Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of BENNETT in North Nibley & Cam (1600-1836)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Anne to Zacariah

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1BENNETT'SS18 Sep 1718a child of Richard BENNETT'S/StinchcombeTR
2BENNET, Ann (m.1771)C18 Jan 1748/9d. Zacharia/Ann BENNETDursleyPR
3BENNET, Ann (X:sp.o.t.p.)M05 Jan 1771William HILL; X:wi.o.t.p. Lic.DursleyPR
4BENNET, AnneS11 Dec 1771N.O.D.HillPR
5BENNETT, AnnM05 Mar 1794John GILLASPYDursleyIG
6BENNET, Ann (née Gibbins)S07 Jan 1800widowCamPR
7BENNET, AnneS15 Jan 1804N.O.D.CoaleyPR
8BENNET, Eliz.C28 Dec 1703d. Richard/Mary BENNETStinchcombeTR
9BENNET, ElizabethM24 Jul 1707Charles COLENorth NibleyIG
10BENNETT, Eliz:M27 Apr 1718John RICHARDS; fforeignersDursleyPR
11BENNET, ElizS28 May 1727N.O.D.North NibleyPR
12BENNETT, Eliz:M05 May 1728Daniel PHILLIMOREDursleyIG
13BENNET, Elizabeth (d.1752)C28 Oct 1751d. Zachary/Ann BENNETDursleyPR
14BENNET, Elizabeth (b.1751)S19 Sep 1752d. Zechary/Ann BENNETDursleyPR
15BENET, BettyW08 Oct 1770John HILL/Ann PURNELLDursleyPR
16BENNETT, BettyM07 Feb 1792Benjamin HILLBisleyIG
17BENNET, ElizabethM28 Jan 1800Thomas CLATCHLEYCamIG
18BENNET, ElizabethS16 Mar 1820of Nibley; aged 67North NibleyPR
19BENNETT, BettyS20 Jan 1836of Nibley; aged 100North NibleyPR
20BENNETT, Hester (?m.1715)C10 Jul 1686d. Tho:/Hester BENNETTNorth NibleyPR
21BENNET, Esther (of N.Nibly)M30 Apr 1715John WALKER; of TetburyDursleyPR
22BENNET, HesterC26 Dec 1716d. John/Sarah BENNETNorth NibleyPR
23BENNET, HesterS29 Mar 1722w. Thomas BENNET/North NibleyPR
24BENNETT, HesterM18 Apr 1777Lewis LEWISDursleyIG
25BENNETT, HesterS23 Dec 1812PauperNorth NibleyPR
26BENNET, GeorgeC06 Oct 1720s. James/Mary BENNET; of NiblyDursleyPR
27BENNET, George (inf)S02 Dec 1748s. Zachariah/Ann BENNETDursleyPR
28BENNET, George (m.1774)C19 Aug 1753s. Zachery/Ann BENNETDursleyPR
29BENNET, George (X: ba.o.t.p.)M23 Apr 1774Ann WARLICK; X: inhab.o.t.s. sp.CamPR
30BENNETT, GeorgeS07 Aug 1785s. George/Ann BENNETTDursleyPR
31BENNET, GeorgeC22 Jul 1790s. Daniel/Sarah BENNETDursleyPR
32BENNETT, George (?b.1753)S29 Jan 1809f. above Harriet BENNETT/; aged 60CamPR
33BENNETT, GeorgeM08 Sep 1834Sarah HILLDursleyIG
34BENNET, GilesM27 Apr 1664Mary REEVEPainswickIG
35BENNET, HannahS20 Aug 1708d. Thomas BENNET/North NibleyPR
36BENNET, HannahS18 Jul 1792w. Joseph BENNET/; At 37: Oldy.ThornburyPR
37BENNETT, HarrietS28 Jan 1809spinster; aged 25 "nearly sudden"CamPR
38BENNET, HenryC04 Feb 1746/7s. Zechariah/Ann BENNETDursleyPR
