Rosemary Lockie's Quick Reference Page

“Who? What? Where?”
Some queries can be answered very simply online, using one of the sites below. The sites themselves should be self-explanatory, so details of what to expect are omitted. Basically it's a list of my own favourite research sources.

A List of Topics Covered

If you are looking for:-

Other places for finding People (UK only)

‘Yell’ - the UK Yellow Pages
People, Businesses and Places - People Finder
Royal Mail - Postcode/Address Finder

Some Miscellaneous Links

Just for Code Monkeys

Call me a programmer? Darn, like plumbers where are they when you need one? However I suspect the term is at worst outdated and at best ambigous, so I decided on 'Code Monkey' , since I enjoy coding applications more than planning or designing. Here are one or two sites I've found useful in developing the applications I use to assist in managing my websites. I found all of the above code sites extremely useful - thanks guys! :)

Web-Related and E-mail Links

‘Myth Busters’

These websites offer a return to sanity if you're feeling brainwashed into believing everything you read online... ... not that I'm suggesting they're necessary as an antidote to this page... nonono, of course not - hehe!
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