC22 Dec 1605Thomae MONDAY/BerkeleyIG
324MUNDIE, Richard (m.Mary)C20 Jul 1634s. William MUNDIE/North NibleyPR
325MUNDAY, RicdM16 Sep 1661Joan CROWEStoneIG
326MUNDAY, RichardM16 Sep 1661Joan Croom (GROOSE)StonePR/AD
327MUNDAY, Richard (m.1716)C05 Jun 1695s. James MUNDAY/:& Sarah h/wNorth NibleyPR
328MUNDAY, RichardC05 Dec 1707of Richard MUNDAY and Mary; b. 4 Dec 1707North NibleyPR/AD
329MUNDAY, RichardC06 Dec 1707Richard MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
330MUNDAY, RichardS16 Feb 1709/10N.O.D.North NibleyPR
331MUNDAY, RichardP       1713of North NibleyNorth NibleyWC
332MUNDAY, RichardS28 May 1713N.O.D.North NibleyPR
333MUNDAY, Richard (1695-?)M26 Apr 1716Mary SMYTHNorth NibleyIG
334MUNDAY, RichardS05 May 1729N.O.D.North NibleyPR
335MUNDAY, RichardS10 Nov 1730s. Edward MUNDAY/StonePR/AD
336MUNDAY, RichardS27 Jan 1733/4s. Edward MUNDAY/StonePR/AD
337MUNDAY, RichardM19 Jun 1743Mary LONGNorth NibleyIG
338MUNDY, Richd_C04 Nov 1743s. James/Hannah MUNDYNorth NibleyPR
339MUNDY, RichardS29 Sep 1767N.O.D.North NibleyPR
340MUNDY, RichardM30 Jan 1769Martha WHITEINGNorth NibleyIG
341MUNDAY, RichardC12 Sep 1773s. Edward MUNDAY/; BevingtonBerkeleyTR
342MUNDAY, RichardS13 Aug 1785a PauperNorth NibleyPR
343MUNDAY, RichardM07 Jul 1834Allis HILLHempstedIG
344MUNDAY, RoseC04 Feb 1742/3Jonah MUNDAY/HannahDursleyIG
345MUNDAY, SamuelC06 Oct 1610base s. Edward MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
346MUNDAY, SamuelS06 Sep 1663of the parish of BarckleyNorth NibleyPR
347MUNDAY, SamuelP       1664of BerkeleyBerkeleyWC
348MUNDAY, SamuelC27 Jun 1701of Samuel MUNDAY/StonePR/AD
349MUNDAY, SamuelS18 Apr 1703s. Samuel MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
350MUNDEY, SamuelC28 May 1769s. Edwd. MUNDEY/BerkeleyTR
351MUNDAY, SamuelC26 May 1811of Jonah MUNDAY/; of Clapton: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
352MUNDAY, Sara (d.1642)C27 Mar 1642d. Nicholas MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
353MUNDEY, Sara (b.1642)S12 Jul 1642d. Nicholas MUNDEY/North NibleyPR
354MUNDAY, SarahS30 Mar 1643wife of Edward MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
355MUNDAY, SarahS   Dec 1650w. Nicholas MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
356MUNDAY, SarahC02 Jun 1651d. Edward MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
357MUNDAY, Sarah (d.1677)C18 Feb 1664/5d. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
358MUNDAY, Sarah (b.1664)S15 Jan 1677/8d. Richard MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
359MUNDAY, SarahC23 Oct 1686Thomas MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
360MUNDAY, SarahC12 Apr 1704of Richard MUNDAY/:& Mary; b. 9 Apr 1704North NibleyPR/AD
361MUNDAY, SarahC13 May 1723Richd MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
362MUNDAY, SarahC19 Sep 1723of William/Elizabeth MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