39BENNETT, James (m.1717)C02 Feb 1694/5s. Richard BENNETT/:& Eliz: h/wNorth NibleyPR
40BENNET, James (b.1694)M11 Aug 1717Mary MUNDEY; fforeignersDursleyPR
41BENNET, James (d.1758)C12 Sep 1756s. Zachary/Ann BENNETDursleyPR
42BENNET, James (b.1756)S04 Apr 1758s. Zechariah/Ann BENNETDursleyPR
43BENNET, JoanS17 Feb 1670/1N.O.D.North NibleyPR
44BENNIT, JoaneS08 Jun 1671widNorth NibleyPR
45BENNETT, JaneM07 Feb 1709/10Phillip WATHENWestbury on S.IG
46BENNETT, JaneC31 Jan 1722/3of William/Sarah BENNETTNorth NibleyPR
47BENNETT, JaneS10 May 1770d. William/Jane BENNETTCoaleyPR
48BENNETT, JaneS21 Oct 1778widow (w. Willm)CoaleyPR
49BENNETT, JoannaC07 Feb 1793d. Daniel/Sarah BENNETTDursleyPR
50?BENNET, JohnC07 Feb 1599/600s. Giles ?BENNET/; yeomanNorth NibleyPR
51BENNET, John (m.Sarah)C14 Oct 1688s. Richard BENNET/:& Elizabeth h/wNorth NibleyPR
52BENNET, JohnC05 Aug 1721of John/Sarah BENNETNorth NibleyPR
53BENNET, JohnC12 Aug 1732a base s. of Mary BENNET/North NibleyPR
54BENNET, JohnS30 Jun 1767N.O.D. (?John Senior)North NibleyPR
55BENNET, JohnS15 Jul 1770N.O.D. (?John Junior)North NibleyPR
56BENNETT, JohnS13 Jun 1775s. John/Jane BENNETTCoaleyPR
57BENNET, JohnS23 May 1798At 15: Old'yThornburyPR
58BENNIT, John HillM22 Sep 1771Sarah HILLWotton u-EdgeIG
59BENNETT, JosephS13 Mar 1719/20N.O.D.CoaleyPR
60BENNETT, JosephC?10 Mar 1776s. William/Deborah BENNETTDursleyPR
61BENET, MaryS11 Apr 1678N.O.D.North NibleyPR
62BENNETT, MaryS17 Aug 1691N.O.D.North NibleyPR
63BENNETT, MaryS02 Aug 1703d. Thomas BENNETT/North NibleyPR
64BENNET, MaryC23 Aug 1724of James/Mary BENNETNorth NibleyPR
65BENNET, Mary (née Munday)S22 Feb 1727/8N.O.D.CamPR
66BENNET, MaryM24 Jan 1736/7Nathaniel CLARKEDursleyIG
67BENNETT, MaryS21 Mar 1744/5w. Richard BENNETT/StinchcombeTR
68BENNET, MaryM16 Dec 1750John HILLBisleyIG
69BENNET, MaryC23 May 1768d. Jane BENNET/; base bornCoaleyPR
70BENNET or NEALE, Mary (Neale)S29 Jan 1769w. William BENNET/; Aged 69: OldburyThornburyPR
71BENNETT, MaryS22 Aug 1777Relict of John BENNETT/; At 87: Th'yThornburyPR
72BENNET, NaomiM12 Dec 1803Joseph HILLStroudIG
73BENNETT, RachelM       1815William WITHERSTortworthIN
74BENNET, RichardC03 Apr 1683s. John/Hannah BENNETCamPR
75BENNETT, Richard (?-1696)M06 Aug 1683Elizabeth BIRDNorth NibleyPR
76BENNET, RichardS17 Jun 1696N.O.D.North NibleyPR
77BENNET, Richd.C18 Jun 1698s. Thom:/Esther BENNET; b.18.6North NibleyPR
78BENNET, RichardC17 Mar 1705/6s. Richard/Mary BENNETStinchcombeTR
