Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of BENDALL in Stinchcombe & Cam (1570-1862)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Aaron to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1BENDALLS30 Jun 1640no burials; after 6.3.1614/5: nextCamPR
2BENDALS29 Nov 1649d. Elizabeth BENDAL/; widdowCamPR
3BENDAL, AaronS11 Jul 1675N.O.D.CamPR
4BENDALL, AaronS17 Apr 1686Broad-weaverCamBT
5BENDALL, AaronS17 Apr 1686was buried in woollen onlyCamPR
6BENDAL, AaronM07 Apr 1724Hannah OCKFORDThornburyIG
7BENDAL, AaronM29 Dec 1761Sarah VINESWotton u-EdgeIG
8BENDALL, AbigailM31 Aug 1686Richard PREWETCamPR
9BENDALL, Abigail (m.1718)C   Jul 1691d. .../Jane BENDALL; U/RCamPR
10BENDALL, Abigall (b.1691)M13 May 1718William PERKINSCamPR
11BENDALL, Abraham (d.1703)M11 Nov 1676Mary ANDREWSNorth NibleyIG
12BENDAL, Abraham (m.1706)C15 Feb 1684/5s. Abraham/Mary BENDALCamPR
13BENDALL, Abraham (m.1676)S06 Oct 1703N.O.D.CamPR
14BENDALL, Abraham (b.1684)M25 Mar 1706Joan SANAGERCamIG
15BENDALL, Abraham (m.1706)S07 Dec 1715BroadweaverCamPR
16BENDAL, AgnesB       1600/1+si. Edward BENDAL/; fm his WILLCamWI
17BENDALL, Agnes (née Waytt)S21 Jun 1670w. Elbright BENDALL/CamPR
18BENDALL, Alice (d.1573)C13 Apr 1570d. John BENDALL/CamPR
19BENDALL, Alice (b.1570)S18 Jun 1573d. John BENDALL/CamPR
20BENDALL, AliceC29 May 1613d. Griffith BENDALL/CamPR
21BENDALL, AliceM23 Apr 1690John HOWELLCamPR
22BENDALL, AmeeC20 Feb 1707/8d. John/Ann BENDALLStinchcombeTR
23BENDALL, AmyS27 Dec 1720w. John BENDALL/CamPR
24BENDALL, Ann(e) (m.1667)C12 Aug 1638d. ?Izhac BENDALL/CamPR
25BENDALL, Anna (m.1675)C30 Sep 1649d. Charles BENDALL/CamPR
26BENDALL, Ann (d.1686)C24 Feb 1660/1Elbright BENDALL/SlimbridgeIG
27BENDALL, AnneC24 Apr 1664d. Edward BENDALL/CamPR
28BENDAL, Anne (of Cam)M08 Apr 1667William HOWEL; of BarkleyCamPR
29BENDALL, Anne (née Crowse)S06 Jun 1668w. Daniell BENDALL/CoaleyPR
30BENDAL, Anne (d.1670)C27 Mar 1669d. Solomon/Susanna BENDALCamPR
31BENDALL, AnneC07 Jun 1669d. John BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
32BENDAL, Anne (b.1669)S11 Jan 1670/1d. Solomon/Susanna BENDALCamPR
33BENDAL, Anna (of Cam)M30 Dec 1675Nathaniel POPE; of StinchcombCamPR
34BENDALL, Anne (née Dangerfield)S23 Jan 1680/1of Cam: widow; Aff: Jane w. John Bendall/CamPR
35BENDALL, Ann (b.1660)S06 Apr 1686d. Elbright BENDALL/; was buried in woolCamPR
36BENDALL, AnnC11 Jun 1688d. Samuel/Jane BENDALLCamPR
37BENDALL, Ann (& Sarah)C19 Mar 1691/2d. Elbright/Ann BENDALLCamPR
38BENDALL, AnnC30 Aug 1693d. Isaac/Joan BENDALLCamPR
39BENDAL, Ann (?m.1731)C19 Feb 1705/6d. Samuel/Esther BENDALCamPR
40BENDALL, Anna (née Harding)S19 Feb 1706/7w. Joseph BENDALL/CamPR
41BENDALL, Anne (?b.1705)M07 Feb 1731/2Joseph BENDALLCamIG
42BENDALL, AnneS21 Dec 1732w. Joseph BENDALL/CamPR
43BENDALL, AnnS22 Apr 1735/6widowCamPR
44BENDALL, AnnS06 Oct 1741widowCamPR
45BENDALL, AnnD10 Mar 1760w. William BENDALL/; aged 55Littlton on S.BI
46BENDALL, Anthony (m.Mary)C27 Sep 1663sonne of Elbright BENDALL/CamPR
47BENDALL, Anthony (b.1663)S11 Jun 1725N.O.D.North NibleyPR
48BENDALL, AnthonyI17 Mar 1856Cam Servant: Inquest - Accident; fell off a horseCamIN
49BENDALL, Arthur (m.1641)C10 Dec 1615s. Griffith BENDALL/CamPR
50BENDAL, Arthur (p.Cam)M04 Nov 1641Sarah COLEYFretherneIG
51BENDALL, ArthurC08 Feb 1684/5h. Mary BENDALL/; & s. John Bendall/, IGI:1.5StinchcombeTR
52BENDALL, Arthur (d.1762)C02 Feb 1690/1s. Isaac/Joan BENDALLCamPR
53BENDALL, Arthur (b.1615)S08 Jan 1692/3PauperCamPR
54BENDALL, Arther (b.1690)S26 Sep 1762N.O.D.CoaleyPR
55BENDALL, ArthurM23 Dec 1797Hannah PHELPSBisleyIG
56BENDAL, BathshebaS31 Dec 1727widdowCamPR
57BENDAL, Bridget (d.1686)C17 Jan 1685/6d. Richard/Hannah BENDALCamPR
58BENDALL, Bridget (Dupe)S02 Apr 1686d. Anna BENDALL/; widCamPR
59BENDALL, Bridget (b.1685)S02 Apr 1686was buried in woollen onlyCamPR
60BENDALL, KatherineS23 Aug 1570d. John BENDALL/CamPR
61BENDALL, Catherine (d.1584)C24 Feb 1584/5d. John BENDALL/CamPR
62BENDALL, Catherine (b.1584)S10 Mar 1584/5d. John BENDALL/CamPR
63BENDAL, CatherineB       1600/1+si. Edward BENDAL/; fm his WILLCamWI
64BENDALL, CatherineC01 Jan 1604/5d. John BENDALL/CamPR
65(N.K.) or BENDALL [BENDAL], CatherineS13 Sep 1607childe servant of John BENDALL/CamPR
66BENDALL, Katherine (née Turner)S22 May 1681widow:CamPR
67BENDALL, CatherineS08 Apr 1688w. Arthur BENDALL/; Broad weaverCamPR
68BENDALL, CatherineS24 Sep 1689N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
69BENDAL, Charles (m.1632/3)B       1600/1+br. Edward BENDAL/; fm his WILLCamWI
70BENDALL, Charles (d.1675)M29 Sep 1632/3Catherine TURNERCamPR
71BENDALL, Charles (d.1670)B       1633/4+s. Charles BENDALL/; fm his WILLCamWI
72BENDAL, Charles (d.1670)M06 Nov 1665/6Elizab: TROTMAN; of StinchcombCamPR
73BENDALL, Charles (?inf.)C10 Feb 1665/6s. John/Mary BENDALL; of StinchcombCamPR
74BENDAL, CharlesS28 Feb 1670/1N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
