Family History Research in Gloucestershire
Some Records of GIBBINS in Dursley (1677-1831)

Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie and others © 1989 and onwards.
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Forenames Alice to William

# Surname / Forenames Event / Date Related To / Remarks Parish / Source
1GIBBINS, AliceC23 Oct 1726d. George/Eliz: GIBBINSDursleyPR
2GIBBINS, Ann (?m.1742)C08 May 1718d. George/Eliz: GIBBINSDursleyPR
3GIBBINS, Ann (d.1723)C10 Feb 1723/4d. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
4GIBBINS, Ann (b.1723)S21 Feb 1723/4d. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
5GIBBINS, Ann (d.1727)C20 Feb 1726/7d. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
6GIBBINS, Ann (b.1726)S16 Apr 1727d. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
7GIBBINS, Ann (?b.1718)M23 Nov 1742Zecheriah BENNETDursleyPR
8GIBBINS, AnnM13 May 1744John WOODWARDDursleyIG
9GIBBONS, AnnM30 Sep 1744Edward NICHOLLSDursleyIG
10GIBBONS, ElizC17 Jul 1709George GIBBONS/ElizDursleyIG
11GIBBONS, Elizb.C17 Jan 1713/4d. George/Elizb. GIBBONSDursleyPR
12GIBBINS, ElizabethS09 Feb 1728/9w. George GIBBINS/DursleyPR
13GIBBINS, ElizabethC21 Sep 1730d. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
14GIBBONS, George (m.1706)C01 Jan 1682/3William GIBBONS/SusannahDursleyIG
15GIBBINS, Geo (b.1682)M15 Jan 1706/7Eliz DANGERFIELDDursleyIG
16GIBBINS, GeorgeC10 Jul 1719s. William/Sarah GIBBINSDursleyPR
17GIBBINS, HannahM18 Aug 1733Stephen ELLIOTTSDursleyPR
18GIBBINS, Hannah (d.1750)C01 Feb 1749/50d. Mary GIBBINS/; base bornDursleyPR
19GIBBINS, Hannah (b.1749)S30 Mar 1750d. Mary GIBBINS/DursleyPR
20GIBBIONS, JamesC28 Jun 1716s. James/Eliz: GIBBIONSDursleyPR
21GIBBINS, JamesS09 Feb 1720/1s. Willm./Sarah GIBBINSDursleyPR
22GIBBIN, JamesC09 Mar 1725/6s. Tho:/Mary GIBBINDursleyPR
23GIBBINS, JamesC08 Mar 1734/5s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
24GIBBINS, JamesC03 Oct 1742s. John/Hanna GIBBINSDursleyPR
25GIBBINS, JamesC28 Feb 1743/4s. John/Sarah GIBBINSDursleyPR
26GIBBINS, John (d.1741)C19 Jun 1728s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
27GIBBINS, John (b.1728)S07 Oct 1741s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
28GIBBINS, JohnC31 Oct 1746s. John/Hannah GIBBINSDursleyPR
29GIBBINS, JohnS10 Apr 1754N.O.D.DursleyPR
30GIBBINS, John (o.t.p. Tortworth)M12 Nov 1826Emma COSSHAM; o.t.p.ThornburyBT
31GIBBINS, JohnW22 Feb 1831Richard HATTERELL/Charlotte COSSHAMThornburyBT
32GIBBINS, JosephC08 Dec 1751s. John/Hannah GIBBINSDursleyPR
33GITTIN, MaryC19 Feb 1717/8d. Tho:/Mary GITTINDursleyPR
34GIBBINS, MaryC18 Aug 1727d. William/Hannah GIBBINSDursleyPR
35GIBBINS, MaryS30 Sep 1731d. George GIBBINS/DursleyPR
36GIBBINS, MaryW12 Nov 1826John GIBBINS/Emma COSSHAMThornburyBT
37GIBBINS, SarahS29 Jun 1712d. William/Sarah GIBBINSDursleyPR
38GIBBINS, SarahC30 Dec 1720d. Joseph/Eliz: GIBBINSDursleyPR
39GIBBINS, SarahS25 Aug 1743widowDursleyPR
40GIBBINS, SusannahS21 Dec 1718w. William GIBBINS/DursleyPR
41GIBBINS, SusannahM14 Aug 1731John TALBOYSDursleyPR
42GIBBINS, Tho: (d.1723)C?14 Jun 1721s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
43GIBBINS, Thomas (b.1721)S23 Feb 1723/4s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
44GIBBINS, ThomasC11 Jan 1724/5s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
45GIBBONS, ThosM23 Apr 1759Hannah REEVE; b.o.t.p.RockhamptonPR
46GIBBONS, WilliamM17 Feb 1676/7Susanna CLARKDursleyIG
47GIBBONS, William (m.1703)C04 Feb 1680/1Wm. GIBBONS/SusanDursleyIG
48GIBBONS, WilliamM16 Jan 1703/4Sarah ELIOTSDursleyIG
49GIBBIONS, WilliamC02 Jan 1716/7s. William/Sarah GIBBIONSDursleyPR
50GIBBINS, WilliamS21 Apr 1727N.O.D.DursleyPR
51GIBBINS, WilliamS31 Mar 1728N.O.D.DursleyPR
52GIBBINS, William (d.1731)C26 Feb 1731/2s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
53GIBBINS, William (b.1737)S15 Apr 1737s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
54GIBBINS, WilliamC29 May 1737s. John/Alice GIBBINSDursleyPR
55GIBBINS, WilliamC19 Jun 1749s. John/Hannah GIBBINSDursleyPR
56GIBBINS, Wm.S15 Aug 1779N.O.D.DursleyPR

Key to Events
A - Adult Baptism B - Birth C - Christening D - Death I - Inquest
L - Banns M - Marriage N - Census Event P - Probate Record S - Burial ('Sepult')
T - Trade Directory W - Marriage Witness (NOT Will!) X - Miscellaneous: Churchwardens, &c.

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