Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of Combined HILL DB over all Gloucestershire (1538-1890)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Aaron to David

Other Forenames:
Deborah to Esther
Deborah to Esther

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1HILLC04 May 1600George HILL/Gloster,St NicIG
2HILLC   Sep 1609Walter HILL/Gloster,St CatIG
3HILLC28 Aug 1618Edward HILL/TetburyIG
4HILL (male)S07 Nov 1649c. George HILL/; of the quarrCamPR
5HILL (male: assume 'Obed')S09 Nov 1649c. Laurence HILL/CamPR
6HILL'SS09 Feb 1657/8An Infant of William HILL'S/CamPR
7HILLC06 Mar 1683/4Thomas HILL/MinchinhamptonIG
8HILL (Jane:née Barron)S02 Mar 1697/8w. George HILL/CamPR
9HILLC11 Sep 1701James HILL/JaneNewentIG
10HILLC   Jan 1701/2William HILL/SarahTortworthIG
11HILLC27 Feb 1703/4James HILL/JaneNewentIG
12HILLC12 Mar 1704/5Henrey HILL/MargaretUleyIG
13HILLC27 Nov 1710Benjamin HILL/EstherWotton u-EdgeIG
14HILLC16 Apr 1721John HILL/ElizUleyIG
15HILLC14 Feb 1767 HILL/; no name or other detailDursleyPR
16HILLC05 Apr 1768James HILL/TetburyIG
17HILL/HARRIS (fm Bastardy Bond)B30 May 1774s. Samuel HILL/Anne HARRISCamPC
18HILLS (gap in register)C03 Jan 1780gap in P.R. 30.8.1779-3.1.1780CamPR
19HILLC05 Sep 1798Joseph HILL/NewentIG
20HILLC10 Mar 1816William HILL/JaneNewington Ba.IG
21HILLC01 Sep 1833Reuben HILL/ElizabethUleyIG
22HILL, AaronC29 Oct 1689Aaron HILL/MargaretNympsfieldIG
23HILL, Aaron (d.1767)C01 Apr 1765s. Isaac/Sarah HILLCamPR
24HILL, Aaron (b.1765)S15 Mar 1767s. Isaac/Sarah HILLCamPR
25HILL, AaronC06 Jun 1816William HILL/AnnUleyIG
26HILL, AaronC01 Apr 1821William HILL/AnnUleyIG
27HILL, Abigail (?m.1638)C08 Mar 1606/7Gulielmi HILL/EastingtonIG
28HILL, AbigayleC29 Nov 1618Daniell HILL/RandwickIG
29HILL, Abigaile (m.1648)C30 Mar 1623d. George HILL/CamPR
30HILL, Abigail (?b.1606)M25 Sep 1638Stephen COWLESFrampton on S.IG
31HILL, Abigaile (of Cam)M06 Dec 1648- CLARKE; of HortonCoaleyPH
32HILL, AbigailC24 Feb 1752/3Ansloe HILL/BisleyIG
33HILL, AbrahamM08 Apr 1678Deborah ANDREWS; also at NewentUleyIG
34HILL, AbrahamP       1706of UleyUleyWC
35HILL, AbrahamM17 May 1706Sarah ROBBINSUleyIG
36HILL, AbrahamC10 Apr 1707Abraham HILL/HesteUleyIG
37HILL, Abraham (m:1727:d.1788)C22 Apr 1708Abraham HILL/SarahUleyIG
38HILL, AbrahamM24 Apr 1718Elizabeth TERROTUleyIG
39HILL, Abraham (1708-1788)M15 Oct 1727Hester TERRETNewington Ba.IG
40HILL, Abraham (m.1761:d.1784)C06 Feb 1733/4s. Abraham/Hester HILLUleyPR
41HILL, AbrahamP       1753of UleyUleyWC
42HILL, AbrahamS27 Jul 1753N.O.D.UleyPR
43HILL, Abram (1733-1784)M09 Apr 1761Hannah JONESDursleyIG
44HILL, Abraham (sg: wi.o.t.p.)M31 Mar 1765Philadelphia SHIPTON; sg: sp.o.t.p. Lic. W(Edwd/Mary)DursleyPR
45HILL, AbrahamC23 Dec 1776s. Abraham/Philadelphia HILLCamPR
46HILL, Abraham (b.1733:m.1761)S23 Oct 1784N.O.D.CamPR
47HILL, AbrahamD26 Feb 1788h. Hester HILL/; aged 80: BIUleyBI
48HILL, AbrahamC15 Jan 1808William HILL/ElizabethRodboroughIG
49HILL, AgnetaS17 Aug 1562ex. Joan WinnserThornburyPR/JW
50HILL, AgnesM05 Nov 1572Richard WORLOCKECromhallIG
51HILL, AgniisS07 May 1623N.O.D.North NibleyPR
52HILL, AgnisM   Jul 1629William TILLUDABerkeleyIG
53HILL, AgniceM11 Mar 1649/50Henry HILL; or MayCamIG
54HILL, Agnes (née Allye)S10 Dec 1665w. Thomas HILL/CamPR
55HILL, AugustaC03 Sep 1809William HILL/HesterUleyIG
56HILL, AugustusC17 Apr 1803James HILL/WoodchesterIG
57HILL, AllenC19 Sep 1813John HILL/FrancesMinchinhamptonIG
58HILL, AlbertS17 Dec 1849s. Esau HILL/; of Upper Cam aged 4CamPR
59HILL, Alderman JohnC14 Jul 1751Thomas HILL/TetburyIG
60HILL, Alfred (?m.Billah)C29 Jun 1817Leonard/Rose HILL; Cam WeaverCamPR
61HILL, AlfredC22 Oct 1820William HILL/MaryStroudIG
62HILL, AlfredC28 Jul 1822William HILL/HarietteStroudIG
63HILL, AlfredC23 Nov 1823Jacob HILL/EleanorUleyIG
64HILL, AlfredC26 Dec 1824Elijah HILL/SarahUleyIG
65HILL, AlfordC11 Sep 1825Samuel HILL/SarahUleyIG
66HILL, AlfredC13 Nov 1825William HILL/MaryStroudIG
67HILL, AlfredC30 Dec 1827Robert/Martha HILL; Cam LabourerCamPR