75BENDALL, CharlesC05 Mar 1673/4s. John BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
76BENDALL, Charles (m.1632/3)P07 May 1675no place named: assume StinchcombStinchcombeWI
77BENDALL, CharlesS15 May 1676from notes at S.O.G.CamNO
78BENDAL, CharlesC31 Jan 1706/7s. Joseph/Mary BENDALStinchcombeTR
79BENDALL, CharlsS24 Sep 1720N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
80BENDALL, ChristianM22 Jun 1605John PHRAPECamPR
81BENDALL, Christian (m.1666)C28 Jul 1636d. Daniell BENDALL/CamPR
82BENDALL, Christian (b.1636)M07 Jun 1666Richard GUNTERCoaleyPR
83BENDAL, ?Christopher (U/R)C02 May 1669s. Aaron/Mary BENDALCamPR
84BENDALL, Daniel (d.1593)C08 Jul 1593s. John BENDALL/CamPR
85BENDALL, Daniel (b.1593)S19 Jul 1593s. John BENDALL/CamPR
86BENDALL, Daniel (mar?)C22 Nov 1601s. John BENDALL/CamPR
87BENDALL, Daniell (1m.1666/7)C04 Jun 1638s. John BENDALL/; BT:29.7CamPR
88BENDALL, Danyell (1m.1685)C15 Jul 1660s. Arthur BENDALL/CamPR
89BENDALL, Daniel (b.1638)M16 Sep 1666/7Ann CROWSE; (?Cross)CoaleyIG
90BENDALL, Daniell (?inf.)C15 Sep 1667s. Charles BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
91BENDALL, Daniel (?inf)C02 May 1668Daniel BENDALL/AnnCamIG
92BENDALL, Daniell (?cf1675)C20 May 1668s. Daniell BENDALL/:& Anne h/wCoaleyPR
93BENDALL, DanielS13 Jan 1668/9N.O.D.CamPR
94BENDAL, Daniel (re-m:d.1696)M05 Jun 1673Deborah HOOPER; both of CamCamPR
95BENDAL, Daniel (m.1694)C24 Jul 1675s. Daniel/Deborah BENDALCamPR
96BENDALL, Daniel (d.1683)C04 Apr 1682s. Elbright/Ann BENDALLCamPR
97BENDAL, Daniel (b.1682)S21 Jun 1683s. Elbright BENDAL/; Aff: Ann Senr. & Ann Bendal/CamPR
98BENDALL, Daniel (d.1685)C22 May 1684s. Elbright/Ann BENDALLCamPR
99BENDALL, Daniel (b.1684)S13 Oct 1685s. Elbright/Ann BENDALL; w/b in wool onlyCamPR
100BENDALL, Daniel (1660-1689)M14 Jan 1685/6Mary LACIECamPR
101BENDALL, Daniel (re-mar)M21 May 1687Joan NELMCamPR
102BENDALL, Daniel (?b.1660)S02 Jul 1689N.O.D.CamPR
103BENDALL, Daniel (1675-1723)M07 Oct 1694Elizabeth MALPASSCamRO
104BENDALL, Daniell (d.1750)C25 Mar 1696Mauris BENDALL/Oldbury on S.IG
105BENDALL, Daniel (b.1638)S27 May 1696Broad-weaverCamPR
106BENDAL, DanielC24 Jul 1720s. Arther BENDAL/CoaleyPR
107BENDALL, DanielP       1723of Cam: mentions Nathan BENDALLCamWI
108BENDAL, Dan (b.1675:m.1694)S22 Apr 1723N.O.D.CamPR
109BENDALL, Daniel (?)S08 Mar 1729/30of Lower CamCamPR
110BENDALL, Daniel (d.1736)C13 May 1736s. Giles/Joyce BENDALLCamPR
111BENDALL, Daniel (b.1736)S02 Jun 1736s. Giles/Joyce BENDALLCamPR
112BENDALL, Daniel (b.1696)S04 Mar 1750/1of Cowel at Oldbury Aged 58 yrsThornburyPR
113BENDALL ??, DanlW03 Mar 1791John COLLIER/Elizabeth HILLCamPR
114BENDALL, Deborah (m.1674)C25 May 1650d. Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
115BENDALL, Deborah (d.1673)C24 Jan 1673/4d. Daniel/Deborah BENDALLCamPR
116BENDAL, Deborah (d.1673)S25 Jan 1673/4d. Dan:/Debor: BENDALCamPR
117BENDAL, Deborah (b.1650)M12 Nov 1674Willm. BENDAL; both of CamCamPR
118BENDAL, DeborahC28 Sep 1675d. Willm./Deborah BENDALCamPR
119BENDALL, DeborahaM22 Apr 1694Geo WICKHAMMarshfieldIG
120BENDAL, DeborahC29 Aug 1723d. Giles/Joyce BENDALCamPR
121BENDAL, DeborahC29 Aug 1723d. Giles BENDAL/; aged 10 yearsCamBT
122BENDAL, DeborahS17 Feb 1726/7widdowCamPR
123BENDAL, DeborahS02 Feb 1734/5widdowCamPR
124BENDAL, Diana (m.1699)C04 Jun 1673d. Willm/Mary BENDALCamPR
125BINDALE, Dinah (b.1673)M20 May 1699Daniel MUNDAYNorth NibleyIG
126BENDALL, ?DorcasC22 Mar 1639/40d. ?John BENDALL/CamPR
127BENDALL, DorothyC05 Apr 1656d. Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
128BENDALL, Edith (d.1583)C27 Mar 1574d. John BENDALL/CamPR
129BENDALL, Edith (b.1574)S30 Mar 1583d. John BENDALL/CamPR
130BENDALL, EdithC12 Mar 1585/6d. John BENDALL/CamPR
131BENDALL, hddifC18 Apr 1630d. Daniell BENDALL/CamPR
132BENDALL, EdithC22 Nov 1655/7d. Giles BENDALL/; b.15.11CoaleyPR
133BENDAL, Edith (d.1670)C13 Sep 1668d. Elbright/Agnes BENDALCamPR
134BENDALL, Edith (b.1668)S20 May 1670d. Elbright/Agnes BENDALLCamPR
135BENDAL, Edith (m.1701)C02 Apr 1677d. Saml./Jane BENDALCamPR
136BENDALL, Edith (b.1677)M       1701William WEAVERDursleyRO
137BENDAL, EdithS12 Oct 1756w. Arther BENDAL/CoaleyPR
138BENDALL, EdmondeC27 Nov 1607s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
139BENDALL, EdwardC23 Dec 1571s. John BENDALL/CamPR
140BENDALL, Edward (m.1622)C29 Jul 1599s. John BENDALL/; or 26.7CamPR
141BENDALL, Edward (d.1625)C24 Jun 1605s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
142BENDALL, EdwardC04 Dec 1608s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
143BENDALL, Edward (b.1599)M07 Oct 1622Maude STREETECamIG
144BENDALL, Edward (b.1605)S12 Jan 1625/6s. Margery BENDALL/CamPR
145BENDALL, Edward (b.1607/8)M24 Apr 1628Jane WILLIAMSCamIG
146BENDALL, EdwardeM24 Jun 1630Susanna WILLIAMSCamIG
147BENDALL, Edward (d.1681)C12 Feb 1631/2c. Mary BENDALL/; baseCamPR
