Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of COSSHAM in Thornbury & Olveston (1638-1885)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Alice to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1COSSHAMC        several at WickwarWickwarIN
2COSHAMC21 May 1690Simon COSHAM/TytheringtonIG
3COSSAM, AliceC17 Oct 1638Simon COSSAM/SarahTortworthIG
4COSSHAM, AmeliaC02 Nov 1817James/Hannah COSSHAM; Crossways LabourerThornburyPR
5COSSOM, AnnC14 Jun 1695Simon COSSOM/SarahTytheringtonIG
6COSSAM, AnneC18 Apr 1704d. Charles COSSAM/ThornburyBT
7COSSAM, AnneC27 Dec 1721John COSSAM/MaryTytheringtonIG
8CORSHAM, AnnS10 Jan 1728/9N.O.D.ThornburyBT
9COSUM, AnS19 Jan 1728/9bur with Richard flatcharThornburyPR
10CORSHAM, Ann (m.1771)C26 Jan 1744/5d. George/Elizabeth CORSHAMThornburyPR
11COSSHAM, Anne (sg:)M16 May 1771James DAVIS; sg: o.t.p. BannsThornburyPR
12COSSHAM, AnneC09 Jun 1793d. John Goodenough COSSHAM/:& Anne; b.12.4ThornburyPR
13COSSHAM, Ann (m.1827)C20 May 1804d. John/Ann COSSHAM; Carpenter: b.13.3.04ThornburyPR
14COSSHAM, Anne (d.1807)C11 Feb 1807d. James/Hannah COSSHAM; Lab: b.1.12.06ThornburyPR
15COSSHAM, Ann (b.1807)S30 Aug 1807infant (COT DEATH)ThornburyPR
16COSSHAM, Ann (d.1837)C03 Jul 1814Charles/Mary COSSHAM; Thornbury MasonThornburyPR
17COSSHAM, AnnC21 Mar 1819James/Hannah COSSHAM; Moreton LabourerThornburyPR
18COSSHAM, Anne (X: o.t.p.)M12 Nov 1827John LONG; sg: o.t.p. BannsThornburyBT
19COSSHAM, Ann (b.1814)S01 Aug 1837of Crossways; aged 23ThornburyPR
20COSSHAM, Anne (d.1838)C24 Sep 1837/Anne COSSHAM; CrosswaysThornburyPR
21COSSHAM, Anne (b.1837)S25 May 1838of Crossways; aged 19moThornburyPR
22COSSHAM, Ann (née Hill)S18 Aug 1858of Morton; aged 90ThornburyPR
23COSSHAM, Ann Child (sg: sp.o.t.p.)M22 Jun 1816Thomas WISE; sg: ba.o.t.p. W(Geo/Charl)ThornburyBT
24CORSHAM, Benjamin (m.1792)C06 Jul 1750s. George/Elisabeth CORSHAM; town of Th'yThornburyPR
25COSSHAM, Benjamin (sg:)M22 Jun 1792Esther COWLEY; sg'Cowly': both o.t.p.ThornburyPR
26COSSHAM, Benjamin (b.1750)S16 Jul 1803at 53ThornburyPR
27COSSHAM, CharlotteC21 Mar 1798Jesse COSSHAM/AnneBristol,Br.BapIG
28COSSHAM, Charlotta (m.1831)C06 Jul 1806d. John/Ann COSSHAM; b.24.4ThornburyPR
29COSSHAM, CharlotteW22 Jun 1816Thomas WISE/Ann Child COSSHAMThornburyBT
30COSHAM, CharlotteC28 Mar 1827/Charlotte COSHAMThornburyIG
31COSSHAM, CharlotteW12 Nov 1827John LONG/Anne COSSHAMThornburyBT
32COSSHAM, Charlotte (sg:o.t.p.)M22 Feb 1831Richard HATTERELL; sg:o.t.p. w.c.o.p. BannsThornburyBT
33COSSOM, CharlesC10 Jun 1663Simon COSSOM/RangeworthyPR/SD
34COSSAM, Charles (junr)M27 Dec 1713Ann PARKER; PR & BTsThornburyPR
35COSSAM, CharlesS26 Nov 1721N.O.D.ThornburyBT
36COSSAM, CharlesC   Say 1706s. Charles/Sarah COSSAMThornburyWC