68HILL, AlfredC24 Jan 1836William HILL/AnneWoodchesterIG
69HILL, Alfred EdwardC15 May 1831Edward HILL/MaryStroudIG
70HILL, AliceC13 Apr 1574Richard HILL/BisleyIG
71HILL, AlsM08 Aug 1591John TAYLORThornburyIG
72HILL, AliceC16 Jan 1596/7Willm HILL/BerkeleyIG
73HILL, AliceS31 Aug 1597N.O.D.CamPR
74HILL, AliceM05 Feb 1607/8Wm. DANIELLArlinghamIG
75HILL, AliceM21 Jul 1608Francis DAVISMinchinhamptonIG
76HILL, AlesC20 Jan 1623/4Francis HILL/SaraSevenhamptonIG
77HILL, AliceC23 Mar 1626/7Thomas HILL/NewentIG
78HILL, AliceM04 May 1637James EDMONDESBerkeleyIG
79HILL, AliceS30 Nov 1712N.O.D.DursleyPR
80HILL, AliceS11 Nov 1755w. Joseph HILL/UleyPR
81HILL or SMITH, AliceM15 May 1769Thomas HILLMinchinhamptonIG
82HILL, AliceC18 Nov 1770John HILL/SarahNympsfieldIG
83HILL, Alice (m.1800)C18 Nov 1770John HILL/CoaleyIG
84HILL, AliceC26 Dec 1779John HILL/BettyBromsberrowIG
85HILL, Alice (?m.1813)C25 Dec 1782Thomas HILL/BettyUleyIG
86HILL, Alice (m.1808)C16 Mar 1788d. Thos./Mary HILLDursleyPR
87HILL, Alice (b.1770)M28 Jul 1800Edward HAYNESCoaleyIG
88HILL, Alice (b.1788)M16 Dec 1808Richard CLARKDursleyIG
89HILL, Alice (b.1782)M03 Aug 1813Thomas VIZZARDUleyIG
90HILL, AliceC25 Aug 1816William HILL/MaryMinchinhamptonIG
91HILL, AliceM28 Nov 1820Richard WITTSHardwickeIG
92HILL, AllisM07 Jul 1834Richard MUNDAYHempstedIG
93HILL, Ambrose (m.1741:Tytherington)C12 Apr 1718Nathaniell HILL/ElizabethStoneIG
94HILL, Ambrose (b.1718: Stone)M02 Nov 1741Sarah COPETytheringtonIG
95HILL, AmbrosC24 May 1746Ambros HILL/SarahWickwarIG
96HILL/EDMONDS, AmeliaC25 Jan 1767d. James HILL/Susannah EDMONDSThornburyPR
97HILL, AmeliaC27 Sep 1836Henry HILL/ElizabethDursleyIG
98HILL, AmeliaS13 Feb 1850d. Joseph HILL/; Cam Pk aged 4moCamPR
99HILL, Amye (m.1627)C31 Oct 1607Thomas HILL/ElizabethRendcombIG
100HILL, AmyM16 Jun 1617Richard COLENewentIG
101HILL, Amy (b.1607)M25 Oct 1627John COOKERendcombIG
102HILL, AmeyC02 Aug 1797James HILL/ElizabethBromsberrowIG
103HILL, AmyC05 May 1805d. William/Hannah HILLCamPR
104HILL, AmosC12 Aug 1832Edwin HILL/MaryDursleyIG
105HILL, Andrass (m.1781)C30 Sep 1750John HILL/EstherActon TurvilleIG
106HILL, Andrass (b.1750)M01 Oct 1781Elizabeth GRIFFINTormartonIG
107HILL, AnnC28 Nov 1572Gloster,St MyCIG
108HILL, AnnM06 Sep 1575Henry DUDGEStandishIG
109HILL, AnneM04 Oct 1577William HARRYESEastingtonIG
110HILL, AnneM14 Nov 1577John KINGEAveningIG
111HILL, AnnaC06 Jun 1581Willim HILL/MinchinhamptonIG
112HYLL, AnnC05 Jun 1595George HYLL/Gloster,St NicIG
113HILL, AnnM03 May 1604George EVANSAveningIG
114HILL, AneM31 Jan 1613/4William SMITHEGloster,H Tr.IG
115HILL, AnneC31 Aug 1616d. Michael HILL/CamPR
116HILL, AnnaC13 Apr 1617John HILL/StonehouseIG
117HILL, AnnM01 Jun 1622John YOUNGGloster,St NicIG
118HILL, AnneC19 Sep 1628Richard HILL/TytheringtonIG
119HILL, AnneC21 Sep 1632Francis HILL/MarySevenhamptonIG
120HILL, AnneC14 Jan 1635/6Edward HILL/Gloster,St NicIG
121HILL, AnnC31 Mar 1639Richard HILL/AveningIG
122HILL, Anne (m.1669)C22 Sep 1640d. Mr. Edward HILL/CamPR
123HILL, AnneM11 Oct 1640John CARRIERNewentIG
124HILL, AnneC08 Mar 1642/3William HILL/Guiting Pow.IG
125HILL, AnnM29 May 1645John BESLEYOldbury on S.IG
126HILL, AnneM07 Sep 1657William ROACHCamPR
127HILL, Mrs. Anne (of Cam)M23 Feb 1669/70Mr. John ARUNDEL; of Dursley: Lic.CamPR
128HILL, Anne (m.1703)C06 Aug 1671d. George/Jane HILLCamPR
129HILL, AnnM23 Aug 1673Robert ROBINCEBeverstoneIG
130HILL, AnneM07 Jan 1674/5William SMITHNewentIG
131HILL, AnnM26 Jan 1674/5William SWAINENewentIG
132HILL, AnnaC15 Jan 1676/7James HILL/MaryFretherneIG
133HILL, AnneM31 Mar 1678Samuel LEGGNorth NibleyIG
134HILL, AnneS26 Aug 1679w. John HILL/CamPR
135HILL, AnneC02 Dec 1679John HILL/NewentIG
136HILL, AnneC20 Mar 1680/1William HILL/AnneHaresfieldIG
137HILL, AnnaC27 Oct 1681Philip HILL/JoanFretherneIG
138HILL, AnnM04 Feb 1686/7John MANGloster,St MyLIG
139HILL, AnnC07 Mar 1686/7John HILL/TetburyIG
140HILL, AnnP       1688of DursleyDursleyWC
141HILL, AnneC19 Dec 1688John HILL/JaneFairfordIG
142HILL, Anne (?d.1754)C       1689John HILL/AnneDursleyIG
