Springer Spaniels: Carthorse Class - Melba

This is my mum's dog, Melba again. She was huge and ungainly in comparison with our Wishful Thinking, but she had a lovely nature. “There's no badness in her” was the way Judith described her.

This is taken in my mother's garden - the backdrop in the distance is Hay Wood, sloping up to Froggatt Edge.

Springer Spaniel: Melba

Springer Spaniel: Melba

I couldn't decide which of these photographs to choose for Melba's page, so I plumped for them both.

I look like I've got a busby on in this photograph! I think however, it's just backshadow. And I see Wishful Thinking has snook a nose in there somehow. Mel (my husband) used to complain that every photograph I took had her in there somewhere! :)

These aren't bad for polaroids, are they? Slightly sharper, I think, than the ones taken at that time with a standard camera.

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