Rosemary Lockie's Curriculum Vitae

Prepared March 2000

Availability:[Information only]
Work Phone Nr:n/a
Home Phone Nr:[not available online]


Name:Rosemary Reeves LOCKIE, formerly GODDARD
Date of Birth:[not available online]
Education:1965 A-levels Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry
1969 BSc (Honours) 2.1 Mathematical Science (Edinburgh)

Summary of Experience

3-4 years of web page design and construction.
Web page design and automated generation of HTML pages from databases on Intel Pentium platforms, using text (Textpad) and web page (Adobe PageMill) editors, graphics packages (Paintshop Pro), Scanner packages (HP Deskscan, Omnipage). Web work performed under Win95/8 and MSDOS operating systems using C, C++, dBase III and IV languages as a self-employed consultant.
6 months technical authoring.
Technical review and editing, code evaluation, authoring and proof reading, working as a self-employed consultant.
14 years applications software design, implementation & maintenance.
Database manipulation, text, image & graphics processing, technical documentation, telecommunications software, text format and font creation & manipulation, and programming financial derivatives applications. Work performed on Amstrad/PCW, Intel PC (XT to Pentium) platforms using word processors (LocoScript, MS Word, Corel WordPerfect), graphics packages (Paintshop Pro), Scanners (HP Deskscan, Omnipage Pro), CDR (WinonCD) under Win95/8, Win3.1x, MSDOS, CP/M operating systems and using C, Visual Basic, C++, Assembler (A86), MS Access and dBase III and IV as a self- employed consultant.
7 years applications and system software design, implementation and maintenance.
Character and bit manipulation software design, implementation and maintenance including operating system subroutines. Work performed on IBM 360/370 mainframes under MVT and MVS operating systems using IBM Fortran IV, assembler and PL/1 as a programmer and developer.

Experience Levels

Mini/MicrocomputersOperating SystemsDuration
Pentium PCWin95/85years
8088/8086...Win3.1x, MSDOS12years
Mainframe ComputerOperating SystemDuration
DBMSdBase III and IV for DOS12years
MS Access2years
High Level LanguageC8years
Visual Basic, C++15months
Mallard Basic2years
Fortran IV6years
AssemblerIBM 360/3706years

Work History Narrative

September 1969 - June 1976 Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Cheltenham

In my first job after University, I was employed to develop applications for the processing and decryption of data derived from the interception of communications on behalf of Her Majesty's Government. My entry level grade was as a Scientific Officer (SO); and I was promoted in 1973 to Higher Scientific Officer (HSO) which is equivalent currently to Grade 9 in the Civil Service.

I programmed using IBM Fortran, PL/1, and assembler, on IBM 360 and 370 mainframes under MVT and MVS operating systems, with batch program entry, and remote access using IBM 3270 terminals and TSO (Time Sharing Option). The TSO system supported an interactive PL/1 compiler for debugging.

1985 - 2000 Self-employed consultant

After a short career break, I began to undertake self-employed work from home in 1985 as an independent consultant. I've chosen to acquire new skills and undertake work only on tasks I've enjoyed. The tasks I've undertaken are as follows:

October 1985 - October 1996

During this period, I decided to acquire modern computing skills by developing a range of packages for my own use. I started with software for the Amstrad PCW, using Mallard Basic, and a CP/M 8088 assembler, and then from 1988 onwards for 8086 Intel XT/AT computers, using dBase II and III, and the A86 8086 assembler. To support my work I implemented a LAN in my home office using 10Base2 Ethernet and TCP/IP which currently connects 4 Pentium platforms running Win95/Win98 and NT 4.0 workstation. Later in this period I developed a range of BBS packages (see below) for myself and others to use, using C, C++, and Visual Basic.

August 1994 - January 1995 Wrox Press Ltd, Birmingham

This task was for the technical review of the Wrox publication: The Revolutionary Guide to Assembler, the technical review and editing of the Wrox publication: Assembly Language MasterClass, and the drafting of a chapter of approximately 20 pages for the Wrox publication: The Revolutionary Guide to Bitmapped Graphics. The work also included blue print proof reading and correction of the assembler code fragments within Assembly Language Masterclass.

October 1996 - March 1997 TASS Management, London

This task was for the enhancement of a suite of Visual Basic/C++ financial derivatives performance analysis and portfolio optimisation packages with ODBC retrieval from MS Access data bases, the major work being on extending and optimizing a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) in C++. The development was carried out in my office at home on a Win95 Pentium based system.

January 1994 - June 1999 Bulletin Board Service (BBS)

BBS systems provide worldwide communications for individual users who choose not to exploit the Internet. Access is via the Public Services Telephony Network (PSTN) using national and international direct dialup. In this period I managed and operated a non-commercial BBS as part of the FidoNet network, for which I acquired in-depth knowledge of communications software and modem operation, and I had to learn how to liaise with other BBS System Operators (SysOps) throughout the world to ensure a reliable service for the customers.

January 1998 - current

I am engaged in Genealogical research as a hobby and over this period have been responsible for generating, and maintaining over the Internet, genealogical reference sources for Derbyshire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire as part of the GENealogical Information Service for the UK and Ireland (GENUKI). Most of my development work during this period has been in web page generation from database records, using C, C++ and dBase IV programming languages.

May 2005 - current

I have continued in the same vein as above, but have now added MySQL, PHP, and the Perl language to my programming repertoire.

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