143HILL, AnnC31 Jan 1689/90John HILL/TetburyIG
144HILL, AnnC17 Jan 1690/1Thomas HILL/SarahRendcombIG
145HILL, AnnM10 Apr 1692Joseph CURTISHardwickeIG
146HILL, AnnC20 Oct 1695Aaron HILL/MargeretUleyIG
147HILL, AnnC02 Feb 1695/6James HILL/MaryTormartonIG
148HILL, AnneC28 Nov 1697Samuel HILL/SarahHaresfieldIG
149HILL, AnneC29 Dec 1698Richard HILL/FrancesNympsfieldIG
150HILL, AnneC31 May 1701William HILL/SarahTortworthIG
151HILL, AnneC06 Oct 1701Will HILL/Guiting,Temp.IG
152HILL, Ann (b.1671)M05 Jun 1703Joseph BUTCHERCamIG
153HILL, AnnC19 Oct 1703MiserdenIG
154HILL, AnnC01 Feb 1703/4Richard HILL/MaryNewentIG
155HILL, AnnC27 Feb 1703/4James HILL/JaneNewentIG
156HILL, Anne (?m.1737)C04 Jun 1704Edmond HILL/HannahDursleyIG
157HILL, AnnC12 Aug 1704James HILL/ThomasionNewentIG
158HILL, AnneC28 Aug 1705James HILL/ThomasinNewentIG
159HILL, AnnM14 Apr 1707Charles SAVORYFairfordIG
160HILL, AnnC22 Jun 1707John HILL/MaryFrampton on S.IG
161HILL, AnneC06 Nov 1711Abraham HILL/SarahUleyIG
162HILL, AnnM17 Aug 1712William DREWTetburyIG
163HILL, AnnC30 Aug 1713Joseph HILL/WoodchesterIG
164HILL, AnneM26 Mar 1714John BROWNINGHaresfieldIG
165HILL, AnnC21 Jul 1714Sam HILL/SarahCromhallIG
166HILL, AnnC12 Nov 1715Guy HILL/NewentIG
167HILL, AnneC20 Nov 1715Guy HILL/PatienceNewentIG
168HILL, AnneC10 Feb 1715/6John HILL/BisleyIG
169HILL, AnnC17 Apr 1716Abraham HILL/SarahUleyIG
170HILL, AnneM30 Dec 1716William SAVORYGloster,St NicIG
171HILL, AnneC08 Jun 1717Benjamin HILL/BisleyIG
172HILL, AnnC12 Oct 1718Richard HILL/MaryFretherneIG
173HILL, AnnC02 Jan 1718/9Benj HILL/EstherWotton u-EdgeIG
174HILL, AnnC04 Jan 1718/9Guy HILL/NewentIG
175HILL, Anne ("infant" in IGI)C26 Sep 1719d. James HILL/BerkeleyTR
176HILL, AnneC06 Mar 1720/1Wm. HILL/Elizab.Gloster,St MicIG
177HILL, AnnaC04 May 1724Richard HILL/MaryFretherneIG
178HILL, AnneC06 Feb 1724/5John HILL/MaryMinchinhamptonIG
179HILL, AnneC06 Feb 1725/6/Elizabeth HILLHardwickeIG
180HILL, AnneC10 Mar 1726/7George HILL/AnneNewentIG
181HILL, AnnC20 Mar 1726/7George HILL/NewentIG
182HILL, Ann (?d.1768)C26 Dec 1729Thos HILL/ThornburyIG
183HILL, AnnC10 May 1731James HILL/NewentIG
184HILL, AnnM22 May 1731Edward MUNDY; fforreignersDursleyPR
185HILL, Ann (d.1732)C14 Sep 1731d. John/Sarah HILLDursleyPR
186HILL, Ann (b.1731)S18 Jul 1732d. John/Sarah HILLDursleyPR
187HILLE, AnnM26 Sep 1732Henry COBBKingscoteIG
188HILL, AnneC27 Nov 1733Danl HILL/ElizAshleyIG
189HILL, Ann (?b.1704)M04 May 1737Peter WRIGHTDursleyIG
190HILL, Ann (m.1774)C30 Oct 1737d. Joseph/Ann HILLFrampton on S.PR
191HILL, AnnC22 May 1738Richard HILL/SusannaWotton u-EdgeIG
192HILL, AnneM28 May 1739Lawrence BOLTONBisleyIG
193HILL, AnnC30 Jun 1739d. Joseph/Alliss HILLUleyPR
194HILL, AnnM18 Sep 1740Pitman COLLINGBOURNEWoodchesterIG
195HILL, Anne (d.1740)C26 Oct 1740John HILL/SarahCoaleyIG
196HILL, Anne (b.1740)S11 Nov 1740d. John HILL/CoaleyPR
197HILL, AnnC22 Nov 1741John HILL/BerkeleyIG
198HILL, AnnC11 May 1743Joseph HILL/WoodchesterIG
199HILL, AnnC28 Mar 1744Thomas HILL/NewentIG
200HILL, Ann (m.1771)C09 Jun 1745d. George/Ann HILLCamPR
201HILL, AnnC05 Feb 1747/8George HILL/AnnNewentIG
202HILL, AnneC01 Sep 1748Thomas HILL/JaneMinchinhamptonIG
203HILL, AnnC02 Aug 1749d. Benjamin/Elizh HILLDursleyPR
204HILL, NancyC06 Dec 1749William HILL/ElizabethNewentIG
205HILL, AnnC05 Nov 1751John HILL/NewentIG
206HILL, AnnC09 Aug 1752Thomas HILL/TetburyIG
207HILL, Anne (m.1774)C21 Jan 1753John HILL/AnneHorsleyIG
208HILL, AnnC30 Sep 1753Jasper HILL/MaryUleyIG
209HILL, AnnM21 Oct 1753Robert DADDGloster,St NicIG
210DAVIS, AnnD15 Apr 1754N.K. DAVIS/; aged 75: on a Hill inscriptionDursleyBI
211HILL, AnneC07 Jul 1754William HILL/BisleyIG
212HILL, AnnC02 Aug 1756Richd HILL/WoodchesterIG
213HILL, AnnC17 Nov 1756Willm HILL/WoodchesterIG
214HILL, AnnS11 Nov 1757w. Jos HILL/Frampton on S.PR
215HILL, Ann (d.1759)C11 Feb 1758d. Isaac/Sarah HILLCamPR
216HILL, Ann (b.1758)S23 Jun 1759d. Isaac/Sarah HILLCamPR
217HILL, AnnC23 Mar 1760James HILL/AnnNewentIG
218HILL, AnnC23 Mar 1761James HILL/AnnUleyIG