37CORSHAM, CharlesM11 Jun 1728Sarah BUTLERThornburyBT
38COSSHAM, CharlesS09 Jul 1742N.O.D. (rechecked: OK)ThornburyPR
39COSSHAM, Charles (Snr)S16 Jul 1742N.O.D. (rechecked: OK)ThornburyPR
40COSSHAM, CharlesS21 Dec 1744infantThornburyPR
41CORSHAM, CharlesC23 Apr 1747s. George/Eliz CORSHAM; privately baptThornburyPR
42COSSHAM, Charles (m.Esther)C23 Jul 1748s. James/Mary COSSHAMThornburyPR
43COSSHAM, CharlesM29 Sep 1769Hester HALEBristol,St P&JBIVR2
44COSSHAM, Charles (d.1864)C18 Jul 1790s. Charles/Esther COSSHAM; b.24.5ThornburyPR
45COSSHAM, Charles (b.1748)S14 Jun 1795at 46ThornburyPR
46COSSHAM, Charles (d.1818)C25 Aug 1810s. John/Sarah COSSHAMOlvestonPR
47COSSHAM, Charles (b.1810)S11 Aug 1818of Olveston; aged 8OlvestonPR
48COSSHAM, Charles (d.1839)C15 Dec 1833Charles/Mary COSSHAM; Crossways MasonThornburyPR
49COSSHAM, Charles (b.1833)S29 Sep 1839of Crossways; aged 5ThornburyPR
50COSSHAM, CharlesS14 Jan 1852of Olveston; aged 5dyOlvestonPR
51COSSHAM, Charles (b.1790)S24 Aug 1864of Sibland; aged 74ThornburyPR
52COSSHAM, Charles OliverC17 Feb 1822/Mary Ann COSSHAM; BoroughThornburyPR
53COSSHAM, Charles OliverS28 Apr 1822of Borough infantThornburyPR
54COSSAM, ElizabethC24 Jun 1688Simon COSSAM/SarahTytheringtonIG
55COSSAM, ElizabethM12 Feb 1717/8Robert PINNELLYateIG
56CORSHAM, Bety (née Green)S27 Jul 1744no other detailThornburyPR
57CORSHAM, Elizabeth (m.1771)C01 May 1752s. George/Elizabeth CORSHAM; town of Th'yThornburyPR
58COSSHAM, ElizabethD30 Oct 1768w. George COSSHAM/; aged 52: BIThornburyBI
59COSSHAM, Elizabeth (née Witchell)S01 Nov 1768w. George COSSHAM/; d.30.10 aged 56ThornburyPR
60COSSHAM, ElizabethW16 May 1771James DAVIS/Anne COSSHAMThornburyPR
61COSSHAM, Elisabeth (sg: sp.o.t.p.)M01 Jul 1771Abraham GOUGH; sg:o.t.p. St Jas. Carpenter:Lic.ThornburyPR
62COSSHAM, Betty (?m.1805)C22 Sep 1775d. John Goodenough/Mary COSSHAM; b.11.6ThornburyPR
63COSSHAM, Elizabeth (d.1832)C24 Jun 1795d. Benjamin/Esther COSSHAM; b.20.2.94ThornburyPR
64COSSHAM, Elizabeth (m.1816)B25 Feb 1796d. John/Ann COSSHAMThornburyPR
65COSSHAM, ElizabethC27 May 1798d. John/Ann COSSHAM; b.25.2.96ThornburyPR
66COSSHAM, Eliza (m.1819)C27 May 1798d. John/Ann COSSHAM; b.13.3.98ThornburyPR
67COSSHAM, Elizabeth (X:sp.o.t.s.)M31 Dec 1805Thomas TAYLOR; sg: ba.o.t.p. BannsThornburyPR
68COSSHAM, Elizabeth (X:o.t.p.)M20 Oct 1816William WATKINS; X:o.t.p. BannsBristol,St JasPR
69COSSHAM, Eliza (X: sp.o.t.p.)M29 Nov 1819William ABLETT; X: ba.o.t.p. Banns: W(Hariet)ThornburyBT
70COSSHAM, Elizabeth (m.1847)C30 Jun 1822John/Sarah COSSHAM; Olveston MasonOlvestonPR
71COSSHAM, Elizabeth (b.1794)S28 Aug 1832of Borough; aged 28 [cholera]ThornburyPR
72COSSHAM, ElizabethW20 Apr 1845Mark BRITTON/Hester COSSHAMOlvestonPR