148BENDALL, Edward (m.1674)C30 Mar 1650s. ?Mo/Sarah BENDALL; b.-.3CoaleyPR
149BENDALL, Edward (b.1599)M   Apr 1666Hester DAUYES; (?Davyes)CoaleyIG
150BENDAL, Edward (d.1667)C03 Apr 1667s. Edward/Anne BENDAL; surviving twinCamPR
151BENDAL, Edward (b.1667)S15 Apr 1667s. Edward/Anne BENDAL; one of ye TwinsCamPR
152BENDAL, Edward (m.1704)C13 Jun 1671s. Edward/Anne BENDALCamPR
153BENDALL, Edward (m.Hester)P11 Sep 1671of CowleyCoaleyWI
154BENDALL, Edward (b.1599:3m)S28 Sep 1671N.O.D.CoaleyPR
155BENDALL, Edward (b.1650)M03 Jul 1674Mary LUFFINGHAM; on St Thomas's DayFretherneTR
156BENDALL, Edward (b.1631)S05 Jun 1681Aff: Anna BENDALL/; & Agnes HitchinsCamPR
157BENDALL, Edward (m.1628)S21 Jun 1681Aff: Joan BENDALL/; wi. & M-/, BroadweaverCamPR
158BENDALL, EdwardM29 Apr 1700(not STATED)UleyIG
159BENDALL, Edward (of Cam)M21 Oct 1704Elizabeth JENKINSK.StanleyIG
160BENDAL, Edwd. (d.1713/4)C01 Oct 1713Edwd. BENDAL/ElizabethCamIG
161BENDAL, Edward (b.1713)S?18 Mar 1713/4s. Edward/Elizb BENDALCamPR
162BENDAL, Edward (d.1720)C29 Aug 1719Edward BENDAL/Eliz.CamIG
163BENDALL, Edward (b.1719)S29 Nov 1720s. Edward BENDALL/CamPR
164BENDAL, EdwardC23 Aug 1726blankCamIG
165BENDAL, Edward (b.1671)S23 Aug 1727N.O.D.CamPR
166BENDALL, ElbrightC22 Jan 1603/4s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
167BENDALL, Elbright (m.1655)C27 Feb 1630/1s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
168BENDALL, Elbright (b.1630)M12 Feb 1655/6Anne WAYTT; of WoottonCamPR
169BENDALL, Elbright (m.1655)S16 Feb 1704/5N.O.D.CamPR
170BENDALL, ElizabethS24 Aug 1570d. John BENDALL/CamPR
171BENDALL, ElizabethC27 Jan 1574/5d. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
172BENDALL, ElizabethP       1587of Came: widow made 30.5.1587CamWI
173BENDALL, Elizabeth (Dupe)S02 Jun 1587w. John BENDALL/CamPR
174BENDALL, ElizabethC03 Jan 1589/90d. John BENDALL/CamPR
175BENDALL, ElizabethS08 Oct 1655wid:CamPR
176BENDALL, Elizabeth (née Smart)S27 Feb 1662/3w. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
177BENDALL, ElizabethC11 Nov 1664d. Daniell BENDALL/CamPR
178BENDAL, Elizab.S19 Apr 1666d. Arthur/Sarah BENDALCamPR
179BENDALL, Elizabeth (née Pegler)S11 Apr 1669w. Henry BENDALL/CoaleyPR
180BENDALL, Eliz.C11 Apr 1669d. Charles BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
181BENDAL, Elizabeth (d.1680)C04 Feb 1677/8d. Willm./Deborah BENDALCamPR
182BENDALL, Eliz.C21 Oct 1679d. John BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
183BENDAL, Elizab (wi.Younge)S19 Dec 1679w. John BENDAL/; of Cam: TannerCamPR
184BENDAL, Elizab (?m.1700)C14 Feb 1679/80d. Abraham/Mary BENDALCamPR
185BENDAL, Elizabeth (b.1677)S10 Oct 1680d. Willm BENDAL/CamPR
186BENDAL, ElizabethC03 Mar 1683/4d. William/Deborah BENDALCamPR
187BENDALL, Elizabeth (née Trotman)S08 Jan 1691/2vid:CamPR
188BENDALL, Elizabeth (Jos:1635)S27 Feb 1693/4w. Joseph BENDALL/CamPR
189BENDAL, ElizabethC21 Nov 1695d. Daniel/Eliz. BENDALCamPR
190BENDALL, Betty (d.1696)C23 Jun 1696d. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
191BENDALL, Betty (b.1696)S15 Oct 1696d. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
192BENDALL, Elizabeth (of Cam)M29 Apr 1700William SMYTH; of UleyCamPR
193BENDAL, Eliz.C29 Dec 1702d. Joseph/Mary BENDALStinchcombeTR
194BENDALL, Elizabeth (d.1712)C05 Mar 1703/4d. Isaac/Joan BENDALLCamPR
195BENDALL, Elizabeth (d.1707)C14 Apr 1704c. Mary BENDALL/; baseCamPR
196BENDAL, Elizabeth (née Webb)S26 Aug 1705w. Joseph BENDAL/CamPR
197BENDALL, Elizabeth (b.1704)S26 Jun 1707c. Mary BENDALL/; baseCamPR
198BENDAL, ElisabethC13 Jul 1707Maurice BENDAL/Oldbury on S.IG
199BENDALL, Elizabeth (b.1703)S29 Sep 1712d. Isaac BENDALL/CamPR
200BENDAL, ElizabethS12 Jan 1715/6d. Joan BENDAL/; widdowCamPR
201BENDALL, ElizS21 Mar 1728/9w. Wm. BENDALL/North NibleyPR
202BENDAL, Elizab.C25 Jun 1738d. William/Sarah BENDALNorth NibleyPR
203BENDALL, ElizabethS25 Oct 1738N.O.D.CamPR
204BENDALL, ElinorC15 Feb 1617/8d. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
205BENDAL, Elianor (m.1694)C13 Oct 1674d. Edward/Anne BENDALCamPR
206BENDALL, Elianor (b.1674)M27 Dec 1694John HIGHWAY; of EssonCamPR
207BENDALL, Hester (d.1623)C01 Sep 1621d. John BENDALL/CamPR
208BENDALL, Hester (b.1621)S06 Nov 1623d. John BENDALL/CamBT
209BENDALL, HesterC12 Jan 1628/9d. John BENDALL/; JuniorCamPR
210BENDALL, HesterC22 Dec 1634c. Mary BENDALL/; base borneCamPR
211BENDELL, HesterC26 Apr 1642d. John BENDELL/CamPR
212BENDALL, Hester (d.1688)C07 Apr 1661d. Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
213BENDALL, Esther (d.1712)C25 Mar 1682d. Abraham/Mary BENDALLCamPR
214BENDALL, EstherC31 Oct 1686d. Elbright/Ann BENDALLCamPR
215BENDALL, Esther (b.1661)S18 May 1688d. Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
216BENDALL, EstherC23 Jan 1690/1d. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
217BENDALL, Hesther (d.1710)C26 May 1693d. Joseph/Hannah BENDALLCamPR
218BENDALL, HestherC05 Mar 1693/4d. Sam:/Jane BENDALLCamPR