79BENNET, RichardS03 Oct 1754N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
80BENNETT, RobertC13 Nov 1692s. Tho: BENNETT/:& Hester h/wNorth NibleyPR
81BENNET, SamuelS26 Jun 1784N.O.D.CamPR
82BENNETT, SarahC14 Mar 1695/6d. Thom:/Hester BENNETTNorth NibleyPR
83BENNETT, SarahM       1743Robert REEVEGloster,St MyLIG
84BENNET, SarahS13 Nov 1748d. Willm./Jane BENNETCoaleyPR
85BENNETT, SarahS   Jul 1752d. William/Jane BENNETTCoaleyPR
86BENNET, SarahS28 Oct 1764w. John BENNET/North NibleyPR
87BENNET, SarahC15 Dec 1765d. John/Jane BENNETCoaleyPR
88BENNETT, SarahM26 Aug 1766Robert HILLHarescombeIG
89BENNET, SarahM02 Jan 1787Edward RIDERCamIG
90BENNETT, SarahS03 Feb 1803w. Theophilus BENNETT/North NibleyPR
91BENNET, SarahM21 Jul 1804John GABB; Banns (fm general register)CamPR
92BENNETT, SarahS21 Oct 1806At 66ThornburyPR
93BENNET, TheophilusS20 Jan 1822of Nibley; aged 80North NibleyPR
94BENNETT, ThomasC14 Apr 1690s. Tho BENNETT/:& Hester h/wNorth NibleyPR
95BENNET, ThomasS11 Apr 1723s. Thomas BENNET/North NibleyPR
96BENNET, Thos. (d.1726)C30 Nov 1724s. Jno./Sarah BENNETNorth NibleyPR
97BENNET, Tho: (b.1724)S29 Jul 1726s. Jno. BENNET/North NibleyPR
98BENNET, Thos. (d.1728)C09 May 1727s. Jno./Sarah BENNETNorth NibleyPR
99BENNET, Thos. (b.1727)S05 May 1728s. Jno. BENNET/North NibleyPR
100BENNET, Thos_C30 Oct 1733s. John/Sarah BENNETNorth NibleyPR
101BENNETT, ThomasC17 Apr 1768s. John/Jane BENNETTCoaleyPR
102BENNET, ThomasS10 Jan 1778an InfantNorth NibleyPR
103BENNETT, ThomasC25 Dec 1779s. John/Mary BENNETTCoaleyPR
104BENNETT, ThomasC?15 Apr 1792s. Thomas/Ann BENNETTDursleyPR
105BENNET, ThomasS25 Apr 1795of Th'y: At 20; Drowned in the SevernThornburyPR
106BENNETT, WilliamS09 Jun 1688N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
107BENNET, WilliamC07 Feb 1702/3s. Joseph BENNET/CoaleyPR
108BENNETT, WilliamM23 Jul 1713Sarah HILLWotton u-EdgeIG
109BENNET, WilliamC02 Dec 1730s. John/Sarah BENNETNorth NibleyPR
110BENNETT, WilliamS22 Jun 1770N.O.D.CoaleyPR
111BENNETT, WilliamC27 Jun 1780s. John/Elizabeth BENNETTNorth NibleyPR
112BENNETT, WilliamS31 Jul 1781of Th'y: At 60ThornburyPR
113BENNETT, WilliamS07 Nov 1782of Th'y: At 60; et sep Tid incertThornburyPR
114BENNET, WilliamS20 Jun 1798At -ThornburyPR
115BENNETT, Zacheriah (m.1742)C12 Jan 1717/8s. James/Mary BENNETT; of CamNorth NibleyPR
116BENNET, Zecheriah (1717-96)M23 Nov 1742Ann GIBBINSDursleyPR
117BENNETT, Zechariah (b.1717)S27 Mar 1796N.O.D.CamBT

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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