219HILL, AnnC08 Apr 1761d. Isaac/Sarah HILLDursleyPR
220HILL, AnnC18 Apr 1761d. Isaac/Sarah HILLCamPR
221HILL, AnnC07 Nov 1761d. John/Dinah HILLCamPR
222HILL, AnnM09 Jan 1762Moses MOODYHartpuryIG
223HILL, AnnM02 Feb 1762Richd. WARRENBisleyIG
224HILL, NancyC03 Oct 1762/Mary HILL; base childHorsleyPR
225HILL, AnneC17 Dec 1762John HILL/AnneHartpuryIG
226HILL, AnnC12 Jun 1763John HILL/CoaleyIG
227HILL, AnnC20 Nov 1763John HILL/ElizabethNewington Ba.IG
228HILL, AnnC13 Jun 1766Jasper HILL/MaryUleyIG
229HILL, AnnC01 Jul 1767/Sarah HILL; (IGI agrees)CamPR
230HILL, AnnC26 Aug 1768Thomas HILL/JaneMiserdenIG
231HILL, Ann (single woman)S30 Dec 1768d. 28.12 Aged 42: WorkhouseThornburyPR
232HILL, AnneC01 Jul 1770Robert HILL/SarahBrookthorpeIG
233HILL, Ann (née Heath)S02 Sep 1770w. Willm. HILL/DursleyPR
234HILL, Ann (?Hannah:b.1770)S12 Oct 1770d. William HILL/DursleyPR
235HILL, AnnM09 Nov 1770William WILLIAMSNewentIG
236HILL, AnnC05 Feb 1771/Eliz HILLBisleyIG
237HILL, AnnC10 Feb 1771Richard HILL/MaryForthamptonIG
238HILL, Ann (X: sp.o.t.p./b.1745)M07 Jul 1771Nicholas BALL; X: ba.o.t.p. W-Sam(X)CamPR
239HILL, Ann (m.1792)C29 Mar 1772d. William/Ann HILLDursleyPR
240HILL, Ann (qv Eastington)C17 Aug 1772William HILL/TabithaMinchinhamptonIG
241HILL, Ann (née Phillimore)S23 Oct 1772widowCamPR
242HILL, AnnC02 May 1773Benjamin HILL/HesterCharfieldIG
243HILL, AnnS14 Oct 1773N.O.D.DursleyPR
244HILL, AnnC27 Mar 1774John HILL/AnnDursley,NCIG
245HILL, Ann (m.1737)M18 Aug 1774John CARTERFrampton on S.IG
246HILL, Ann (m.1795)C09 Oct 1774d. Samuel/Edith HILLCamPR
247HILL, AnneC13 Nov 1774James HILL/AnneGloster,St MyLIG
248HILL, Ann (b.1753)M08 Dec 1774Caleb MILDWATERSHorsleyIG
249HILL, Anne (q.v. Mary: 5.5.1775)M   May 1775John DENLEYCh.AbbottsIG
250HILL, AnnM08 Jul 1775Jeremiah OCCOLTetburyIG
251HILL, AnnM05 Aug 1775Richard LOWEWickwarIG
252HILL, AnnM13 Aug 1775John COLLIERDursleyIG
253HILL, AnnC05 Nov 1775John HILL/ElizabethNewington Ba.IG
254HILL, Ann (m.1802)C19 Nov 1775John HILL/CoaleyIG
255HILL, AnnC05 Aug 1777George HILL/SarahSlimbridgeIG
256HILL, AnnC31 Jan 1778John HILL/SarahSaulIG
257HILL, AnneM10 Aug 1778George STRATFORDFrampton on S.IG
258HILL, AnnM23 Feb 1779James HILLGloster,St NicIG
259HILL or SMITH, AnneM23 Feb 1779James HILLGloster,St NicIG
260HILL, AnnC26 Mar 1779John HILL/CatherineGloster,St NicIG
261HILL, AnnC28 Nov 1779John HILL/SarahMinchinhamptonIG
262HILL, AnnC02 Feb 1780James HILL/AnnGloster,St NicIG
263HILL, AnnM05 Apr 1780Thomas FISHERWoodchesterIG
264HILL, AnnM10 Apr 1780Solomon FISHERWoodchesterIG
265HILL, AnnC15 Apr 1781Eli HILL/BisleyIG
266HILL, NannyC30 Mar 1783William HILL/MarySevenhamptonIG
267HILL, AnnC25 Sep 1783Richard HILL/ElizabethNewentIG
268HILL, AnnC18 Feb 1784James HILL/MaryCoaleyIG
269HILL, AnnC08 Apr 1784/Mary HILLNewentIG
270HILL, AnnM01 May 1785William JACKSONUleyIG
271HILL, AnnM24 Jul 1785John TROTMANDursleyIG
272HILL, AnnC25 Jul 1785William HILL/MaryUleyIG
273HILL, Ann (X: sp.o.t.p.)M21 Oct 1785William COOPEY; X: ba.o.t.p. W-Jno(X)CamPR
274HILL, AnnM26 Feb 1786Joseph HORWOODHorsleyIG
275HILL, AnnC10 Jul 1788d. John/Esther HILLCamPR
276HILL, AnnC16 Jul 1789Joseph HILL/MaryDymockIG
277HILL, AnneC05 Sep 1789Richard HILL/ElizabethNewentIG
278HILL, AnnS06 Sep 1789d. Elizabeth HILL/; at sole Expense of ParishDursleyPR
279HILL, Nancy (X: sp.o.t.p.)M28 Sep 1790William GABB; X: ba.o.t.p. W-Saml(S)CamPR
280HILL, AnnC17 Oct 1790John HILL/SarahNewentIG
281HILL, AnnC26 Dec 1790Thomas HILL/MarthaMinchinhamptonIG
282HILL, NanneyC24 Apr 1791Richard HILL/WoodchesterIG
283HILL, Ann (X: sp.o.t.p.)M24 May 1791William POWEL; sg: ba.o.t.p. W-Chas(sg)CamPR
284HILL, Anne (X:)M22 Apr 1792John COSSHAM; sg: both o.t.p. BannsThornburyPR
285HILL, AnnC15 Jul 1792John HILL/MaryMinchinhamptonIG
286HILL, AnneM08 Sep 1793John ALLENStroudIG
287HILL, AnnC27 Dec 1793George HILL/SarahUleyIG
288HILL, AnnM30 Jan 1794William Slade EDWARDSTetburyIG
289HILL, AnnM20 Feb 1794Thomas WARNERNewentIG
290HILL, AnnM02 Jul 1795Richard SHILLCoaleyIG
291HILL, AnneC04 Oct 1795William HILL/AnneNewentIG