219BENDALL, Hesther (née Courls)S02 Jul 1706w. Samuel BENDALL/CamPR
220BENDALL, Esther (b.1693)S25 Jun 1710d. Joseph BENDALL/CamPR
221BENDALL, Esther (b.1682)S12 Aug 1712d. Mary BENDALL/CamPR
222BENDAL, HesterM15 Nov 1713William WINTLECamIG
223BENDALL, Hester (another!)S03 Sep 1739w. Samuell BENDALL/CamPR
224BENDALL, Gyles (m.Margery:d.1665)C30 Mar 1619s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
225BENDALL, Giles (d.1671)C06 Feb 1659/60s. Giles BENDALL/:& Margary h/wCoaleyPR
226BENDALL, Giles (b.1619)S14 May 1665N.O.D.CamPR
227BENDAL, Giles (b.1659)S20 May 1671s. Margery BENDAL/; widowCamPR
228BENDALL, Giles (m.1719/20)C27 Sep 1686s. William/Deborah BENDALLCamPR
229BENDALL, Giles (1686-1742)M14 Nov 1719/20Joyce DYSINCamIG
230BENDALL, Giles (m.1719/20)S14 Mar 1742/3N.O.D.CamPR
231BENDALL, Griffith (d.1655)M27 Jul 1609Elizabeth JOBBINSCamPR
232BENDALL, Griffith (re-mar)M08 Jul 1619Maude CLIFFORDCamPR
233BENDALL, Griffith (m.1619)S03 Feb 1655/6N.O.D.CamPR
234BENDALL, HannahM       1673Jeremiah JIBBINSStoneIG
235BENDALL, HannahC29 Apr 1692d. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
236BENDALL, Hannah (wi./?Richds)M09 May 1692Moses FFREAM; wi.CamPR
237BENDALL, HannahC18 Mar 1704/5d. Thomas/Bathsheba BENDALLCamPR
238BENDALL, HannahS03 Oct 1711w. Nathan BENDALL/North NibleyPR
239BENDALL, HannahD01 Jan 1787w. Daniel BENDALL/; sen. aged 61CamBI
240BENDALL, HenryC27 Sep 1612s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
241BENDALL, Henry (m.1664)C12 May 1633s. Edward BENDALL/CamPR
242BENDALL, Henry (b.1633)M02 Oct 1664Elizabeth PEGLERCoaleyIG
243BENDAL, Isaac (m.1637)B       1600/1+br. Edward BENDAL/; fm his WILLCamWI
244BENDALL, Isaac (d.1680)M09 Jul 1637Jone SELWYNFrocesterIG
245BENDAL, Isaake (m.Joyce)C17 Jan 1640/1s. Isaake BENDAL/CamPR
246BENDALL, IsaacC21 Nov 1642John BENDALL/Mary; query this ?CamIG
247BENDALL, Isaack (m.Joan)C27 Sep 1663sonne of Arthur BENDALL/CamPR
248BENDAL, IsaacC21 Jul 1666s. Isaac/Joyce BENDALCamPR
249BENDAL, Isaac (m.1637)S17 Aug 1680Aff: Edw: BENDAL/; of Cam: Broadw.CamPR
250BENDALL, Isaac (m.1714)C   Jul 1691s. Joseph/?Hannah BENDALL; U/RCamPR
251BENDALL, IsaacS06 Nov 1709s. William BENDALL/North NibleyPR
252BENDALL, Isaak (1691-1769)M14 Aug 1714Joanna BURFORDNympsfieldIG
253BENDALE, IsaakC26 Feb 1717/8Isaak BENDALE/JoannaNympsfieldIG
254BENDALL, IsaacS03 Dec 1727N.O.D.CamPR
255BENDALL, IsaacS26 Feb 1728/9s. Jno. BENDALL/North NibleyPR
256BENDALL, Isaac (m.1714)D12 Sep 1769h. Joanna BENDALL/; aged 74: BICamBI
257BENDALL, Isaac (ba.o.t.p.)M27 Apr 1818Ann PERKINS; sp.o.t.p. BannsStinchcombeIN
258BENDALL, JacobC05 Feb 1608/9s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
259BENDAL, James (m.Susanna)C21 Jun 1623s. William BENDAL/CamPR
260BENDALL, JamesC07 May 1652s. Arthur BENDALL/CamPR
261BENDALL, JamesC02 Dec 1660s. Richard BENDALL/; ?Jnr.CamPR
262BENDALL, JamesC19 Feb 1661/2s. Giles BENDALL/:& Margary h/wCoaleyPR
263BENDAL, James (b.1623)S02 Oct 1680Aff: Susanna BENDAL/; wi. of Cam Broadw.CamPR
264BENDALL, JamesC09 Jan 1701/2s. Anthony/Mary BENDALLCamPR
265BENDALL, Johane (?m.1613)C04 May 1587d. Willm BENDALL/North NibleyPR
266BENDALL, Jane (m.1621)C30 May 1596d. John BENDALL/CamPR
267BENDALL, Joane (?b.1587)M27 Mar 1613Edward CORNEYCamPR
268BENDALL, Joane (m.1639)C08 Jun 1617d. John BENDALL/CamPR
269BENDALL, Jane (b.1596)M16 Apr 1621Anthony CROSSCoaleyIG
270BENDALL, Joane (née Bicke)S14 Oct 1638w. John BENDALL/CamBT
271BENDALL, Jone (b.1617)M13 Apr 1639Dennes FREAMECamPR
272BENDAL, Jane (?m.1671)C17 Jan 1640/1d. Daniell BENDAL/CamPR
273BENDALL, JaneM24 Apr 1671John BASTONStonePH
274BENDAL, Joane (née Selwyn)S14 Feb 1673/4w. Isaac BENDAL/; junior.(?senior)CamPR
275BENDAL, Jane (m.1700)C30 Dec 1675d. Samuel/Jane BENDALCamPR
276BENDAL, Johanna (m.1700)C22 Mar 1677/8d. Edward/Anne BENDALCamPR
277BENDALL, Jane (m.1708)C27 Apr 1684John BENDALL/StinchcombeIG
278BENDALL, JaneM19 Jun 1692Robert BUTT; (?wid Edwd/Danl/Jno)CamRO
279BENDALL, Jane (of Cam)M17 Jun 1700Richard ZOULS; of CowleyCamPR
280BENDALL, Johanna (b.1677)M25 Dec 1700John GUNTERCamPR
281BENDALL, Jean (?née Nelm)S20 Jan 1704/5widowCamPR
282BENDALL, Joanna (?bur 1732)M13 Sep 1705Laurence SOMERS; no known familyCamPR
283BENDALL, Jane (b.1684)M24 May 1708Joseph PERKINSCamPR
284?BENDAL, JoaneS06 Jan 1717/8widdow (if Bendal ?wi.Abraham)CamPR
285BENDALL, Joane (not Burford)S13 Sep 1721w. Isaack BENDALL/CamPR
286BENDALL, JaneS04 May 1722w. Samuel BENDALL/CamPR
287BENDALL, JoannahC22 Nov 1731d. Isaac/Joanna BENDALLCamPR
288BENDALL, JaneS15 Aug 1739widowCamPR
289BENDALL, Joanna (née Burford)D22 Dec 1757w. Isaac BENDALL/; aged 72: BICamBI
290BENDALL, JohnM16 Nov 1581Mary PEGLERCamPR
291BENDHALL, JohnM12 Jun 1585Johannah BLANCHEEastingtonPH
292BENDALL, JohnP       1586of Came: Brodew. made 24.11.1581CamWI
293BENDALL, John (Dupe)S01 Jan 1586/7N.O.D.CamPR
