Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of MORGAN in Littleton on Severn &c (1685-1887)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Anne to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1MORGANM19 Aug 1750SUMMERSBristol,St P&JIN
2MORGAN (unnamed)S06 Jun 1758w. Thomas MORGAN/OlvestonPR
3MORGAN, AnnS04 Jul 1697N.O.D.Littlton on S.PR
4MORGAN, AnneM26 Mar 1761John HILLHartpuryIG
5MORGAN, Ann (d.1769)C09 Jan 17691ch. Peter/Mary MORGAN; of Thornbury: b.7.11.68ThornburyLW
6MORGAN, Ann (b.1768)S01 Feb 1769infant d. Peter/Mary MORGAN; ThornburyThornburyLW
7MORGAN, AnneC21 Jul 1773d. Wm./Anne MORGAN; Thy.ThornburyLW
8MORGAN, AnnaC29 Jan 1780d. William/Elizabeth MORGANOlvestonLW
9MORGAN, AnnMJn 1/4 1846George BUNN; 26 316Ledbury RegSC
10MORGAN, CharlesM26 Aug 1716Margaret WATKINSBristol,St MyPIN
11MORGAN, CharlesC28 Aug 1737s. Moses/:& Ann MORGANOldbury on S.PR
12MORGAN, Charles (d.1778)C15 Feb 1778s. Willm./Elizabeth MORGAN; Thy.ThornburyLW
13MORGAN, Charles (b.1778)S16 Sep 1778s. William/Elizabeth MORGANLittlton on S.PR
14MORGAN, CharlesS22 May 1848of Marsh; aged 67HenburyLW
15MORGAN, Edith (X: sp.o.t.p.)M05 Sep 1757Samuel HILL; X: ba.o.t.p.CamPR
16MORGAN, ElizabethS25 Mar 1728next entry in burials after MosesLittlton on S.PR
17MORGAN, BettyM27 Feb 1770James JONES; BannsOlvestonLW
18MORGAN, BettyC28 Jan 1781d. William/Elizabeth MORGANOlvestonLW
19MORGAN, BettyS04 Feb 1825of Almy.; aged 78AlmondsburyLW
20MORGAN, ElizaM04 May 1828William HILLDursleyIG
21MORGAN, ElizabethS18 May 1832of Oldbury; aged 32ThornburyLW
22MORGAN, Hester (o.t.p.)M17 Apr 1711Edward HUNT; o.t.p. ThornburyLittlton on S.PR
23MORGAN, HesterS11 Apr 1809N.O.D.OlvestonLW
24MORGAN, Hester (X:sp.o.t.p.)M09 Aug 1810John REEVE; X:ba.o.t.p. Lic.RockhamptonPR
25MORGAN, HannahC21 Aug 1737d. William/Marget MORGANLittlton on S.PR
26MORGAN, HannahS15 Nov 1768Widow (ob12) at 72; MoretonThornburyLW
27MORGAN, HannahS14 Jan 1769w. Thomas MORGAN/; at 48: OldburyThornburyLW
28MORGAN, HannahC06 Feb 1781d. John/Hester MORGANOlvestonLW
29MORGAN, HannahS04 Dec 1794infant; Thy.ThornburyLW
30MORGAN, HannahS11 Nov 1827of Almy. Hill; aged 54AlmondsburyLW
31MORGAN, HannahS08 Mar 1860of Almy.; aged 60AlmondsburyLW
32MORGAN, HenryC       1718s. Henry MORGAN/OlvestonLW
33MORGAN, Henry (a.23:ba. Lab.)M22 Sep 1839Frances YOUNG; a.20:sp.AlmondsburyLW
34MORGAN, HowelS16 Apr 1765of Tockington; Lab. with a large FamilyOlvestonPR
35MORGAN, JamesC01 Dec 17712ch. Thomas MORGAN/:& Mary h/w; relict Wm Limbrick/d. Jn LongleyThornburyLW
36MORGAN, JamesS27 Jan 1790infant; Thy.ThornburyLW
37MORGAN, JamesS23 Jun 1809s. John/Hester MORGANOlvestonLW
38MORGAN, James (ba.)M05 Dec 1811Elizabeth HAYWARD; sp. b.o.t.p.ThornburyLW
39MORGAN, JaneM12 Jan 1718/9John HILLWotton u-EdgeIG
40MORGAN, JaneC05 Jun 1780d. John/Jane MORGAN; Thy.ThornburyLW