292HILL, AnnC04 Oct 1795Jonathan HILL/AnnNewentIG
293HILL, Ann (X: sp.o.t.p./b.1774)M27 Oct 1795Thomas HOWEL; X: ba.o.t.p. W-Geo(S)CamPR
294HILL, AnneC       1796Solomon HILL/BisleyIG
295HILL, Ann (X: wi.o.t.p.)M05 Dec 1796Thomas BAYLY; X: ba.o.t.p.CamPR
296HILL, AnnM24 Jul 1797Isaac HARRISONMinchinhamptonIG
297HILL, AnnM27 Aug 1797William HAIREastingtonIG
298HILL, AnneM11 Oct 1798Samuel CARTERWeston on AvonIG
299HILL, AnnM27 May 1799Charles WHEELERGloster,St NicIG
300HILL, AnnC23 Aug 1801Thomas HILL/MaryMinchinhamptonIG
301HILL, AnnC25 Nov 1801Thomas HILL/ElizabethUleyIG
302HILL, Ann (b.1775)M24 Apr 1802Thomas ELLIOTSCoaleyIG
303HILL, AnnC29 Aug 1802Thomas HILL/MaryMinchinhamptonIG
304HILL, AnnC30 May 1803Henry HILL/ElizabethUleyIG
305HILL, AnnC14 Apr 1804Thomas HILL/BerkeleyIG
306HILL, AnnM06 Nov 1804James JACKSONWoodchesterIG
307HILL, NancyC06 Apr 1806John HILL/MaryHardwickeIG
308HILL, AnnM06 May 1806Thomas WALLMinchinhamptonIG
309HILL, AnnM25 Sep 1806Samuel CRATCHLEYOwlpenIG
310HILL, AnnC07 Dec 1806d. John/Elizabeth HILLCamPR
311HILL, AnnC26 Jan 1807William HILL/BettyElmoreIG
312HILL, Ann (?m.1834)C19 Nov 1809d. Charles/Hannah HILL; b.13.5.08StinchcombeTR
313HILL, Ann (?m.1836)C24 Aug 1812d. William/Hannah HILL; b.18.7.12StinchcombeTR
314HILL, AnnM02 Nov 1812Thomas WEBBNorth NibleyIG
315HILL, AnneC06 Jun 1813James HILL/MaryEastingtonIG
316HILL, Ann (née Bennett)S30 Jan 1814of Thornbury; aged 63ThornburyPR
317HILL, AnnC14 May 1815Reuben/Hester HILL; Cam MasonCamPR
318HILL, AnneC24 Sep 1815William HILL/MaryStroudIG
319HILL, Anne (or Jane)M02 Oct 1815Richard BEARDBisleyIG
320HILL, AnnC28 Nov 1815Jacob HILL/EleanorUleyIG
321HILL, AnnM13 Jan 1816James BAKERMinchinhamptonIG
322HILL, AnneC09 May 1816Charles HILL/AnneUleyIG
323HILL, AnnC04 Aug 1816Robert HILL/SarahUleyIG
324HILL, AnnM07 Jul 1817Benjamin LEECHUleyIG
325HILL, AnnC28 Sep 1817Joseph HILL/AliceStandishIG
326HILL, AnneC05 Dec 1819Matthew HILL/AnneNorth NibleyIG
327HILL, AnnC20 Dec 1819Elijah HILL/SarahBerkeleyIG
328HILL/BERT, AnnC25 Dec 1820Henry HILL/Elizabeth BERTDursleyIG
329HILL, AnnC14 Jun 1821Joseph HILL/AnnEastingtonIG
330HILL, AnnM13 Sep 1821Job WILKINSMinchinhamptonIG
331HILL, AnnM18 Mar 1822Nathaniel BLUNSDENOwlpenIG
332HILL, AnnM06 Jan 1825Thomas WOODWARDNorth NibleyIG
333HILL, AnneC20 Nov 1825/Anne HILLBerkeleyIG
334HILL, AnnC07 May 1826Joseph/Comfort HILL; Cam LabourerCamPR
335HILL/LATHAM, AnnC19 Sep 1826Nathaniel HILL/Jane LATHAMStroudIG
336HILL, AnnC25 Jan 1827/Ann HILLUleyIG
337HILL, AnnC01 Apr 1827George HILL/HannahFrampton on S.IG
338HILL, AnnM27 Sep 1828John DAUNCEYDursleyIG
339HILL, AnnM27 Jul 1829George DAVISRodboroughIG
340HOWELL, Ann (née Hill)S13 Dec 1832of Cam; aged 58CamPR
341HILL, AnnC20 Oct 1833John HILL/ElizabethDursleyIG
342HILL, Ann (?b.1808/9)M13 Jun 1834Samuel HILLStinchcombeIG
343HILL, AnnC11 Oct 1835/Eliza HILLDursleyIG
344HILL, AnneC15 Feb 1836John HILL/ElizabethDursleyIG
345HILL, AnneC23 Mar 1836Samuel/Hannah HILL; Cam WeaverCamPR
346HILL, Ann (?b.1812)M14 Aug 1836James POWELLCamIG
347HILL, AnnC26 Mar 1837Willm HILL/MaryUleyIG
348HILL, AnnC03 Sep 1837Samuel HILL/SarahUleyIG
349HILL, AnnS16 Jan 1842of Frampton; aged 92Frampton on S.PR
350HILL, Ann (w.Wilm:née Howell)S16 Jun 1842of Stinchcombe; aged 76StinchcombePR
351HILL, AnnS21 Oct 1850of Dursley Union (no age stated)CamPR
352HILL, Anna MariaC11 Jul 1779Thomas HILL/MaryRangeworthyIG
353HILL, Ann MariaC24 Feb 1826Peter/Rebecca HILL; Cam WeaverCamPR
354HILL, Ann SophiaC10 Jan 1813Robert HILL/SarahUleyIG
355HILL, Ansloe (m.1748/9)C11 Jul 1725Edward HILL/BisleyIG
356HILL, Anslow (b.1725)M01 Feb 1748/9Elizabeth RESTALLBisleyIG
357HYLL, AnthonyC04 Oct 1601Humfrey HYLL/NewentIG
358HILL, AnthonyC25 May 1701John HILL/ElizabethGloster,St MicIG
359HILL, ArnoldM31 Jul 1617Johane BAYLYNewentIG
360HILL, ArtherC07 Apr 1622Thomas HILL/UleyIG
361HILL, AustineC20 Feb 1702/3John HILL/ElizabUleyIG
362HILL, AvisM02 May 1622John HOLFORDHardwickeIG
363HILL, Bathsheba (m.1816)C23 Oct 1800/Betty HILLDursleyIG