363MUNDAY, SarahC13 May 1725d. Richd./Mary MUNDAYNorth NibleyPR
364MUNDY, Sarah (née Long)S24 Nov 1727vidNorth NibleyPR
365MUNDAY, Sarah (née Lord)S15 Apr 1759w. William MUNDAY/StinchcombeTR
366MUNDAY, SarahC28 May 1809of Edward MUNDAY/; of Ham (Mason)BerkeleyPR/AD
367MUNDAY, SelinaC19 Jun 1796of William/:& Anne; of Berkeley HeathBerkeleyPR/AD
368MUNDAY, SelinaS13 Dec 1801of William MUNDAY/; of Berkeley HeathBerkeleyPR/AD
369MUNDAY, SelinaC27 Nov 1803of William MUNDAY/; of Berkeley HeathBerkeleyPR/AD
370MUNDAY, SelinaM03 Nov 1832John LONGBerkeleyTR/AD
371MUNDAY, SimondC20 May 1599Thoms MUNDAY/BerkeleyIG
372MUNDAIE, Susanna (m.1607)C04 Mar 1571/2d. John MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
373MONDEY, Susana (b.1571)M28 Sep 1607Thomas CAWCOTNorth NibleyIG
374MUNDAY, Susanna (m.1761)C27 Oct 1740Jonah MUNDAY/HannahNorth NibleyIG
375MUNDAY, Susanna (b.1740)M13 Apr 1761Abraham PONTINGNorth NibleyIG
376MUNDAY, SusannahC19 Nov 1767William/Susannah MUNDAYStinchcombeTR
377MUNDAY, SusannahM20 Jan 1823William HAZELLBerkeleyTR/AD
378MONDAY, Susanna (née Shillam)S22 Jan 1824of Nibley; aged 90North NibleyPR
379MUNDAIE, ThomasS11 Jan 1574/5sonne John MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
380MUNDAIE, Thomas (d.1597)C30 Apr 1597s. Nich MUNDAIE/; s. Nicholas/, thelder. yeomamNorth NibleyPR
381MUNDAIE, Thomas (b.1597)S20 May 1597s. Nicholas MUNDAIE/North NibleyPR
382MUNDAY, ThomsC23 May 1602s. Willm MUNDAY/; weavNorth NibleyPR
383MONDAY, ThomasC31 Jul 1608Thomae MONDAY/BerkeleyIG
384MUNDAY, ThomasS14 Feb 1613/4s. Thomas MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
385MUNDAY, ThomasP       1616of AlkingtonAlkingtonWC
386MUNDAY, Thomas (m.1653)C31 Jan 1628/9s. Edward MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
387MUNDAY, ThomasS09 Feb 1636/7N.O.D.North NibleyPR
388MUNDAY, Thomas (b.1628)M11 Apr 1653Hanna PARKERFrocesterIG
389MUNDAY, Thomas (m.Mary)C01 Aug 1657s. Richard MUNDAY/; b.12.7North NibleyPR
390MUNDY, ThomasC19 Aug 1667Thomas MUNDY/StinchcombeTR
391MUNDAY, ThomasS02 Mar 1678/9of Thomas MUNDAY/StonePR/AD
392MUNDAY, ThomasC07 Feb 1681/2John MUNDAY/North NibleyIG
393MUNDAY, ThomasM19 Jun 1688Margaret TRAYHERNEStoneIG
394MUNDAY, ThomasM19 Jul 1688Margaret BAYHORN?; of HillStonePR/AD
395MUNDAY, Thomas (d.1696)C12 Nov 1688Thomas MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
396MUNDAY, Thom:C26 Mar 1696s. Nathaniel MUNDAY/:& Margarett h/wNorth NibleyPR
397MUNDAY, Thom: (b.1688)S26 Apr 1696s. Thom: MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
398MUNDAY, ThomasS08 Nov 1696N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
399MUNDAY, ThomasM   Mar 1697Anne MERCORDursleyIG
400MUNDAY, ThomasM22 May 1701Elizazbeth BOYCEStinchcombeIG
401MUNDEN, Tho.M24 Nov 1707Elinor REEVEBerkeleyIG
402MUNDAY, ThomasC16 Nov 1711of Thomas MUNDAY/StonePR/AD
403MUNDAY, ThomasS10 Jul 1713StonePR/AD
404MUNDAY, ThomasC01 May 1717William MUNDAY/ElizabethNorth NibleyIG