294BENDALL, JohnC23 Jul 1592s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
295BENDALL, John (d.1638)M04 Oct 1595Joane BICKECamPR
296BENDALL, John (m.1627:d.1668)C01 Jan 1597/8s. John BENDALL/CamPR
297BENDALL, John (d.1607)C28 Sep 1606s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
298BENDALL, John (b.1606)S13 Sep 1607s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
299BENDALL, JohnX       1608Brodeweaver: 1m.CamMA
300BENDALL, John (inf.)S03 May 1609s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
301BENDALL, JohnC24 Feb 1613/4s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
302BENDALL, JohnC09 Aug 1616s. Margery BENDALL/; baseCamPR
303BENDALL, JohnP       1620of Slimbridge: made 20.4.1615SlimbridgeWI
304BENDALL, John (m.1655)C07 Jan 1626/7s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
305BENDALL, John (b.1597)M31 Mar 1627Ann DANGERFEILDCamPR
306BENDALL, John (m.1678:d.1689)C15 Jan 1631/2sone of John BENDALL/; Jun:CamPR
307BENDALL, John (m.1665:d.1685)C21 Jul 1637s. Charles BENDALL/CamPR
308BENDALL, John (2m.1595)P18 Oct 1638of Cam: made 18.10.1638CamWI
309BENDALL, John (Dupe)S26 Oct 1638Sen:CamBT
310BENDALL, John (b.1626)M16 Aug 1655Elizabeth YOUNGE; of Stroud: wi.CamPR
311BENDALL, JohnC11 Feb 1658/9Elbright BENDALL/SlimbridgeIG
312BENDALL, John (?m.1690)C28 Apr 1664s. Giles BENDALL/:& Margery h/wCoaleyPR
313BENDAL, John (of Stinchcomb)M27 Apr 1665Mary HICKES; of Cam (my interpretation:Witts)CamPR
314BENDAL, John (d.1668)C12 Mar 1666/7s. Arthur/Katharine BENDAL; twinCamPR
315BENDAL, John (IGI:Joseph)C03 Aug 1667s. John/Mary BENDAL; of StinchcombCamPR
316BENDAL, John (b.1666)S24 Aug 1668s. Arthur/Katharine BENDAL; surviving. TwinCamPR
317BENDAL, John (b.1597:m.1627)S28 Oct 1668of the HighwayCamPR
318BENDAL, John (d.1670)C15 Oct 1670s. Isaac/Joyce BENDALCamPR
319BENDALL, John (b.1670)S19 Nov 1670s. Isaac/Joyce BENDALLCamPR
320BENDALL, John (d.1678)C08 Jul 1677s. John BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
321BENDAL, John (of Cam)M03 Oct 1678Jane ROSE; of Berkeley parishCamPR
322BENDALL, John (b.1677)S20 Oct 1678s. John BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
323BENDALL, John (Dupe)S20 Oct 1678Aff-23. Martha Bucklin; & Mary MoodyStinchcombeTR
324BENDAL, JohnC11 Jul 1679s. John/Jane BENDAL; of ye HighwayCamPR
325BENDAL, John (d.1680)C31 Aug 1680s. Samuel/Jane BENDALCamPR
326BENDAL, John (b.1680)S10 Oct 1680s. Samuel BENDAL/; of Cam: LabourerCamPR
327BENDALL, JohnC16 Jan 1681/2s. Samuel/Jane BENDALLCamPR
328BENDAL, JohnC24 May 1682s. Samuel/Jane BENDALCamPR
329BENDALL, John (d.1683)C24 Sep 1682s. John BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
330BENDALE, John (b.1682)S15 Jun 1683s. John BENDALE/; Aff 18-. John/,& Anne HamptonStinchcombeTR
331BENDALE, JohnP       1685of Stinchcomb: AdStinchcombeWI
332BENDALL, John (b.1637:m.1665)S07 Aug 1685N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
333BENDALL, John (b.1631:m.1678)S12 May 1689N.O.D.CamPR
334BENDALL, John (?b.1626)M09 Jul 1689Margaret Underwood or DUDERWOODCamPR
335BENDALL, John (?b.1664)M24 Apr 1690Mary PRINCECamPR
336BENDALL, John (b.1626:m.1655)S14 Jan 1690/1N.O.D.CamPR
337BENDALL, John (d.1697)C09 Aug 1697s. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
338BENDALL, John (b.1697)S26 Aug 1697s. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
339BENDALL, JohnC07 Feb 1700/1s. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
340BENDALL, JohnC23 Oct 1703s. Anthony/Mary BENDALLCamPR
341BENDALL, JohnC03 Feb 1703/4s. Samuel/Esther BENDALLCamPR
342BENDALL, JohnC26 Jun 1706s. John/Emy BENDALLCamPR
343BENDALL, JohnC14 May 1710s. Maurice BENDALL/Oldbury on S.PR
344BENDAL, JohnS30 May 1714YeomanCamBT
345BENDAL, JohnC09 Apr 1723s. Arther BENDAL/CoaleyPR
346BENDAL, JohnC22 May 1723s. Isaac/Joanna BENDALCamPR
347BENDALL, Jno.S26 Jul 1728s. Wm. BENDALL/North NibleyPR
348BENDALL, Jno.S24 Mar 1728/9N.O.D.North NibleyPR
349BENDALL, JohnD20 Sep 1764N.K. BENDALL/; aged 40: BICamBI
350BENDALL, JohnS15 Feb 1785suffocated falling into mudThornburyPR
351BENDAL, Jonah (d.1680)C04 Sep 1680s. Daniel/Deborah BENDALCamPR
352BENDAL, Jonah (b.1680)S02 Oct 1680s. Daniel BENDAL/; of Cam: BroadwCamPR
353?BENDALL, JonrathanC14 Aug 1636s. John ?BENDALL/CamPR
354BENDALL, Jonathan (?m.1690)C26 Dec 1657sonne of Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
355BENDALL, Jonathan (d.1687)C23 Dec 1686s. Samuel/Jane BENDALLCamPR
356BENDALL, Jonathan (b.1686)S11 Sep 1687s. Samuel/Jane BENDALL; was buriedCamPR
357BENDALL, JosephC10 Jan 1617/8s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
358BENDALL, Joseph (m.Eliz:)C10 Nov 1634s. Charles BENDALL/CamPR
359BENDALL, Joseph (d.1652)C30 Oct 1652s. Isacke BENDALL/CamPR
360BENDALL, Joseph (b.1652)S06 Dec 1652s. Isacke BENDALL/CamPR
361BENDALL, Joseph (d.1663)C15 Jan 1662/3sonne of Isaac BENDALL/CamPR
362BENDALL, Joseph (b.1662)S29 Nov 1663s. Isaack BENDALL/CamPR