41MORGAN, Jane (?née Nourse)S01 Apr 1821of Kington; aged 77ThornburyLW
42MORGAN, John (ba.)M       1737Sarah HIGNEY; wi. both of Littleton-on-SevernBristol,St AugIN
43MORGAN, JohnX       1742Church WardenLittlton on S.LW
44MORGAN, JohnC28 Apr 1745s. William/Margaret MORGANLittlton on S.PR
45MORGAN, JohnS27 Jul 1752of town of Thornbury Aged 80 yrsThornburyPR
46MORGAN, JohnD22 Apr 1758o.t.p. Almondsbury; aged 47OlvestonBI
47MORGAN, JohnS24 Apr 1758of NorthwickOlvestonPR
48MORGAN, JohnM04 Nov 1765Mary BURROUGHSThornburyLW
49MORGAN, JohnM08 Nov 1768Jane NOURSEThornburyLW
50MORGAN, JohnS20 Feb 1770N.O.D.Littlton on S.PR
51MORGAN, JohnS25 Nov 1770N.O.D.OlvestonLW
52MORGAN, JohnC14 Aug 1774s. John/Jane MORGAN; Oldy.ThornburyLW
53MORGAN, JohnS17 Apr 1804at 63; Oldy.ThornburyLW
54MORGAN, JohnS21 May 1841of Marsh; aged 63HenburyLW
55MORGAN, JosephC28 Mar 1779s. William/Elizabeth MORGANOlvestonLW
56MORGAN, MargaretS10 Aug 1737spinsterThornburyPR
57MORGAN, MargeretS15 Jul 1781N.O.D.Littlton on S.PR
58MORGAN, MargaretMJn 1/4 1855Henry Phipps KILLICK; 11a 714Swansea RegSC
59MORGAN, MaryC25 Jan 1731/2d. William MORGAN/; b.14.1Littlton on S.PR
60MORGAN, MaryC12 Dec 1742d. Moses/:& Ann MORGAN; corrected fm my PR 22.12.43Oldbury on S.LW
61MORGAN, Mary (m.1783)C09 Jun 1756d. William/Mary MORGANLittlton on S.PR
62MORGAN, MaryC07 Aug 1761d. Howel/Jane MORGANOlvestonPR
63MORGAN, MaryM14 Feb 1773Richard WILLIAMS; Lic.OlvestonPR
64MORGAN, MaryS04 Jul 1773widow of Richard MORGAN/; at 43: Thy.ThornburyLW
65MORGAN, MaryC23 Nov 1777d. William/Elizabeth MORGANOlvestonLW
66MORGAN, MaryS16 Oct 1781next burials entry after MargaretLittlton on S.PR
67MORGAN, Mary (X: o.t.p.)M09 Aug 1783Luke WATKINS; X: o.t.p.Littlton on S.PR
68MORGAN, MaryM17 Oct 1790Thomas HILLNewentIG
69MORGAN, Mary (née Limbrick)S14 Jun 1807at 76; Oldy.ThornburyLW
70MORGAN, MaryM25 Jul 1831Edwin HILLDursleyIG
71MORGAN, MaryS   Aug 1851of Almy.; aged 58AlmondsburyLW
72MORGAN, MosesM01 Feb 1690/1Ann WOODRUFLittlton on S.LW
73MORGAN, MosesM23 Sep 1697Jane ALLINLittlton on S.PR
74MORGAN, MosesS18 Mar 1720/1N.O.D.Littlton on S.PR
75MORGAN, MoisesM05 May 1729Ann DAVISThornburyIG
76MORGAN, Moses (d.1753)C11 Apr 1732s. Moses/:& Ann MORGANOldbury on S.PR
77MORGAN, Moses (b.1732)S29 Jun 1753at Oldbury Aged 23 yrsThornburyPR
78MORGAN, NathaniellS27 Dec 1731alias Williams: ThornburyThornburyPR
79MORGAN, NathanielS20 Jul 1741s. Allis MORGAN/; widowThornburyPR
80MORGAN, PeterS22 Jul 1773at 36; Thy.ThornburyLW
81MORGAN, RachM       1731John CHAMBURYBristol,St MyPIN
82MORGAN, Richd.W20 Jun 1819William WATKINS/Maria BALDWINNewlandPR
83MORGAN, Saml.C29 Apr 1770s. Thos/Mary MORGAN; OldburyThornburyLW
84MORGAN, SarahM       1729John HILLDursleyIG
85MORGAN, SarahC28 Apr 1745d. William/Margaret MORGANLittlton on S.PR
