Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of IRELAND in Winchcombe & Guiting Power (1695-1857)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
Please see About this Information for what this collection contains.

Forenames Anne to Thomas

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1IRELAND, AnneM19 Jun 1831John WILLIAMSCh.KingsIN
2IRELAND, Edward (of Forthampton)M12 Mar 1817Mary COTHER; Lic.HasfieldIN
3IRELAND, ElizaC09 Nov 1823Robert/Mary IRELAND; L.Guiting LabourerGuiting Pow.PR
4IRELAND, Eliza (sp. of L. Guiting: minor)M24 Jun 1843William REEVES; X: ba. o.f.a. of C.Abbotts: Lab.Guiting Pow.PR
5IRELAND, EmmaC15 Jan 1813William/Mary IRELAND; Winchcombe yeomanWinchcombeBT
6IRELAND, George (of Winchcomb)M13 May 1801Mary COX; Lic.Sudeley M.PR
7IRELAND, GeorgeC19 Sep 1806George IRELAND/MaryWinchcombeIG
8IRELAND, GeorgeC16 Jan 1821Robert/Mary IRELAND; Guiting Qu.LabourerGuiting Pow.PR
9IRELAND, GeorgeW24 Jun 1843William REEVES/Eliza IRELANDGuiting Pow.PR
10IRELAND, HarrietM22 May 1813Humphrey MOULDER; of BiburyCh.KingsIN
11IRELAND, JohnM15 Jan 1694/5Dorothy WORKMAN; de DursleyCamIN
12IRELAND, JohnM06 Aug 1830Mary MILESChedworthIN
13IRELAND, John CoxC16 Sep 1813George/Mary IRELAND; Almsbury yeomanWinchcombeBT
14IRELAND, LucyC07 Mar 1819Robert/Mary IRELAND; How Hill Qu.LabourerGuiting Pow.PR
15IRELAND, LucyM31 Oct 1857Charles NEALEGuiting Pow.IG
16IRELAND, MaryS04 Feb 1814of Sudeley Tenements; aged 75WinchcombeBT
17IRELAND, MatildaS15 Dec 1813of Sudeley Tenements; aged 2WinchcombeBT
18IRELAND, RandallM02 Nov 1814Sarah LITTLEBeckfordIG
19IRELAND, RichardM26 May 1803Esther ETHERIDGEGuiting Pow.IG
20IRELAND, Robert (X: ba.o.t.p.)M01 Jan 1818Mary Ann CHAPLIN; X: sp.o.t.p.CoberleyBT
21IRELAND, ThomasM13 Jul 1818Rachel HILLNorth NibleyPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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