Springer Spaniels: Molly

Springer Spaniel: Molly

Molly arrived to join her new family in February 2006 at 12 weeks old, and has been happily wrecking her new home ever since! Nothing's safe, and she has her own way of saying it's time to get up, jumping on top of the bed to wake her owners up!

However what I see in this photograph is an overwhelming “Trust”. We hold our dogs' lives in our hands, and they know that and trust us to keep them safe, throughout their overwhelming drive to ‘explore’ this fickle new world they find themselves in.

And the trust is repaid... well, would you buy a used car off this dog? I would... <VBG!>

[Image reproduced with the kind permission of Lorraine]

Here's Molly again, 3 weeks later (7th March 2006)

Lorraine says maybe she should have called her Polly instead of Molly because she loves to climb up and onto her shoulder in whatever chair she's sitting in. Then she'll snuffle and moan in her ear - sounding a lot like a cat purring!

So cute!! I'm sure there'll be many happy years together!

[Image reproduced with the kind permission of Lorraine]

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