Springer Spaniels: Kara

Springer Spaniels: Kara

This sweet little puppy is called ‘Kara’, and here she is just 12 days old. But look what a lovely glossy coat she already has!

This Image is reproduced with kind permission of her breeders, Brian and Sandra Courtman. Other gun-dog puppies are available from time to time from their Kennels in Loughborough, Leicestershire.
Telephone : 01509 286713.

There are more photographs of Kara below.

Here is Kara a month later, on 13th July 2003, and on her first day in her new home, enjoying the beginnings of a glorious English summer. Hazel, her owner tells me she was tearing around the garden and tasting everything... Strawberry leaves - are these edible? This was obviously one of her quieter moments...

[Image reproduced with Hazel's kind permission - there are two more photographs of Kara below]

Springer Spaniels: Kara, July 2003'

Springer Spaniels: Kara, August 2003

It looks as though Kara really enjoys the outdoors! More glorious weather on this photograph, which was taken on 15th August 2003!

[Image reproduced with Hazel's kind permission - there is one more photograph of Kara below]

It's been really difficult with so many endearing photographs of Kara to choose from for this web page, which they should be, but finally, who could resist this one?! Taken on Bank Holiday week, 27th August 2003.

Note: just that little bit bigger on each photograph...

[Image reproduced with Hazel's kind permission]

Springer Spaniels: Kara, August 2003'

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