Springer Spaniels: Luke!!

Springer Spaniel: Luke

Not just a pretty face! Luke has also earned Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards, and has entered many “fun” dog shows, winning bags of rosettes and trophies. He usually manages to walk away with first prize for the ‘waggiest tail’!!! (No surprise, when we know how Springers' tails never stop wagging!!!)

He's such a happy chap, makes his mum so proud - here he's sitting opposite her, at a picnic table... [Ed: I bet he's drooling!]

[Image reproduced with the kind permission of Terrylle & Ian]

This is Luke after a swim in a loch on holiday in Scotland!

He also loves to swim in the sea and tearing around in the woods, as much as he loves sun bathing on his mum's bed!!! Highlight of his day is a banana before bedtime, he loves them!!!!

Always trying so hard to please... what's my next job, mum?

[Image reproduced with the kind permission of Terrylle & Ian]

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