73COSHAM, ElizabethW19 Sep 1847John COSSHAM/Elizabeth COTTRELLOlvestonPR
74COSSHAM, Elizabeth (X:sp.o.f.a. of Olveston)M05 Dec 1847William BRITTON; X:ba.o.f.a. of Olveston:LabourerOlvestonPR
75COSSHAM, Emma (m.1826)C17 May 1812d. John G./Ann COSSHAM; b.15.4.08ThornburyPR
76COSSHAM, Emma (d.1825)C13 Jun 1813John/Sarah COSSHAM; Olveston MasonOlvestonPR
77COSSHAM, Emma (d.1817)C02 Jun 1816Charles/Mary COSSHAM; Thornbury MasonThornburyPR
78COSSHAM, Emma (b.1816)S07 Jul 1817of Thornbury; aged 14moThornburyPR
79COSSHAM, Emma (b.1813)S23 Feb 1825of Olveston; aged 12OlvestonPR
80COSSHAM, Emma (sg: o.t.p.)M12 Nov 1826John GIBBINS; sg: o.t.p. TortworthThornburyBT
81COSSHAM, EmmaC15 Oct 1830Charles/Mary COSSHAM; Crossways MasonThornburyPR
82COSSHAM, Emma (aged 2½)C07 Jul 1850John/Elizabeth COSSHAM; Olveston MasonOlvestonPR
83COSSHAMS, Emma (b.c1848)S20 Jul 1864of Olveston; aged 16 (next Eliz)OlvestonPR
84COSSAM, HesterC31 Aug 1713John COSSAM/MaryTytheringtonIG
85COSSAM, HesterS02 Jul 1762of Thornbury (no age stated)ThornburyPR
86COSSHAM, Hester (d.1821)C27 Nov 1808d. James/Hannah COSSHAM; Lab: b.23.10.08ThornburyPR
87COSSHAM, Hester (w.Charles)S22 May 1813of Thornbury; aged 63ThornburyPR
88COSSHAM, Hester (d.1814)C19 Jul 1814John Goodenough/Ann COSSHAM; Th'y CarpenterThornburyPR
89COSSHAM, Hester (b.1814)S24 Jul 1814of Thornbury infantThornburyPR
90COSSHAM, Hester (b.1808)S25 Feb 1821of Badenhill; aged 12ThornburyPR
91COSSHAM, Hester (m.1845)C11 Apr 1824John/Sarah COSSHAM; Olveston MasonOlvestonPR
92COSSHAM, Hester (née Cowley)S25 Aug 1832of Borough; aged 68 [cholera]ThornburyPR
93COSSHAM, Hester (X:sp.o.f.a. of Olveston)M20 Apr 1845Mark BRITTON; X:ba. o.f.a. of Olveston: Labr.OlvestonPR
94COSSHAM, George (m.1737)C24 May 1713s. Charles COSSHAM/ThornburyBT
95CORSHAM, George (m.1739)C03 Oct 1714s. Charles CORSHAM/ThornburyBT
96COSSAM, George (Senier)M14 Apr 1737Elisabeth GREENThornburyPR
97COSSAM, George (1714-1789)M02 Oct 1739Eliza. WICHELL; Lic.TytheringtonPR
98CORSHAM, George (d.1759)C22 Oct 1758s. George/Elizabeth CORSHAM; ThornburyThornburyPR
99CORSHAM, George (b.1758)S12 Oct 1759of Thornbury; aged 1ThornburyPR
100COSSHAM, George (b.1714)S06 May 1789at ?ThornburyPR
101COSSHAM, George (b.1713)S30 Jan 1793of Th'y at 80ThornburyPR
102COSSHAM, GeorgeC26 May 1816John/Sarah COSSHAM; Olveston MasonOlvestonPR
103COSSHAM, GeorgeW22 Jun 1816Thomas WISE/Ann Child COSSHAMThornburyBT
104COSSHAM, George (b.c1814)S07 Nov 1816of Olveston; aged 2OlvestonPR
105COSSHAM, George (d.1866)C17 Jun 1821Charles/Mary COSSHAM; Borough MasonThornburyPR
106COSSHAM, George (sg: o.t.p.)M30 Mar 1834Mary SPERRIN; sg: o.t.p. Lic.ThornburyBT
107COSSHAM, GeorgeC11 Jun 1836John/Elizabeth COSSHAM; Th'bury BlacksmithThornburyPR
