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Some Records of EVERETTS in Dursley (1671-1787)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Anne to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1EVERRETS, AnnC02 Jun 1717d. Thomas/Mary EVERRETSDursleyPR
2EVERETTS, AnnM31 Mar 1719William JENNERDursleyPR
3EVERETTS, AnnC17 May 1725d. William/Jane EVERETTSDursleyPR
4EVERETTS, AnnS02 Jul 1760N.O.D.DursleyPR
5?ERRETT, EdwardC21 Dec 1726s. Peter/Martha ?ERRETTDursleyPR
6EVERETTS, ElizabethS30 Aug 1712w. Thomas EVERETTS/DursleyPR
7EVERETTS, ElizabethS21 Jul 1713widDursleyPR
8EVERETTS, Eliz: (d.1723)C17 May 1723d. John/Eliz: EVERETTSDursleyPR
9EVERETTS, Eliz: (b.1723)S18 May 1723d. John/Eliz: EVERETTSDursleyPR
10EVERRETTS, Elizabeth (d.1724)C30 Apr 1724d. John/Eliz: EVERRETTSDursleyPR
11EVERRETTS, Elizabeth (b.1724)S01 May 1724d. John/Eliz: EVERRETTSDursleyPR
12EVERETT, ElizabethC11 Dec 1727d. John/Eliz: EVERETTDursleyPR
13EVERRETTS, ElizC16 Mar 1733/4d. Tho:/Eliz EVERRETTSDursleyPR
14EVERED, ElizabethM07 Apr 1756Edward REEVESChiseldonIG
15EVERETTS, ElizabethS29 Nov 1756widow; (?w. John or Thos Everetts)DursleyPR
16EVERETT, ElizabethD06 Aug 1767w. John EVERETT/; Aged 68DursleyBI
17EVERAT, ElizabethS06 Mar 1783N.O.D.CamPR
18EVERITT, ElizabethM10 Apr 1787William TRAYHERNEThornburyIG
19EVERETT, EstherC08 Aug 1671d. Philip/Ruth EVERETTCamPR
20EVERRETTS, EstherM26 Jun 1717William KITTERELLDursleyPR
21EVERETTS, Esther (m.1747)C08 Mar 1718/9d. Tho:/Mary EVERETTSDursleyPR
22EVERET, Hester (b.1718)M27 Mar 1747Arthur PERRYDursleyPR
23EVERETTS, HughC22 Sep 1685s. John EVERETTS, butcher/:& Margrit h/wDursleyPR
24EVERRETTS, Hugh (d.1781)C20 Sep 1729s. William/Jane EVERRETTSDursleyPR
25EVERETT, HughS03 Oct 1774N.O.D.DursleyPR
26EVERETT, Hugh (b.1729)D26 Oct 1781N.K. EVERETT/; aged 52: BIDursleyBI
27EVERETT, HughS08 Feb 1784N.O.D.DursleyPR
28EVERETTS, JoanS07 Nov 1752widow; (?w. Willm Everetts)DursleyPR
29EVERETT, JaneS18 Jun 1776N.O.D.DursleyPR
30EVERETTS, John (d.1726)C06 Dec 1726s. John/Eliz: EVERETTSDursleyPR
31EVERRETTS, John (b.1726)S11 Jan 1726/7s. John/Eliz: EVERRETTSDursleyPR
32EVERETS, JohnC07 Jan 1732/3s. John/Eliz: EVERETSDursleyPR
33EVERRETTS, JohnS19 Apr 1735s. William/Jane EVERRETTSDursleyPR
34EVERRETTS, JohnC25 Apr 1736s. John/Eliz: EVERRETTSDursleyPR
35EVERETT, JohnS17 Sep 1772N.O.D.DursleyPR
36EVERETS, JosephC29 Nov 1732s. William/Jane EVERETSDursleyPR