363BENDAL, Joseph (d.1675)C08 Apr 1666s. Richard/Mary BENDALCamPR
364BENDAL, John (Joseph on tree)C03 Aug 1667s. John/Mary BENDAL; of StinchcombCamPR
365BENDALL, JosephC03 Feb 1670/1s. John BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
366BENDAL, Joseph (b.1666)S08 Apr 1675s. Richard/Mary BENDALCamPR
367BENDAL, Joseph (d.1680)C07 Oct 1677s. Willm/Mary BENDALCamPR
368BENDAL, Joseph (?m.1701)C24 Dec 1679s. Elbright/Anne BENDALCamPR
369BENDAL, Joseph (b.1677)S25 Jun 1680c. Willm BENDAL/; of Cam BroadweavrCamPR
370BENDALL, Joseph (?b.1667)M11 Feb 1688/9Annah HARDINGCamPR
371BENDALL, Joseph (d.1713)C   Jul 1691s. Abra -/Mary BENDALL; U/RCamPR
372BENDALL, Joseph (b.1635)S29 Dec 1694Broad-weaverCamPR
373BENDALL, JosephM       1696Mary Parsly or DARSLYStinchcombeIG
374BENDALL, JosephC15 Feb 1696/7s. Joseph/Hannah BENDALLCamPR
375BENDALL, Joseph (b.1679)M16 Feb 1701/2Elizabeth WEBCamIG
376BENDALL, Joseph (?m.1731)C09 Aug 1702s. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
377BENDALL, JosephC28 Dec 1704s. Joseph/Mary BENDALLStinchcombeTR
378BENDALL, Joseph (d.1705)C05 Aug 1705s. Joseph/Elizabeth BENDALLCamPR
379BENDALL, Joseph (b.1705)S06 Feb 1705/6Junr.CamPR
380BENDALL, JosephC09 May 1710s. Joseph/Elizabeth BENDALLCamPR
381BENDAL, Joseph (b.1691)S11 Feb 1713/4s. Mary BENDAL/CamPR
382BENDALL, JosephC02 Oct 1726s. Arther BENDALL/CoaleyPR
383BENDAL, JosephS   Nov 1728of the pish CowleyCamPR
384BENDALL, JosephM07 Feb 1731/2Anne BENDALLCamIG
385BENDALL, JosephP       1733of StinchcombeStinchcombeWI
386BENDAL, JosephS09 Jul 1733of Upper CamCamPR
387BENDALL, JosephP       1735of Frampton on SevernFrampton on S.WC
388BENDALL/COLE, JoyceC30 Nov 1628c. Griffith BENDALL/Rebecka COLECamPR
389BENDALL, ?Joic (?d. by 1686)C21 Apr 1635d. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
390BENDALL, JoyceS02 Oct 1671w. Isaac BENDALL/CamPR
391BENDALL, Joyce (née Dysin)S26 Sep 1742w. Giles BENDALL/CamPR
392BENALL, KeziahS19 May 1801widow; aged 84StinchcombeTR
393BENDALL, Lawrie MinnieI01 Nov 1862Dursley: Inquest - Accidental death; aged 2½ (yew berries)DursleyIN
394BENDALL, Lidia (m.1678)C05 Mar 1652/3d. Daniel BENDALL/CamPR
395BENDALL, Lydia (b.1652)M16 Jul 1678John FRYEStinchcombeIG
396BENDALL, Lydia (d.1711)C07 May 1687d. Abraham/Mary BENDALLCamPR
397BENDALL, Lydia (m.1687)S16 Mar 1711/2d. Mary BENDALL/CamPR
398BENDAL, LydiaC15 Mar 1714/5d. Joseph/Elizb BENDALCamPR
399BENDALL, Margret (d.1624)C30 Nov 1606d. John BENDALL/CamPR
400BENDALL, Margret (b.1606)S21 Jan 1624/5d. John BENDALL/CamBT
401BENDALL, Margaret (d.1686)C02 Sep 1686d. John/Jane BENDALLCamPR
402BENDALL, Margaret (b.1686)S08 Sep 1686d. John BENDALL/; w/b in woollen onlyCamPR
403BENDOLL, MargeryC06 Dec 1621Thomas BENDOLL/SlimbridgeIG
404BENDALL, Martha (m.1681)C02 Mar 1660/1d. Robert BENDALL/CamPR
405BENDALL, Martha (?née King)S05 Sep 1681wid:CamPR
406BENDALL, Martha (b.1660/1)M22 Sep 1681John KINGCamPR
407BENDALL, MarthaC09 Oct 1698d. Daniel/Elizabeth BENDALLCamPR
408BENDALL, Marie (m.1605)C20 Dec 1584d. Willm BENDALL/North NibleyPR
409BENDALL, Mary (?m.Edwd)C02 Mar 1599/600d. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
410BENDALL, Mary (b.1584)M20 Jan 1605/6George HILLCamPR
411BENDALL, MaryC10 Apr 1637d. William BENDALL/CamPR
412BENDAL, Mary (un-m:1686)C09 Apr 1643d. Richard BENDAL/CamPR
413BENDALL, Mary (d.1666)C09 Sep 1649d. Arthur BENDALL/CamPR
414BENDALL, MaryC14 May 1658d. Robert BENDALL/CamPR
415?BENDALL, MaryS23 Mar 1660/1d. Rcd ?BENDALL/North NibleyPR
416BENDALL, Mary (d.1667)C18 Feb 1665/6d. Elbright/Agnes BENDALLCamPR
417BENDALL, MaryC01 Apr 1666d. Solomon/Susanna BENDALLCamPR
418BENDAL, Mary (b.1649)S14 May 1666d. Arth: BENDAL/:by Sarah; his first wifeCamPR
419BENDAL, Mary (b.1665)S15 Jun 1667d. Elbright/Agnes BENDALCamPR
420BENDALL, MaryC17 Nov 1669d. Richard/Mary BENDALLCamPR
421BENDALL, MaryM       1672Thos CROOMENorth NibleyRO
422BENDAL, MaryC15 Sep 1677d. Abraham/Mary BENDALCamPR
423BENDAL, MaryS28 Oct 1677widow of Aaron BENDAL/CamPR
424BENDAL, MaryC25 Jun 1680d. Willm/Mary BENDALCamPR
425BENDAL, Mary (wid.)S17 Nov 1680Aff: Willm BENDAL/; Broadw. of Lower CamCamPR
426BENALL, MaryM30 Mar 1684William HILLWotton u-EdgeIG
427BENDALL, MaryC03 Nov 1684d. Samuel/Jane BENDALLCamPR
428BENDALL, MaryS08 Feb 1684/5w. Arthur BENDALL/; s. John/StinchcombeTR
429BENDALL, MaryC29 Aug 1685d. Daniel/Deborah BENDALLCamPR
430BENDALL, MaryM       1686Edwd CYPHERStinchcombeRO
431BENDALL, Mary (née Lacie)S08 Sep 1686w. Daniel BENDALL/; w/b in woollen onlyCamPR
432BENDALL, MaryC29 Dec 1688d. Daniel/Joan BENDALLCamPR
433BENDALL, MaryC11 Jun 1689d. Joseph/Hannah BENDALLCamPR
434BENDALL, MaryM02 Jun 1692Joseph Bradshaw or HARPERCamPR
435BENDALL, Mary (?née Witts)S14 Oct 1694widowStinchcombeTR
436BENDALL, Mary (of Cam)M12 May 1700Samuel GUNTER; of UleyCamPR
437BENDALL, MaryC26 Nov 1700d. Joseph/Mary BENDALLStinchcombeTR