108COSSHAM, George (b.1821)S13 Jan 1866of Bristol; aged 45: Coroners OrdersThornburyPR
109COSSHAM, Handel ShepherdC23 Oct 1825Jesse COSSHAM/SarahStroud,NCIG
110COSSHAM, Hannah (w.Geo)S11 Mar 1789of Th'y: At 68ThornburyPR
111COSSHAM, Hannah (née Clutterbuck)S29 Oct 1844of Thornbury; aged 64ThornburyPR
112COSSHAM, Harriet (?m.1823)C20 May 1804d. John/Ann COSSHAM; Carpenter: b.17.9.00ThornburyPR
113COSSHAM, HarrietW29 Nov 1819William ABLETT/Eliza COSSHAMThornburyBT
114COSSHAM, HarrietM       1823George BWYEAlvestonIN
115COSSHAM, HarrietS29 May 1827of Olveston; aged 11moOlvestonPR
116COSSHAM, HarrietC07 Jul 1850John/Elizabeth COSSHAM; Olveston MasonOlvestonPR
117COSSAM, James (m.Mary)C20 Oct 1721s. Charles COSSAM/ThornburyBT
118CORSHAM, JamesC14 Apr 1754s. George/Elizabeth CORSHAM; town of Th'yThornburyPR
119COSHAM or CORSHAM, JamesM27 Jul 1777Rachel KITSONBristol,St P&JBIVR2
120COSSHAM, James (?b.1721)S31 Dec 1788at 73 (brought from Bristol)ThornburyPR
121COSSHAM, JamesM18 Dec 1803Hannah CLUTTERBUCKThornburyIG
122COSSHAM, James (d.1825)C05 Jun 1814James/Hannah COSSHAM; Moreton LabourerThornburyPR
123COSSHAM, James (b.1814)S30 Sep 1825of Borough; aged 11ThornburyPR
124COSSHAM, JamesS24 Feb 1861of Thornbury; aged 84ThornburyPR
125COSSHAM, JamesS18 May 1885of Thornbury; aged 60BerkeleyPR
126COSAM, JaneC21 Sep 1683Simon COSAM/TytheringtonIG
127CORSHAM, Jesse (m.1791)C27 Feb 1756s. George CORSHAM, ye youngr./:& Elizabeth; Th'yThornburyPR
128COSSHAM, JesseM06 Mar 1791Anne CHILDThornburyIG
129COSSHAM, JesseM18 Jul 1819SARAH; ?ShepherdThornburyCE
130COSSHAM, JesseS06 Jun 1820of Olveston; aged 3moOlvestonPR
131COSSAM, JohnC12 Mar 1681/2Simeon COSSAM/SarahCromhallIG
132CORSHAM, John (m.1792)B30 May 1771s. John G. CORSHAM/Mary; née PopeThornburyPR
133COSSHAM, JohnW01 Jul 1771Abraham GOUGH/Elisabeth COSSHAMThornburyPR
134CORSHAM, JohnC11 Aug 1771s. John Goodenough/Mary CORSHAMThornburyPR
135COSSHAM, John (m.Sarah)C05 Jul 1786s. Charles/Esther COSSHAM; b.26.4ThornburyPR
136COSSHAM, John (sg:)M22 Apr 1792Anne HILL; X: both o.t.p. BannsThornburyPR
137COSSHAM, JohnW31 Dec 1805Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth COSSHAMThornburyPR
138COSHAM, John (of Thornbury)M12 Oct 1809Sarah POPE; of OlvestonOlvestonPR/BW
139COSSHAM, John (b.1771)S02 Aug 1821of Borough; aged 50ThornburyPR
140COSSHAM, John (m.1847)C30 Jun 1822John/Sarah COSSHAM; Olveston MasonOlvestonPR
141COSSHAM, John (b.1786)S18 Oct 1828of Olveston; aged 38OlvestonPR
142COSSHAM, John (sg:ba.o.f.a. of Olveston)M19 Sep 1847Elizabeth COTTRELL; X: sp. o.f.a. of TockingtonOlvestonPR
143COSSHAM, JohnS04 Apr 1881of Thornbury; aged 63ThornburyPR
144COSHAM, John GoogenoughC07 Nov 1742s. George/Elizabeth COSHAMThornburyPR
