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Some Records of WOOD in Coaley, Dursley & Cam (1599-1912)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Anne to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1WOOD (blank)C13 Aug 1738s. Samuel WOOD/; of CamCam,NCPR
2WOOD, AnnC11 Mar 1755d. William/Hannah WOODDursleyPR
3WOOD, Ann(e)M28 Feb 1775Isaac FORDSSlimbridgeIG
4WOOD, BenjaminC14 Feb 1744/5s. Samuell/Margaret WOODDursleyPR
5WOOD, DanielC06 Oct 1735s. Samuel WOOD/; of CamCam,NCPR
6WOOD, Elizabeth (m.1701)C23 Aug 1674d. Richard WOOD/:& Hannah h/wCoaleyPR
7WOOD, Elizabeth (b.1674)M12 Oct 1701Joseph SHIPTONCamIG
8WOOD, ElezebethM19 Jun 1715John WILKINS; fforeignersDursleyPR
9WOOD, Elizabeth (d.1720)C18 Sep 1719d. Nathaniel/Mary WOODDursleyPR
10WOOD, Eliz: (b.1719)S01 Jan 1720/1d. Nathaniel/Mary WOODDursleyPR
11WOOD, ElizabethC16 Aug 1728d. Robert/Hester WOODFrampton on S.PR
12WOOD, Eliz: (?d.1751)C31 Aug 1728d. John/Sarah WOODDursleyPR
13WOOD, ElizabethC00 Jan 1740/1d. William WOOD/OlvestonPR
14WOOD, ElizabethS29 Mar 1742w. John WOOD/Frampton on S.PR
15WOOD, Elizabeth (?b.1728)S29 Apr 1751d. John WOOD/DursleyPR
16WOOD, ElizabethC26 Dec 1752d. Willm./Hannah WOODDursleyPR
17WOOD, ElizabethC       1762William WOOD/ElizabethGloster,St CatIG
18WOOD, ElizabethD24 May 1777w. William WOOD/; aged 67StinchcombeBI
19WOOD, Elinor (?m.1745)C01 Mar 1712/3James WOOD/AnnFrampton on S.IG
20WOOD, Elinor (?b.1712)M01 Apr 1745Abel BUSHELCoaleyIG
21WOOD, ffraunicsX       1608Carpenter: 2ca.CoaleyMA
22WOODE, ffrauncisX       1608husbandman: 1pyCoaleyMA
23WOOD, Frank (ba.a:24 of Birmingham: Bricklayr)M01 Sep 1912Kate PHILLIPS; sp.a:26 of Stoke GiffordStoke GiffordPR/BW
24WOOD, Frances (m.1754)C09 Dec 1725d. Richard/Mary WOODCamPR
25WOOD, FrancesS29 Jan 1728/9w. John A. WOOD/DursleyPR
26WOOD, Frances (b.1725)M10 Jul 1754John PHILLIMORECamIG
27WOOD, HannahC04 Jan 1718/9d. John/Sarah WOODDursleyPR
28WOOD, HannahS25 Feb 1745/6d. William/Hannah WOODDursleyPR
29WOOD, JaneM16 Aug 1731Daniel HILLDursleyIG
30WOOD, JaneS23 Dec 1787N.O.D.CamPR
31WOOD, JeremiahC11 Dec 1650s. Richerd WOOD/; of TilsdownCamPR
32WOOD, JohnC08 May 1723s. Nathaniel/Mary WOODDursleyPR
33WOOD, JohnC05 Jan 1727/8s. John/Elizabeth WOODFrampton on S.PR
34WOOD, JohnC00 Jan 1740/1s. William WOOD/OlvestonPR
35WOOD, JohnC17 Mar 1748/9s. John/Mary WOODDursleyPR
36WOOD, JohnD02 Apr 1762h. Sarah WOOD/; aged 73: BIDursleyBI
37WOOD, JohnS21 Jul 1795N.O.D.CamPR
38WOOD, John A.D04 Feb 1704/5N.K. WOOD/; Physician Aged 90: BICamBI
39WOOD, John A.D04 Aug 1740N.K. WOOD/; of Dursley, Gent Aged 68: BIDursleyBI
40WOOD, JosephM       1726Lydia BEALDursleyIG
41WOOD, JosephS06 Sep 1742s. William/Susanna WOOD; bap 2dys befOlvestonPR
42WOOD, JosephC10 Nov 1748s. John/Elizh. WOODDursleyPR
43WOOD, Judith (m.1778)C01 Aug 1751d. John/Mary WOODDursleyPR
44WOOD, Judith (née Newth)D13 Mar 1777w. William WOOD/; aged 81: BIDursleyBI
45WOOD, JudithS16 Mar 1777N.O.D. (corrected fm.16.4.1777)DursleyPR
46WOOD, Judith (b.1751)M18 Jan 1778John BRANAGANDursleyIG
47WOOD, LydiaM24 Jun 1630Thomas HILLStinchcombeIG
48WOOD, MargaretS25 Feb 1688/9widowCamPR
49WOOD, MaryS06 Dec 1657w. Thomas WOOD/CamPR
50WOOD, MaryS26 Sep 1669w. Richard WOOD/CamPR
51WOOD, MaryC01 Mar 1719/20d. Richard/Mary WOODCamPR
52WOOD, MaryC12 Jun 1728d. Nathaniel/Mary WOODDursleyPR
53WOOD, MaryC20 Oct 1744d. John/Mary WOODDursleyPR
54WOOD, MaryC02 Aug 1749d. John/Margaret WOODFrocesterPR
55WOOD, Mary (née Everetts)S10 May 1756widowDursleyPR