438BENDALL, MaryC29 Sep 1701d. Daniel/Eliz: BENDALLCamPR
439BENDALL, MaryS01 Apr 1705wid:CamPR
440BENDAL, MaryM31 Dec 1707Robert GRUNTERCamPR
441BENDALL, MaryS10 Jun 1708widowCamPR
442BENDALL, MaryC03 Jun 1716d. abraham/Joane BENDALLCamPR
443BENDALL, MaryS15 Apr 1718w. Giles BENDALL/CamPR
444BENDALL, MaryS23 Apr 1732widdowCamPR
445BENDALL, MaryD16 Jan 1769w. Daniel BENDALL/; assumed: aged 59: BI c.f. burOldbury on S.BI
446BENDALL, Mary (Relict of Dan)S29 Jan 1769of Cowhall: Oldbury Aged 59ThornburyPR
447BENDAL, MaryS12 Mar 1780N.O.D.CoaleyPR
448BENDALL, Mawd (née Clifford)S16 Apr 1658an AlmeswomanCamPR
449BENDALL, Morrise (m.1603)C25 Apr 1577s. John BENDALL/CamPR
450BENDALL, Maurice (b.1577)M01 Sep 1603Elinor VICKECamPR
451BENDALL, Maurice (d.1607)C28 Sep 1606s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
452BENDALL, Maurice (b.1606)S08 Nov 1607s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
453BENDALL, MauriceX       1608Brodeweaver: 2m.CamMA
454BENDALL, MauriceX       1623ChurchwardenCamPR
455BENDALL, Maurice (m.1640/7)C25 Jul 1623s. Edward BENDALL/CamPR
456BENDAL, Morris (d.1633)C02 Jan 1629/30s. Richard BENDAL/CamPR
457BENDALL, Maurice (b.1629)S12 Jul 1633s. Richard BENDALL/CamBT
458BENDALL, Maurice (b.1623)M07 May 1640Elizabeth HOSTONL.StanleyIG
459BENDALL, Maurice (b.1623)M10 Feb 1647/8Sarah COLESFrocesterIG
460BENDAL, Maurice (?b.1640)M14 Jan 1666/7Anna KINGSCOT; of StinchcombCamPR
461BENDALL, Maurice (b.1623)S30 Mar 1670N.O.D.CamPR
462BENDAL, Maurice (d.1688)C24 May 1682s. John/Jane BENDALCamPR
463BENDALL, Maurice (b.1682)S29 Mar 1688s. John/Jane BENDALLCamPR
464BENDALL, MorrisM26 Dec 1695Mary TRAYHORNEThornburyIG
465BENDAL, Moses (?Mores)C   Sep 1640s. Edward BENDAL/:& Susana h/wCoaleyPR
466BENDAL, Nathan (m.Hannah)C16 Nov 1677s. Daniel/Deborah BENDALCamPR
467BENDAL, Nathan (of Cam)M       1710Anne LONG; wi. of North Nibley: Lic.North NibleyRO
468BENDALL, RebeccaC19 Feb 1706/7d. Edward/Elizabeth BENDALLCamPR
469BENDALL, RichardeC?24 May 1579s. Willm BENDALL/North NibleyPR
470BENDALL, RichardS30 May 1594N.O.D.CamPR
471BENDALL, RichardM21 Oct 1599Ezabell VICKECamPR
472BENDALL, RichardC28 Feb 1601/2s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
473BENDALL, RichardC15 Feb 1602/3s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
474BENDALL, RichardX       1608brodeweaver: 1m.CamMA
475BENDALL, RichardM05 Nov 1625Mary TAYLORCamIG
476BENDALL, RichardM29 Nov 1627Elizabeth REEVECamIG
477BENDALL, RichardM30 Jun 1633Izabel SMARTCamIG
478BENDALL, Richard (m.Mary)C10 Jan 1634/5sonne of Richard BENDALL/CamPR
479BENDALL, Richard (m.1682)C18 Nov 1656s. Elbright BENDALL/CamPR
480BENDALL, Richard (re-mar)M01 Aug 1663Martha KINGCamPR
481BENDAL, RichardS29 Jul 1674seniorCamPR
482BENDALL, Richard (1656-1685)M26 May 1682Hannah SPARKSCamPR
483BENDALL, Rich:S11 Feb 1683/4s. Rich: BENDALL/North NibleyPR
484BENDALL, Rich. (m.1682)S14 Mar 1685/6Broad-weaverCamPR
485BENDALL, RichardS23 Mar 1685/6was buried in woollen onlyCamPR
486BENDALL, RichardP01 May 1686of CamCamWI
487BENDALL, Richard (m.1625)S14 Oct 1686was buriedCamPR
488BENDALL, RichardC05 Feb 1693/4s. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
489BENDALL, RichardC01 Feb 1697/8s. Isaac/Joan BENDALLCamPR
490BENDALL, RichardC13 Mar 1703/4s. Joseph/Hannah BENDALLCamPR
491BENDALL, RichardS02 Jun 1731Batchelour of Lower CamCamPR
492BENDALL, Robert (m.Mary)C06 May 1632sonne of Daniell BENDALL/CamPR
493BENDALL, Robert (?b.1632)S14 May 1687N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
494BENDALL, RobertP10 Aug 1687of Berkeley: AdBerkeleyWI
495BENDALL, RobertC12 Jun 1785s. Robert/Betty BENDALL; (IGI:1685)DursleyPR
496BENDALL, Rosannah (m.1741)C29 Aug 1721d. Giles/Joyce BENDALLCamPR
497BENDAL, Rosanna (b.1721)M05 Nov 1741John SPICER; fforeignersDursleyPR
498BENDAL, Samuel (d.1633)C02 Jan 1629/30s. Richard BENDAL/CamPR
499BENDALL, Samuell (b.1629)S06 Jul 1633s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
500BENDAL, Samuel (m.Jane)C   Mar 1648/9s. Giles/Margery BENDAL; b.11.3CoaleyPR
501BENDAL, Samuel (d.1668)C12 Mar 1666/7s. Arth: BENDAL/; twin Brother of John/CamPR
502BENDAL, Samuel (b.1666)S14 May 1668s. Arthur/Katharine BENDAL; one of ye TwinsCamPR
503BENDAL, Samuel (?m.1702)C?30 Dec 1678s. Samuel/:& Jane BENDAL; originally transcribed 'Anne'CamPR
504BENDAL, SamuelC28 Jul 1685s. William/Mary BENDALCamPR
505BENDALL, SamuelC29 Mar 1688s. John/Jane BENDALLCamPR
506BENDALL, SamuelC11 May 1689s. William/Deborah BENDALLCamPR
507BENDALL, Samuel (b.1678)M06 Apr 1702Esther COURLESCamIG
508BENDALL, Sam.M13 Apr 1713Jane MOORDursleyIG
509BENDAL, SamuelS16 Jun 1713s. William BENDAL/North NibleyPR
510BENDALL, Sam.C17 May 1715Sam. BENDALL/CamIG
511BENDALL, SamuelS20 Nov 1715s. William BENDALL/North NibleyPR
512BENDAL, SamuelC16 May 1718s. arther BENDAL/CoaleyPR
513BENDAL, SamuelC04 Apr 1724John BENDAL/CamIG
