Springer Spaniels: Chester and Sophie

Springer Spaniel: Sophie

This very pretty Springer Spaniel, with the neatly groomed ears is named Sophie. Her owner, Kev, says “she has the most enjoyable attitude and is very clever too, and will always get anyone's attention” which I can well imagine! She was adopted by Kevin and his wife when she was 4 months old, to join Chester (below), then aged 5.

Sophie will be two years old this October (2004)

[Image reproduced with the kind permission of Sophie's owner Kev - 22nd June 2004]

‘His Lordship’
He's handsome, and he knows it! Chester (now aged 7) is a proud show breed, turning everyone's heads when he's out and about!

Although now ‘in retirement’, Chester's CV includes being a working dog in the military, where he showed himself to be a key player in detection of drug misuse and random car searches. Kev (his owner) took great pride showing off his skills on parade; all the recruits loved him and enjoyed his company - “we know when Cpl. G's around if he brings Chester, as Chester comes ahead of him to warn us!”

[Image reproduced with the kind permission of Chester's owner Kev - 11th July 2004]

Springer Spaniels: Chester

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