56WOOD, Mary (née Butcher)S12 Jan 1766widowCamPR
57WOOD, MaryM25 Jan 1790William HILLWoodchesterIG
58WOOD, MaryM28 Jul 1812Edward REEVESDidbrookIG
59WOOD, Nathaniel (d.1730)M25 Jul 1718Mary EVERETTSDursleyIG
60WOOD, Nathaniel (m.1718)S21 Jan 1730/1N.O.D.DursleyPR
61WOOD, NathanielC03 Nov 1746s. John/Mary WOODDursleyPR
62WOOD, NathanielS09 Apr 1757N.O.D.DursleyPR
63WOOD, NathanielS23 Feb 1777N.O.D.DursleyPR
64WHOOD, RichardC01 Sep 1599s. Richard WHOOD/StinchcombeTR
65WOOD, Richardus (d.1727)M30 Jun 1718Maria BUTCHERFrocesterPR
66WOOD, Richard (d.1728)C06 May 1721s. Nathaniel/Mary WOODDursleyPR
67WOOD, Richard (m.1718)S14 Feb 1727/8N.O.D.CamPR
68WOOD, Richard (b.1721)S06 Aug 1728s. Nathaniel/Mary WOODDursleyPR
69WOOD, RichardC00 Sep 1755William WOOD/SarahGloster,St MicIG
70WOOD, RichardS20 May 1756N.O.D.DursleyPR
71WOOD, Samll.M14 May 1726Anne ELLIOTCamIG
72WOOD, SamuelC   Mar 1730s. Samuel WOOD/; of CamCam,NCPR
73WOOD, SamuelC21 Nov 1731s. Samuel WOOD/; of CamCam,NCPR
74WOOD, SamuelS06 Dec 1802N.O.D.CoaleyPR
75WOOD, SarahM15 Oct 1696Joseph WATTSCamIG
76WOOD, Sarah (m.1755)C20 Jan 1723/4d. Richard/Mary WOODCamPR
77WOOD, SarahC09 Dec 1742William WOOD/SarahGloster,St MicIG
78WOOD, SarahC23 Jun 1748d. William/Hannah WOODDursleyPR
79WOOD, Sarah (b.1723)M14 Sep 1755George SMITHCamIG
80WOOD, SarahD25 Apr 1762w. John WOOD/; aged 78DursleyBI
81WOOD, SarahM17 Apr 1828Charles HILLDursleyIG
82WOOD, Susanna (d.1728)C12 Nov 1727d. Richard/Mary WOODCamPR
83WOOD, Susannah (b.1727)S06 Sep 1728d. Richard WOOD/CamPR
84WOOD, SusannahC20 Jul 1738Joseph WOOD/Eliz.TewkesburyIG
85WOOD, SusannaC17 Mar 1739/40William WOOD/SarahGloster,St MicIG
86WOOD, SusannaC09 Aug 1753d. William/Ann WOODWinchcombePR
87WOOD, Susannah (X: inhab.o.t.p.)M06 May 1761James HILL; sg: ba.o.t.p. Banns q.v.p90CamPR
88WOOD, SusannahC26 May 1765/Ann WOODFrampton on S.IG
89WOOD, ThomasS15 Feb 1688/9N.O.D.CamPR
90WOOD, ThomasM30 Nov 1710Shusannah FLETCHERMaisemoreIG
91WOOD, Tho:C08 Nov 1718s. John/Mary WOODDursleyPR
92WOOD, ThomasC04 Jul 1721s. Richard/Mary WOODCamPR
93WOOD, ThomasC26 Mar 1733s. William WOOD/; of StinchomeCam,NCPR
94WOOD, ThomasM03 Jun 1734Jane BALLMinchinhamptonIG
95WOOD, ThomasM       1751Jane DANIELNewnton,LongIG
96WOOD, Thomas (sojourner)M17 Aug 1752Jane EVANS; o.t.p. UleyUleyPH
97WOOD, ThomasS26 Jan 1786at Parish expenseCamPR
98WOOD, ThomasM26 Aug 1834Charlotte HILLDursleyIG
99WOOD, Willm.M25 Dec 1673Anne CARTER; of StinchcombCamPR
100WOOD, William (of Stichcomb)M22 Jun 1676Elizab HOLDER; of BrokthropCamPR
101WOOD, WilliamM24 Apr 1707Elizabeth HILLGloster,St MyLIG
102WOOD, WilliamM13 Sep 1721Elizabeth HILLNewentIG
103WOOD, William (c1701-1760)M27 Jun 1724Judith NEWTHDursleyIG
104WOOD, William (d.1730)C02 Dec 1725s. Nathaniel/Eliz: WOODDursleyPR
105WOOD, William (b.1725)S10 Feb 1730/1s. Mary WOOD/; widowDursleyPR
106WOOD, WilliamM08 Nov 1736Sarah POULTONGloster,St MicIG
107WOOD, WilliamC27 Dec 1736William WOOD/SarahGloster,St MicIG
108WOOD, WilliamM19 Feb 1736/7Susanna HIORNCampden,Ch.IG
109WOOD, WilliamS20 Aug 1744N.O.D.CamPR
110WOOD, WilliamD06 Mar 1759s. William/Hannah WOOD; aged 3: BIDursleyBI
111WOOD, WilliamD08 Sep 1760h. Judith WOOD/; aged 59: BIDursleyBI
112WOOD, William (m.1724)S11 Sep 1760N.O.D.DursleyPR
113WOOD, WilliamC20 Jan 1764William WOOD/SusannahGloster,St AldIG
114WOOD, Wm.W05 Jan 1771William HILL/Ann BENNETDursleyPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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