364HILL, Bathsheba (b.1800)M25 Aug 1816Dytus VIZARDDursleyIG
365HILL, BenjaminC06 Jul 1689s. Mris. HILL/CamPR
366HILL, BenjaminM05 Aug 1697AveningIG
367HILL, BenjaminC15 Sep 1709Joseph HILL/MaryGloster,St NicIG
368HILL, BenjaminM07 Feb 1709/10Hester NELMESYateIG
369HILL, Benjamin (m.1748)C24 Apr 1726s. Saml./Eliz: HILLDursleyPR
370HILL, BenjaminC14 May 1732Benjamin HILL/SarahAveningIG
371HILL, BenjaminC13 May 1737s. Joseph HILL/; Tything of AlkingtonBerkeleyTR
372HILL, BenjaminP       1741of AveningAveningWC
373HILL, BenjM10 Jan 1741/2Ann YOUNGBisleyIG
374HILL, BenjaminM09 Oct 1743Ann NEWGloster,St NicIG
375HILL, BenjaminC25 May 1747Benjn HILL/BisleyIG
376HILL, Benjamin (b.1726)M26 Jun 1748Elizabeth WORKMAN; (or 3.7.49)DursleyIG
377HILL, Benjamin (m.1777)C11 Dec 1753s. Benjamin/Elizabeth HILLDursleyPR
378HILL, BenjaminC17 Nov 1756Ansloe HILL/BisleyIG
379HILL, Benjamin (m.1792)C02 Oct 1758Ansloe HILL/BisleyIG
380HILL, Benjamin (m.1804:WILL)C17 Jan 1774s. John/Sarah HILLCoaleyPR
381HILL, BenjaminC05 Jul 1775Daniel HILL/SarahDursleyIG
382HILL, BenjaminC05 Jul 1776Thomas HILL/MaryDursleyIG
383HILL, Benjamin (b.1753)M26 May 1777Sarah LONGDursleyIG
384HILL, BenjaminC25 Nov 1781Benj HILL/ElizCharfieldIG
385HILL, BenoniC02 Jun 1790Elijah HILL/EleanorGloster,St MyLIG
386HILL, Benjamin (b.1758)M07 Feb 1792Betty BENNETTBisleyIG
387HILL, BenjaminC29 Sep 1795Joseph HILL/MaryNewentIG
388HILL, BenjaminC       1799William HILL/MaryHasfieldIG
389HILL, BenjaminC01 Sep 1799Henry HILL/ElizabethUleyIG
390HILL, Benjn (m.1821)C04 May 1800Danl HILL/MaryStroudIG
391HILL, Benjamin (1774-1820)M16 May 1804Maria POWELLBerkeleyIG
392HILL, BenjaminM28 Sep 1807Mary STOKESTetburyIG
393HILL/FLETCHER, BenjaminC17 Jan 1808Moses HILL/Elizabeth FLETCHERStroudIG
394HILL, BenjaminC06 Jan 1810Benjamin HILL/MaryTetburyIG
395HILL, BenjaminM28 Dec 1817/8Sarah WALLUleyIG
396HILL, Benjamin (b.1774)S31 Jan 1820of Coaley; aged 45CoaleyPR
397HILL, BenjaminC02 Jul 1820John HILL/FrancisMinchinhamptonIG
398HILL, BenjaminP15 Jul 1820of CoaleyCoaleyWC
399HILL, Benjamin (b.1800)M25 Aug 1821Ann Baugham or BANGHAMBisleyIG
400HILL, BenjaminM04 Sep 1826Mary LITTLEHempstedIG
401HILL, BridgettC13 Feb 1575/6Gyles HILL/MinchinhamptonIG
402HILL, Bridget (née Wormewood)S29 Jan 1638/9w. Michael HILL/StinchcombeTR
403HILL, Caleb (?d.1754)C08 Sep 1709Abraham HILL/SarahUleyIG
404HILL, CalebC23 Oct 1742s. Joseph HILL/:& AliceUleyPR
405HILL, Caleb (?m.1774)C09 Oct 1747Joseph HILL/AlisUleyIG
406HILL, Caleb (?b.1709)S09 May 1754N.O.D.UleyPR
407HILL, Caleb (?b.1747)M24 Feb 1774Anne RICHARDSMinchinhamptonIG
408HILL, CaralineC11 Oct 1797Joseph HILL/ElizabethGloster,St MyLIG
409HILL, CarolineC10 Apr 1814William HILL/MaryStroudIG
410HILL, CarolinaC11 Apr 1819James HILL/SarahDursley,NCIG
411HILL, CarolineC25 Dec 1820Richard HILL/MarieMinchinhamptonIG
412HILL, CarolineC22 Dec 1822William HILL/MaryMinchinhamptonIG
413HILL, CarolineC15 May 1827William/Sarah HILL; Cam WeaverCamPR
414HILL, CarolineC24 Jul 1832Charles HILL/AnnUleyIG
415HILL, CarolineC03 Sep 1837Samuel HILL/SarahUleyIG
416HILL, Caroline MargaretC17 Sep 1826/Sarah HILL; Cam basebornCamPR
417HILL, KatherinC15 Jul 1607Edward HILL/Gloster,St MyLIG
418HILL, KatherineC28 Sep 1616Christofer HILL/NewentIG
419HILL, KatherineM01 Feb 1618/9Henry EDWARDSNewentIG
420HILL, CatherinC18 Feb 1625/6d. John HILL/CamPR
421HILL, KathrineM16 Oct 1630Thomas WESTHenburyIG
422HILL, CatharineC       1696Edward HILL/MaryDursleyIG
423HILL, CatherineM13 Oct 1717Robert THURSTONYateIG
424HILL, CatherineM17 Nov 1746John BALDWINTetburyIG
425HILL, CatherineM26 Apr 1781Stephen HANKSDursleyIG
426HILL, CatharineM02 Apr 1825Joseph PARTRIDGERodboroughIG
427HILL, CiceleC27 Apr 1586ElmoreIG
428HILL, CicilieC24 Aug 1587Morrys HILL/SistonIG
429HILL, Celia (m.1808)C13 Jun 1784/Sarah HILLStoneIG
430HILL, Celia (m.1816)C13 Aug 1797d. Charles/Hannah HILLCamPR
431HILL, Celia (b.1784)M26 May 1808Samuel FRENCHFrocesterIG
432HILL, Celia (sp.o.t.p./b.1797)M24 Feb 1816William BAILEY; ba.o.t.p. St OwenStinchcombeIN