514BENDAL, Samll.S13 Sep 1727N.O.D.CamPR
515BENDALL, SamuelS26 Nov 1732of Lower CamCamPR
516BENDALL, SamC09 Dec 1740Cha BENDALL/MaryStinchcombeIG
517BENDALL, SarahC20 Mar 1602/3d. John BENDALL/CamPR
518BENDALL, SarahC18 May 1628c. Mary BENDALL/; baseCamPR
519BENDALL, Sarah (m.1667)C22 Mar 1639/40d. Charles BENDALL/CamPR
520BENDALL, Sarah (m.1686)C04 Jan 1651/2d. Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
521BENDALL, Sarah (née Coley)S25 Dec 1655w. Arthur BENDALL/CamPR
522BENDAL, Sarah (b.1639)M26 Oct 1667Willm. TROTMAN; both of StinchcombCamPR
523BENDALL, Sarah (m.1703)C21 Feb 1680/1d. Edward/Ann BENDALLCamPR
524BENDALL, Sarah (b.1651)M?03 Jan 1686/7Farnes DANLY; should this name be James?CamPR
525BENDALL, Sarah (&Ann/d.1692)C19 Mar 1691/2d. Elbright/Ann BENDALLCamPR
526BENDALL, Sarah (b.1691)S10 Apr 1692d. Elbright/Ann BENDALLCamPR
527BENDAL, SarahC19 Feb 1698/9d. Joseph/Mary BENDALStinchcombeTR
528BENDALL, SarahC21 Jan 1699/700d. Joseph/Hannah BENDALLCamPR
529BENDALL, Sarah (d.1714)C28 Sep 1701d. Isaac/Joan BENDALLCamPR
530BENDALL, Sarah (b.1680)M28 Mar 1703Thomas PURNELL; of NibleyCamPR
531BENDALL, SarahS01 May 1707N.O.D.CamPR
532BENDAL, Sarah (b.1701)S05 Dec 1714d. Isaac/Joan BENDALCamPR
533BENDALL, Solomon (m.Susanna)C04 May 1628s. Richard BENDALL/CamPR
534BENDALL, SolomonC28 Apr 1663sonne of Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
535BENDAL, Silvanus (d.1677)C25 Sep 1673s. Aaron/Mary BENDALCamPR
536BENDAL, SilvanusS28 Oct 1677s. Mary BENDAL/; widow of Aaron/CamPR
537BENDAL, Silvanus (b.1673)S28 Oct 1677s. Aaron BENDAL/CamPR
538BENDALL, SolomonC27 Mar 1689s. Elbright/Ann BENDALLCamPR
539BENDALL, SolomonC28 Jul 1697s. William/Deborah BENDALLCamPR
540BENDALL, SalomonC19 Nov 1702s. Joseph/Elizabith BENDALLCamPR
541BENDALL, Solomon (b.1628)S06 May 1705N.O.D.CamPR
542BENDAL, Solomon (d.1724)C30 Oct 1724s. Giles BENDAL/CamPR
543BENDAL, Solomon (b.1724)S03 Nov 1724s. Giles BENDAL/CamPR
544BENDALL, StephenC09 Dec 1708s. Joseph/Mary BENDALLStinchcombeTR
545BENDAL, StephenS08 Jul 1736N.O.D.StinchcombeTR
546BENDALL, Susanna (d.1677)C18 Feb 1654/5d. Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
547BENDAL, Susanna (b.1654)S15 Apr 1677d. Solmon/Susanna BENDALCamPR
548BENDALL, SusanahC11 Aug 1693d. Will./Deborah BENDALLCamPR
549BENDALL, SusannaC12 Oct 1698d. John/Mary BENDALLCamPR
550BENDALL, SusannaS22 Jun 1701w. Solomon BENDALL/CamPR
551BENDALL, SusannahC02 Sep 1705d. Edward/Elizabeth BENDALLCamPR
552BENDAL, SusannaC10 Feb 1711/2d. Joseph BENDAL/CamPR
553BENDALL, SusannaM24 May 1728Richard RYDER; both of ye psh.CamPR
554BENDAL, SusannahM25 Apr 1731John TAYLORSlimbridgeIG
555BENDALL, SusannahM24 May 1750Joshua SPERINGDursleyIG
556BENDALL, ThomasX       1608weaver: 1ca.StinchcombeTR
557BENDALL, ThomasC01 Nov 1633s. John BENDALL/CamPR
558BENDALL, ThomasC09 Jul 1668s. Morris BENDALL/StinchcombeTR
559BENDAL, ThomasC15 Mar 1682/3s. Richard/Hannah BENDALCamPR
560BENDALL, ThosM       1703/4Barsheba FORDSCoaleyRO
561BENDALL, ThomasC08 Mar 1711/2s. Joseph/Mary BENDALLStinchcombeTR
562BENDALL, Tho:S09 Nov 1723s. Giles/Joyce BENDALLCamPR
563BENDALL, Tobias (d.1654)C24 Feb 1648/9s. Daniell BENDALL/CamPR
564BENDALL, Tobyas (b.1648)S20 Aug 1654s. Daniell BENDALL/CamPR
565BENDALE, UrsulaC18 Jun 1581d. Willm BENDALE/North NibleyPR
566BENDALL, Willm (m.1601)C31 Mar 1577s. Willm BENDALL/CamPR
567BENDALL, William (?re-mar)M24 Jul 1601Margery READCamPR
568BENDALL, William (b.1577)M03 Feb 1605/6Edith VICKECamPR
569BENDALL, WilliamX       1608brodeweaver: 1ca.; (two William's)CamMA
570BENDALL, WilliamX       1608Brodeweaver: 1ca.; (two William's)CamMA
571BENDALL, WillmC05 Dec 1608s. John BENDALL/CamPR
572BENDALL, Willm.S02 Mar 1610/1murdered by Willm. HaleCamPR
573BENDALL, Willm. (m.1601)S13 Aug 1612the elder: (?h. Margery)CamPR
574BENDALL, Willm.S05 Jun 1613s. Margery BENDALL/; widdowCamPR
575BENDALL, William (d.1643)C09 Jan 1630/1s. Edward BENDALL/CamPR
576BENDALL, William (b.1630)S16 May 1643s. Edward BENDALL/CamBT
577BENDALL, William (?m.1674)C18 Feb 1648/9sonne of James BENDALL/CamPR
578BENDALL, WilliamS20 Jan 1651/2N.O.D.CamPR
579BENDALL, William (d.1671)C17 Jan 1663/4sonne of Richard BENDALL/CamPR
580BENDAL, William (b.1663)S14 May 1671s. Richard/Mary BENDALCamPR
581BENDAL, Willm. (?b.1648)M12 Nov 1674Deborah BENDAL; both of CamCamPR
582BENDAL, Willm.C06 Jan 1675/6s. Willm/Mary BENDALCamPR
583BENDAL, WillmC13 Oct 1680s. Willm/Deborah BENDALCamPR
584BENDALL, WilliamM11 Jun 1695Eleanor BROWNINGUleyRO
585BENDALL, Wm.M       1697/?Elizabeth EMLINE; Uley: Lic.NympsfieldRO
586BENDALL, Wm.M       1698/9Elizabeth WEEKES; Lic.NympsfieldRO
587BENDALL, WilliamP06 Jun 1705of UlyUleyWI
588BENDALL, WilliamC14 Dec 1708s. Giles/Mary BENDALLCamPR
589BENDALL, Wm.S28 Feb 1725/6s. Jno. BENDALL/North NibleyPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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