405MUNDAY, ThomasC18 May 1717of William MUNDAY/:& ElizabethNorth NibleyPR/AD
406MUNDAY, ThomasM07 Jan 1732/3Alice LORDStinchcombeIG
407MUNDY, ThomasS19 Mar 1734/5N.O.D.DursleyPR
408MUNDY, ThomasS04 Oct 1736N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
409MUNDAY, Thomas (d.1836)C23 Nov 1748Jonah MUNDAY/HannahNorth NibleyIG
410MUNDEY, Thos.C01 Jun 1767s. Edwd MUNDEY/; BevingtonBerkeleyTR
411MUNDAY, ThomasC04 May 1794of Jonah MUNDAY/BerkeleyPR/AD
412MUNDAY, ThomasM04 Mar 1803Betty GRIFFIN; both marked ???CoaleyTR/AD
413MUNDY, Thomas (b.1748)S27 Feb 1836of Nibley; aged 87North NibleyPR
414MUNDAY, Thomas or TobiasC07 Feb 1681/2Thomas MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
415MUNDAY, TobiasP       1723of EastingtonEastingtonWC
416MUNDAY, WalterP       1627of Bradston in BerkekeyThornburyWC
417MUNDIE, WilliamP       1565of 'Aschurch'AshchurchWC
418MUNDAYE, Willm (m.1626)C12 May 1599s. Willm MUNDAYE/; weav: s.& heire of Nicholas/North NibleyPR
419MUNDAY, WilliamS13 Aug 1616N.O.D.North NibleyPR
420MUNDYE, William (1599-?)M25 Sep 1626Edyeth PARSONSNorth NibleyIG
421MUNDY, William (d.1632)C11 Jun 1628s. William MUNDY/North NibleyPR
422MUNDEE, William (b.1628)S27 Sep 1632s. William MUNDEE/North NibleyPR
423MUNDEE, WilliamC18 Dec 1636s. William MUNDEE/North NibleyPR
424MUNDAY, Wm.S27 Oct 1678N.O.D.North NibleyPR
425MUNDAY, WilliamC17 Mar 1681/2Thomas MUNDAY/MaryNorth NibleyIG
426MUNDAY, WilliamS25 Jan 1693/4s. John MUNDAY/North NibleyPR
427MUNDAY, WilliamC   Sep 1701of Daniel MUNDAY/:& DinahNorth NibleyPR/AD
428MUNDAY, WilliamC27 Sep 1701Daniel MUNDAY/DianaNorth NibleyIG
429MUNDAY, WilliamS11 May 1709N.O.D.North NibleyPR
430MUNDAY, WilliamS12 May 1709N.O.D.North NibleyPR
431MUNDAY, WilliamM08 Apr 1716Elizabeth HEWETTWotton u-EdgeIG
432MUNDY, WillmM13 Jan 1732/3Ann WHITENorth NibleyIG
433MUNDAY, WilliamP       1735of North NibleyNorth NibleyWC
434MUNDAY, WilliamS27 Apr 1735N.O.D.North NibleyPR
435MUNDAY, WilliamM17 Apr 1755Sarah LORDStinchcombeIG
436MONDAY, WilliamS03 Jan 1757N.O.D.North NibleyPR
437MUNDY, WilliamM06 Jul 1760Susannah SHILLAMStinchcombeIG
438MUNDAY, WilliamS29 Nov 1782N.O.D.North NibleyPR
439MUNDAY, WilliamM       1793/4Ann WOODWARDBerkeleyTR/AD
440MUNDAY, WilliamC23 Dec 1797of Edward MUNDAY/; of BerkeleyBerkeleyPR/AD
441MUNDAY, WilliamS06 May 1800of William MUNDAY/; of Berkeley HeathBerkeleyPR/AD
442MUNDAY, WilliamS05 Jun 1803of Jonas MUNDAY/; of Clapton: LabBerkeleyPR/AD
443MUNDAY, WilliamM14 Jul 1806Rose HILLFairfordIG
444MUNDAY, WilliamM       1812Hannah SHIPWAYBerkeleyTR/AD
445MUNDAY, WilliamS16 Aug 1812of William MUNDAY/; of the Heath: LabourerBerkeleyPR/AD
446MUNDAY, WilliamM06 Oct 1812Hannah SHIPWAYBerkeleyTR/AD
447MUNDAY, WilliamM06 Dec 1812HANNAHBerkeleyPR/AD
448MUNDAY, William HowardC17 Apr 1803of Betty MUNDAY/; of Bevington: illegitmateBerkeleyPR/AD

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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