433HILL, CharlotteC13 Feb 1748/9George HILL/JaneRodboroughIG
434HILL, CharlotteC       1784Eli HILL/BisleyIG
435HILL, CharlotteC09 Jun 1793/Rebecca HILLYateIG
436HILL, Charlott (d.1817)C23 Nov 1800d. Charles/Hannah HILLCamPR
437HILL, CharlotteC30 Jan 1803Edward HILL/HannahDursleyIG
438HILL, Charlotte (m.1823)C01 Apr 1803Richard HILL/PriscillaRodboroughIG
439HILL, CharlotteC13 Feb 1804James HILL/MaryEastingtonIG
440HILL, CharlotteC12 Jun 1806/Mary HILLDursleyIG
441HILL, CharlotteC21 Jun 1807/Hariet HILLDursleyIG
442HILL, Charlotte (m.1834)C20 Oct 1808/Lois HILL; basebornCamPR
443HILL, CharlottaC06 Jan 1809Jno HILL/HesterWotton u-EdgeIG
444HILL, Charlotte (m.1828)C22 Apr 1810/Mary HILLBisleyIG
445HILL, CharlotteC10 Jan 1816Samuel HILL/SarahUleyIG
446HILL, CharlotteC12 Jan 1817Joseph HILL/AnnEastingtonIG
447HILL, Charlotte (b.1800)S23 Aug 1817of Stinchcombe; aged 16CamPR
448HILL, CharlotteC25 Jan 1818William HILL/MariaK.StanleyIG
449HILL, CharlotteC02 Aug 1818Thomas HILL/AnnStroudIG
450HILL, CharlotteM29 Jul 1822Daniel TUCKERNorth NibleyIG
451HILL, Charlotte (b.1800)M07 Aug 1823John FLIGHTRodboroughIG
452HILL, CharlotteM16 Jul 1826Isaac GIFFORDEastingtonIG
453HILL, Charlotte (b.1810)M25 Dec 1828Thomas TAYLORBisleyIG
454HILL, CharlotteC19 Aug 1831Edmund HILL/CharlotteCoaleyIG
455HILL, CharlotteM11 Sep 1831John BROTHERSDursleyIG
456HILL, CharlotteC28 Feb 1832Joseph HILL/HarrietDursleyIG
457HILL, CharlotteM25 Jul 1833Edward SHELTONCoaleyIG
458HILL, Charlotte (b.1808)M02 Mar 1834George BULLOCKCamIG
459HILL, CharlotteM26 Aug 1834Thomas WOODDursleyIG
460HILL, Charlotte (d.1835)C05 Oct 1834William/Sarah HILL; Cam WeaverCamPR
461HILL, Charlotte (b.1834)S18 Jun 1835of Cam; aged 1CamPR
462HILL, Charlotte GriffinC07 Oct 1827Thomas HILL/MaryMinchinhamptonIG
463HILL, CharlesM30 Jun 1700Mary TROTMANUleyIG
464HILL, CharlesM06 Jun 1720Elizabeth PACKERGloster,St MyCIG
465HILL, CharlesC21 Nov 1773Thos HILL/Hester; (N.O. in IGI)StroudIG
466HILL, CharlesC07 Apr 1776Eli HILL/BisleyIG
467HILL, CharlesC07 Jan 1784Nathaniel HILL/MarthaRodboroughIG
468HILL, CharlesW24 May 1791William POWEL/Ann HILLCamPR
469HILL, Charles (m.1818)C26 Dec 1792William HILL/HesterUleyIG
470HILL, Charles (of Cam)M13 Sep 1794Hannah SPRATTCoaleyPH
471HILL, Charles (m.1822:d.1832)C05 Sep 1802s. William/Hannah HILLCamPR
472HILL, CharlesC29 May 1803George HILL/SusannahK.StanleyIG
473HILL/FLETCHER, CharlesC04 Mar 1804Moses HILL/Elizabeth FLETCHERStroudIG
474HILL, CharlesC11 Mar 1804Isaac HILL/BisleyIG
475HILL, CharlesC21 May 1804William HILL/AnnUleyIG
476HILL, CharlesM12 Apr 1806Elizabeth BARRETTTetburyIG
477HILL, CharlesC14 Dec 1815Samuel HILL/AnnSlimbridgeIG
478HILL, CharlesC10 Jan 1816Samuel HILL/SarahUleyIG
479HILL, CharlesC02 Aug 1818Thomas HILL/AnnStroudIG
480HILL, Charles (b.1794)M11 Aug 1818Ann WHITEUleyIG
481HILL, CharlesC06 Sep 1818Joseph HILL/HarrietUleyIG
482HILL, CharlesC14 Jul 1819James HILL/ArabellaDursleyIG
483HILL, CharlesC27 May 1821Thomas HILL/AnnStroudIG
484HILL, Charles (1802-1832)M05 May 1822Maria HORWOODCamIG
485HILL/WHITE, CharlesC22 Sep 1822Charles HILL/Ann WHITEUleyIG
486HILL, CharlesS25 Nov 1824of Stinchcombe; aged 7CamPR
487HILL, CharlesM17 Apr 1828Sarah WOODDursleyIG
488HILL, CharlesC31 May 1829Henry HILL/ElizabethDursleyIG
489HILL, CharlesC28 May 1831William/Eliza HILL; Dursley BakerCamPR
490HILL, Chas (b.1802:m.1822)S11 Jan 1832of Dursley; aged 29CamPR
491HILL, CharlesM12 Feb 1832Hester GARDINERRodboroughIG
492HILL, CharlesM29 Apr 1833Sarah FREEBURYRodboroughIG
493HILL, CharlesC17 Jul 1833/Sarah HILLThornburyIG
494HILL, CharlesC23 Feb 1834William HILL/ElizaStonehouseIG
495HILL, CharlesC27 Jul 1834Joseph HILL/DursleyIG
496HILL, CharlesC30 Nov 1834Daniel HILL/MariahAveningIG
497HILL, CharlesC13 Sep 1835Richard HILL/JaneDursleyIG
498HILL, CharlesM27 Mar 1836Harriet VINERBisleyIG
499HILL, CharlesC09 Oct 1836Joseph HILL/HarrietDursleyIG
500HILL, Charles (m.1794)S23 Jun 1841of Stinchcombe; aged 74CamPR
501HILL, Charles WalterC24 Jul 1831William HILL/ElizaDursleyIG
