Springer Spaniels: Springers at School

Springer Spaniel at School (1)

From time to time Poppy goes for a refresher course to her dog trainer in Malvern, and she is photographed here taking a break from the “Cross Country”, with me and a few of her school chums!

Left to right are Poppy, with long tongue hanging out; Toby in front, a Border Terror, erm Terrier...; Tigger at the back, a lurcher; Snoop(y) on the lead; and Caesar the German Shepherd, at front right. All delightful dogs!

There is another photograph of them - with their teacher - below.

[Malvern Hills - 3rd April 2003]

Here are a 'Class of 2003' with “Miss” - Sue Harper, of “Educating Rover”, who provides professional dog training of the very highest standard in the Malvern area.

Left to right are Tigger in front, a lurcher; behind him is Caesar, a German Shepherd; Snoop and Toby, under Sue's wing; and on the right my Poppy.

Don't they all look happy and contented at their class?

[Malvern Hills - 3rd April 2003]

Springer Spaniel at School (2)

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