37EVERETT, JosephD11 Oct 1770s. Hugh EVERETT/; aged 6DursleyBI
38EVERETT, JosephS19 Mar 1778Junr.DursleyPR
39EVERETT, JosephS26 Apr 1778N.O.D.DursleyPR
40EVERRETTS, MargaretS02 Jul 1734widowDursleyPR
41EVERETTS, MaryS01 Sep 1711d. Thomas/Elizabeth EVERETTSDursleyPR
42EVERITT, MaryM12 Jun 1718Jonathan LAMBDursleyPR
43EVERETTS, MaryM25 Jul 1718Nathaniel WOODDursleyPR
44EVERRETTS, MaryC12 Sep 1719d. Willm./Jane EVERRETTSDursleyPR
45EVERETT, MaryM30 Apr 1720Thomas NELMDursleyPR
46EVERETTS, MaryC18 Dec 1720d. Tho:/Mary EVERETTSDursleyPR
47EVERETTS, MaryM16 Nov 1723John HIGGINSDursleyPR
48EVERRETS, MaryS21 Jul 1730d. John/Eliz: EVERRETSDursleyPR
49EVERETTS, MaryC04 Mar 1731/2d. Thos/Eliz: EVERETTSDursleyPR
50EVERRETTS, Mary (d.1734)C17 May 1734d. John/Eliz: EVERRETTSDursleyPR
51EVERRETS, Mary (b.1734)S09 Sep 1734d. John/Eliz: EVERRETSDursleyPR
52EVERRETTS, MaryS06 Jul 1736N.O.D.DursleyPR
53EVERETTS, MaryM03 Jun 1745Francis HILLDursleyPR
54EVERETT, MaryM29 Aug 1750Charles EDMONDSDursleyIG
55EVERETT, MaryD19 Aug 1762w. Thomas EVERETT/; aged 83DursleyBI
56EVERETT, MaryS18 Jun 1781N.O.D.DursleyPR
57EVERETT, PenelopeS10 Aug 1778N.O.D.DursleyPR
58?EVRETT, PeterC30 Dec 1723s. Peter/Martha ?EVRETTDursleyPR
59EVERETT, Sarah (d.1722)C07 Jun 1722d. John/Eliz: EVERETTDursleyPR
60EVERETT, Sarah (b.1722)S20 Jun 1722d. John/Eliz: EVERETTDursleyPR
61EVERETT, Sarah (d.1746/7)C16 Feb 1724/5d. John/Eliz: EVERETTDursleyPR
62EVERETTS, Sarah (m.1745)C19 Sep 1725d. Tho:/Mary EVERETTSDursleyPR
63EVERETTS, SarahS10 Oct 1741N.O.D.DursleyPR
64EVERETTS, Sarah (b.1725)M02 Sep 1745John JOBBINSDursleyPR
65EVERETT, SarahD12 Sep 1746/7d. John/Eliz. EVERETT; Aged 22: BIDursleyBI
66EVERETT, Sarah (b.1724)S15 Sep 1746d. John/Eliz. EVERETTDursleyPR
67EVERETTS, ThomasS14 Feb 1723/4N.O.D. (NOT h.Mary:qv1725)DursleyPR
68EVERRETT, Thomas (d.1731)C06 Sep 1731s. John/Eliz: EVERRETTDursleyPR
69EVERRETT, Thomas (b.1731)S26 Sep 1731s. John/Eliz: EVERRETTDursleyPR
70EVERETT, ThomasD11 Sep 1764h. Mary EVERETT/; aged 76DursleyBI
71EVERETTS, WilliamS10 Nov 1713N.O.D.DursleyPR
72EVERETTS, William (d.1725)C12 May 1723s. William/Jane EVERETTSDursleyPR
73EVERETTS, William (b.1723)S05 Oct 1725s. William/Jane EVERETTSDursleyPR
74EVERETS, WilliamC23 Jun 1737s. Thomas/Eliz: EVERETSDursleyPR
75EVERET, WilliamS13 Nov 1748N.O.D.DursleyPR
76EVERAT, WilliamS27 Dec 1781N.O.D.CamPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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