502HILL, Charles WilliamC09 Feb 1834/Ann HILLDursleyIG
503HILL, ChristianC05 Feb 1626/7Grymbald HILL/NewentIG
504HILL, ChristianC08 Feb 1674/5James HILL/NewentIG
505HILL, Christian (?m.1781)C01 Sep 1736d. George/Ann HILLCamPR
506HILL, XtianM12 Apr 1746John HALLIERTytheringtonIG
507HILL, ChristianL25 Mar 1764Enoch Summers; note: last Banns readCamPR
508HILL, ChristainC15 Jun 1776William HILL/BerkeleyIG
509HILL, Christian (b.1736)M29 Oct 1781Daniel HALE; also at SlimbridgeNympsfieldIG
510HILL, ChristianS27 Nov 1790w. William HILL/; butcherBerkeleyTR
511HILL, Christian (m.1820)C27 Mar 1796d. William/Hannah HILLCamPR
512HILL, Christian (b.1796)M30 Jul 1820William COXCamIN
513HILL, ChristopherM       1585ELIZABETHElmoreIG
514HILL, ChristopherM21 Apr 1623Susana AVERYHorsleyIG
515HILL or ATKINS, ChristopherM09 Oct 1631Hester HILLHorsleyIG
516HILL, Charaty (m.1765)C21 Mar 1739/40d. Enock/Martha HILLUleyPR
517HILL, Charity (b.1739)M22 Jun 1765Richard COBBUleyIG
518HILL, Clara JaneC20 Jun 1832John HILL/JaneWotton u-EdgeIG
519HILL, ComfortC25 May 1797John HILL/ElizthGloster,St NicIG
520HILL, Comfort (d.1818)C15 Nov 1807Joseph HILL/ComfortElmoreIG
521HILL, Comfort (b.1807)S19 Apr 1818of Cam; aged 10CamPR
522HILL, ComfortC21 May 1820Joseph/Comfort HILL; Cam LabourerCamPR
523HILL, ComfortC06 Mar 1825William HILL/RosannahBrookthorpeIG
524HILL, Comfort (née Merrett)S05 Jul 1854of Upper Cam; aged 68CamPR
525HIL, DanielC24 Dec 1580Nicholas HIL/StandishIG
526HILL, DanC17 Dec 1681Tho HILL/HannahDursleyIG
527HILL, DaniellC02 Feb 1682/3Tho HILL/HannahDursleyIG
528HILL, DanielM12 Oct 1695Sarah COALEMiserdenIG
529HILL, DanielM17 May 1724Mary OCKFORDStroudIG
530HILL, Daniel (?1682-1757)M16 Aug 1731Jane WOODDursleyIG
531HILL, DanielC14 Feb 1733/4s. Daniel HILL/; of DurslyCam,NCPR
532HILL, Daniel (m.1763)C27 Dec 1743s. Enock HILL/:& MarthaUleyPR
533HILL, Daniel (m.1775)C07 Jul 1745Thomas HILL/StroudIG
534HILL, Daniel (d.1788)M05 Nov 1745Elizabeth HURLSTONEDursleyIG
535HILL, Daniel (re-mar)M23 Aug 1755Ann HALLOWSDursleyIG
536HILL, Daniel (?b.1682:m.1731)S17 Apr 1757N.O.D.DursleyPR
537HILL, DanielC03 Nov 1759s. Mas. HILL/:& Sarah; presumably Maurice/, & SarahDursleyPR
538HILL, Daniel (d.1761)C10 Nov 1760s. Danl./Elizh. HILLDursleyPR
539HILL, Daniel (b.1760)S15 Aug 1761s. Danl./Elizh. HILLDursleyPR
540HILL, Daniel (b.1743)M06 Mar 1763Hannah KNIGHTUleyIG
541HILL, DanielC23 Jul 1769Daniel HILL/HannahUleyIG
542HILL, Daniel (sg: wi.o.t.p.)M25 Sep 1771Sarah CURNOCK; X: sp.o.t.p.DursleyPR
543HILL, Daniel (b.1745)M28 Feb 1775Mary SILCOXRodboroughIG
544HILL, Danl. (d.1775)C10 Sep 1775s. Thos./Mary HILLDursleyPR
545HILL, Danl. (b.1775)S26 Oct 1775s. Thos./Mary HILLDursleyPR
546HILL, DanielC17 Nov 1776Daniel HILL/MaryStroudIG
547HILL, DanielC03 Jun 1781s. Thomas/Mary HILLDursleyPR
548HILL, Daniel (1m.1745)S18 Jun 1788N.O.D.DursleyPR
549HILL, DanielM11 Feb 1793Sarah HILLMinchinhamptonIG
550HILL, DanielC25 Dec 1796John HILL/MaryUleyIG
551HILL, Daniel (m.1819)C04 Feb 1798s. William/Hannah HILLCamPR
552HILL, DanielC23 Dec 1804Edward HILL/HannahDursleyIG
553HILL, DanielC25 Jun 1809William HILL/AnnUleyIG
554HILL, DanielC10 Mar 1816Edmund HILL/CharlotteStinchcombeIG
555HILL, DanielC12 May 1816Joseph/Comfort HILL; Coaley LabourerCoaleyPR
556HILL, Daniel (b.1798)M11 Mar 1819Sarah NICHOLLSCamIN
557HILL, Daniel (d.1827)C27 Aug 1826Daniel/Sarah HILL; Cam WeaverCamPR
558HILL, DanC29 Oct 1826Samuel HILL/CharlotteUleyIG
559HILL, Daniel (b.1826)S04 Mar 1827of Cam; aged 9moCamPR
560HILL, DanielC17 Feb 1828s. William/Mary HILL; (Cam): b.16.12.27Cam,NCPR
561HILL, DanielS03 Jun 1832of Eastington; aged 85EastingtonPR
562HILL, DanielM03 Dec 1835Martha FLETCHERBrookthorpeIG
563HILL, David (d.1805)C19 Dec 1802s. George/Elizabeth HILLCamPR
564HILL, David (b.1802)S18 Jan 1805an infantCamPR
565HILL, DavidC01 Jan 1820William/Sarah HILL; Cam WeaverCamPR
566HILL, DavidC07 Jun 1829Samuel HILL/CharlotteUleyIG

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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