Springer Spaniels: Joker (‘Bruton Badger’)

Springer Spaniel: Joker ('Bruton Badger')

His pedigree name is Bruton Badger, but he's called Joker because (as you can see) he grins! Looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth here, but he loves nothing better than being filthy - the muddier and smellier the better. Stagnant ponds are a favourite place, and if one is in sight, he suddenly becomes severely deaf but then thinks you'll want to hug him after he's climbed out in a pongy state! (‘eau de duck’?)

He also jumps 5-bar gates... comes from a long line of FTCh (Field Trial Champion) and FTW (Field Trial Winners) that take them in their stride...

[Image reproduced with the kind permission of Joker's owner Trudy - 15th December 2005]

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