86MORGAN, SarahD27 Oct 1764widow of John MORGAN/; ex-w. Thos Hignell/, a.70OlvestonBI
87MORGAN, SarahS28 Oct 1764WidowOlvestonLW
88MORGAN, SarahC11 Aug 1771d. Peter/Sarah MORGAN; Thy.ThornburyLW
89MORGAN, SarahS18 Mar 1772d. Thomas MORGAN/OlvestonLW
90MORGAN, SarahS24 May 1803N.O.D.OlvestonLW
91MORGAN, Sarah AnnS14 Aug 1887of Henbury; aged 76HenburyLW
92MORGAN, SolomanM08 Nov 1724KEENBristol,St P&JIN
93MORGAN, StephenM12 Dec 1725JONESBristol,St P&JIN
94MORGAN, SusannahS31 Jan 1753of Thornbury Aged 33 yrsThornburyPR
95MORGAN, SusannaS10 Mar 1771widowOlvestonPR
96MORGAN, SusannahM10 Jun 1804Thomas HILLStroudIG
97MORGAN, SusanS04 Mar 1806N.O.D.OlvestonLW
98MORGAN, TaceyS18 Dec 1740w. John MORGAN/ThornburyPR
99MORGAN, Thos. (d.1793)C01 May 1730s. Moses MORGAN/Oldbury on S.PR
100MORGAN, Thomas (d.1731)C04 May 1730s. William MORGAN/; b.11.4Littlton on S.PR
101MORGAN, Thomas (b.1730)S17 Jan 1731/2s. William MORGAN/Littlton on S.PR
102MORGAN, ThomasC27 Dec 1733s. William MORGAN/; b.19.12Littlton on S.PR
103MORGAN, ThomasS07 Oct 1758from BristolOlvestonLW
104MORGAN, ThomasM05 Mar 1770Mary LIMBRICK; widowThornburyLW
105MORGAN, ThomasS29 Apr 1771N.O.D.OlvestonPR
106MORGAN, ThomasS28 Nov 1793at 63; Oldy.ThornburyLW
107MORGAN, WilliamS29 Jan 1684/5N.O.D.OlvestonLW
108MORGAN, Wm.S12 Sep 1701N.O.D.OlvestonPR
109MORGAN, Will:M17 Jun 1724Eliz:a. JAMES; b.o.t.p.Bristol,St P&JPR
110MORGAN, William (m.1753)C16 Oct 1727s. William MORGAN/; b.8.10Littlton on S.PR
111MORGAN, WilliamC09 Feb 1734/5s. Moses/:& Ann MORGANOldbury on S.PR
112MORGAN, WilliamC23 Oct 1753/4s. Howel/Jane MORGAN; TockingtonOlvestonLW
113MORGAN, Willm. (1727-1770)M08 Dec 1753Mary WILLIAMS; both AlmondsburyBristol,St P&JPR
114MORGAN, William (d.1825)C17 Nov 1754s. William/Mary MORGANLittlton on S.PR
115MORGAN, WilliamS27 Mar 1767N.O.D.Littlton on S.PR
116MORGAN, William (d.1830)C03 Jan 1770s. John/Jane MORGAN; KingtonThornburyLW
117MORGAN, William (b.1727)D20 Jun 1770h. Mary MORGAN/; aged 43Littlton on S.BI
118MORGAN, WilliamS22 Jun 1770N.O.D.Littlton on S.PR
119MORGAN, William (of Elberton)M24 Mar 1772Elizabeth COLLINS; BannsThornburyLW
120MORGAN, WilliamC17 Feb 1775s. Willm./Elizabeth MORGAN; Thy.ThornburyLW
121MORGAN, WilliamS24 Oct 1790killed by fall from an Apple TreeOlvestonPR
122MORGAN, WilliamM27 Dec 1791Sarah HILLWoodchesterIG
123MORGAN, William (b.1754)S16 Apr 1795N.O.D.Littlton on S.PR
124MORGAN, WilliamM03 Jun 1813Jane CURTIS; (both) ThornThornburyLW
125MORGAN, William (b.1753)S27 Mar 1825of Almy.; aged 72AlmondsburyLW
126MORGAN, William (b.1770)S16 May 1830of Kington; aged 61ThornburyLW
127MORGAN, WilliamS05 Jan 1841of Marsh; aged 40HenburyLW
128MORGAN, WilliamS14 Mar 1858of Almy.; aged 69AlmondsburyLW

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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