145COSAM, John GoodenoughC11 Nov 1742s. George/Elisabeth COSAMThornburyBT
146COSSHAM, John Goodenough (sg: 'John Gooenough')M06 Nov 1768Mary POPE; X: b.o.t.p.ThornburyPR
147COSSHAM, John GoodenoughS25 Feb 1776At -: ThornbyThornburyPR
148COSSHAM, John GoodenoughC31 Mar 1816John/Ann COSSHAM; Thornbury CarpenterThornburyPR
149CORSHAM, John NichollsC11 Jun 1782Thomas/Sarah CORSHAMBristol,St MicBIVR2
150BUTLER/COSSAM [COSHAM], Joseph (b.2 Jan 1687/8)C18 Mar 1687/8bastard s. Sarah BUTLER/:by Charles COSSAM; Sarah d. Joane Butler (widow)HortonPR/SD
151WHITE/COSSAM [COSHAM], JosephC18 Mar 1690/12nd bastard of Mary WHITE/HortonPR/SD
152COSSHAM, JosephB   Say 1700s. Charles/Sarah COSSHAMThornburyWC
153COSSAM, JosephC04 Nov 1718s. Joseph COSSAM/ThornburyPR
154COSSAM, JosephS03 Nov 1724N.O.D.ThornburyBT
155CORSHAM, JosephS03 Dec 1746N.O.D.ThornburyPR
156COSSHAM, KeziaC12 Jul 1818Charles/Mary COSSHAM; Thornbury MasonThornburyPR
157COSSHAM, LouisaC17 May 1812d. John G./Ann COSSHAM; b.12.6.11ThornburyPR
158COSHAM, LydiaC27 Mar 1686Simon COSHAM/SarahWickwarIG
159COSSAM, MargaretC14 Jun 1693Simon COSSAM/SarahTytheringtonIG
160COSSHAM, MarthaC04 Sep 1803d. Benjamin/Hester COSSHAM; b.14.8.97ThornburyPR
161COSAM, MaryC18 Oct 1688Marthue COSAM/MaryWickwarIG
162COSHAM, MaryC07 Jun 1703Simon COSHAM/SarahTytheringtonIG
163COSSHAM, MaryS23 Oct 1785w. James COSSHAM/; Th'y at 73ThornburyPR
164COSHAM, MaryM       1787John FRANCISBristol,St P&JIN
165COSSOM or COSHAM, MaryM28 Jun 1787John FRANCISBristol,St P&JBIVR2
166COSSHAM, MaryC04 Sep 1803d. Benjamin/Hester COSSHAM; b.14.3.99ThornburyPR
167COSSHAM, MaryW31 Dec 1805Thomas TAYLOR/Elizabeth COSSHAMThornburyPR
168COSSHAM, MaryC13 Feb 1823James/Hannah COSSHAM; Badenhill LabrThornburyPR
169COSSHAM, MaryC21 Aug 1836Charles/Mary COSSHAM; Crossways MasonThornburyPR
170COSSHAM, Mary (w.Charles)S20 Feb 1856of Crossways; aged 64ThornburyPR
171COSSHAM, MaryS14 Aug 1859of Thornbury; aged 76 (re-checked:OK)ThornburyPR
172COSSHAM, Mary Ann Goodenough (sg: o.t.p.)M28 Mar 1824Joel SAVARY; X: o.t.p. Banns: W(Eliza Ablett)ThornburyBT
173COSHAM, MatthewM       1681Alice WILKINSThornburyIN
174COSHAM, MatthewM       1686Mary WATKINSBristol,Mar B.IN
175COSHAM (COSSON), Matthew (Wickwar, Glos., yeoman)M08 Jan 1686/7Mary WATKINS; Castle precinctsBristol,St AugIN/AC
176COSHAM, Mathew (Clothworker of Wickwar)M       1705Margaret PRITCHARD; of Chipping SodburyYateIN
177COSHAM, MatthewC10 Nov 1710Matthew COSHAM/MargaretWickwarIG
178COSHAM, MatthewP       1711GRO Ref: 1711/#248 COSHAMWickwarWC
179CORSHAM, MatthewM12 Jul 1762Hannah LEWELLINWesterleighIN
180COSSHAM, MercyC23 May 1824Charles/Mary COSSHAM; Sibland MasonThornburyPR
181COSHAM, OliveC13 Feb 1685/6Matthew COSHAM/AliceWickwarIG
182COSHAM, RichardC05 Jun 1748s. George/Eliz COSHAMThornburyPR
183WHITE/COSSAM [COSHAM], Sarah (b. 2 Nov 1687)C18 Mar 1687/8bastard d. Mary WHITE/:by Charles COSSAMHortonPR/SD
184BUTLER/COSSAM [COSHAM], SarahC12 Jan 1688/9bastard d. Sarah BUTLER/:by Charles COSSAMHortonPR/SD
185COSHAM, SarahC31 Dec 1706Matthew COSHAM/MargretWickwarIG
186COSSHAM, SarahB   Abt 1719/20d. Charles/Anne COSSHAM; sister to George: 1714ThornburyWC
187COSSAM, SarahC15 Apr 1719d. Jn COSSAM/ThornburyPR
188COSSAM, SarahC   Say 1702d. Charles/Sara COSSAMThornburyWC
189COSSAM, SarahM       1723Richard FLETCHERThornburyIN
190COSSHAM, SarahM24 Jun 1732William HUMPHRYESSodbury,Ch.IG
191COSSHAM, SarahS26 Jun 1742widow (rechecked: OK)ThornburyPR
192COSSHAM, SarahM   Say 1744- PROSSER; mentioned in br. George's WillThornbury ?WC
193CORSHAM, SarahM02 Apr 1749Henry PROSSERBristol,St MicBIVR2
194CORSHAM, Sarah (m.1777)C10 Aug 1755d. George/Hannah CORSHAM; ThornburyThornburyPR
195COSHAM, SarahM05 Aug 1770Thomas LOCKBristol,St P&JBIVR2
196COSSHAM, Sarah (X:)M04 Oct 1777Joseph GOUGH; X: Lic.ThornburyPR
197COSSHAM, Sarah (d.1821)C05 Jun 1814James/Hannah COSSHAM; Moreton LabourerThornburyPR
198COSSHAM, Sarah (b.1814)S16 Jan 1821of Badenhill; aged 9ThornburyPR
199COSSHAM, Sarah (sg:sp.o.f.a. ?née Tanner)M03 Mar 1852Moses BIDDLE; X:ba. o.f.a. of Oldbury: MarinerThornburyPR
200COSSHAM, Sarah (w.John)S04 May 1864of Henbury; aged 80OlvestonPR
201COSHAM, Symon (of Thornbury)M22 Jun 1681Sarah STINCHCOMB; of CroomhallThornburyIN
202COSSHAM, SophiaS07 Jul 1841of Thornbury; aged 57ThornburyPR
203COSSHAM, StephenS12 Jan 1794base infantThornburyPR
204COSSHAM, Stephen (ba:o.f.a. of Bristol)M23 Jul 1847Anna Adams GINGELL; sp:o.f.a of ThornburyThornburyPR
205COSHAM, ThoC13 Jul 1684Matthaw COSHAM/WickwarIG
206CORSHAM, ThomasC15 Jul 1750s. George/Hannah CORSHAM; Town of ThornburyThornburyPR
207COSSHAM, ThomasC22 Sep 1775s. John Goodenough COSSHAM/:& Mary; née Pope: b.11.6ThornburyPR
208COSSHAM, ThomasM11 May 1778Sarah NICHOLLSBristol,St MicBIVR2
209COSHAM, Wm.C26 Jul 1708Matthew COSHAM/MargretWickwarIG
210CORSHAM, WilliamC17 Jun 1753s. George CORSHAM, senior/:& Hannah; Th'yThornburyPR
211COSSAM, WilliamS29 Aug 1762of Thornbury (no age stated)ThornburyPR
212COSSHAM, WilliamS06 Jan 1771s. John G. COSSHAM/:& Mary h/w; At c1yr 5mThornburyPR
213COSSHAM, WilliamC12 Oct 1777s. Sarah COSSHAM/; base childThornburyPR
214CORSHAM, WilliamM08 Jan 1786Sabina HILLUleyIG
215COSHAM, William JohnC07 Jun 1829/Charlotte COSHAM; BoroughThornburyPR

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A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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